eris sinbad quotes
Sinbad: *Really. Tossing Amara off to the side she made her way towards Sinbad once more. My hairdresser will say the funniest things, so I asked him if I could put him in my routine - you know, make fun of him in a good way. Judge not if you're not ready for judgment. I'm under stress. Marina: [plotting how to escape the Roq] So. Sinbad: You pace the deck like a caged beast, for one who enjoys the hashish you should be more at peace. Eris is the Ancient Greek goddess of discord and chaos, and the main antagonist of Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.She is voiced by Michelle Pfeiffer.. She is part of the DreamWorks official villains and only makes a solemn appearance in the film.

I didn't mean to offend you. Personally, I feel that it is the most contemptible thing for a politician to seek personal gains from politics.

[Marina is trying to get Sinbad to go to Tartarus and get the Book of Peace back to save Proteus]. And I didn't ask Proteus to put his neck on the line for me! Sinbad: Yes, we have done this kind of thing before, no, there is no other way, and yes, you do have my permission to stand there quietly and receive a free lesson in sailing. Proteus: Do you have any idea how serious this is? Marina: Are you crazy? Rid me forever of this man who stands between me and my destiny! Kale: Beautiful - if you like mosquitoes. Eris: [chuckles] Don't push your luck, Sinbad. If they can make Bruce Willis believable as an action hero, I could do it, too. I'm workin' on it. Oh. I should've stayed low. But - not for first class. Proteus: Sinbad?

Sinbad: A man's destiny lies in his own hands. Benjamin Mancroft, 3rd Baron Mancroft Quotes. She's got a major crush on me, and she invited me back to her place.

Sharif: You must not - as a warrior for the tournament, his person is sacred. Guard! Sinbad: Allah has many ways of dealing with hungry men. Sinbad: Do you have any idea how many times I've heard that today? Sinbad: Yup, this'll do! There's water everywhere. Haroun: [Takes off his sash] Come on everyone, use your turbans and sashes. Lesson learned: Don't ever put a guy up on a pedestal.

Sinbad: For another such kiss, I'd invent a whole continent. Judge not before you judge yourself. I want to be a guy like 007 who fights against the establishment. Sinbad Eris Quotes. Sinbad: What weird power restrains that monster? Marina? OK, fines, fees, now you owe two and a half million. Margiana: I've only just become a free woman, remember? Luxurious living quarters -. [walks away muttering toward her "cabin"]. Sinbad: I do not trust them out of my sight, or in it.

Sinbad: You better kill me now, Omar, because as long as I have one drop of blood left in my veins, I'll find the strength to tear you apart. I see nothing.

Omar: Hmm, it's wonderful to love and die together... the eternal law of unhappy lovers. Koura: Oh, gods and demons of darkness. Marina: Because me, I'd be tossing and turning, knowing I'm alive... because I let my friend die. Sinbad: Curiosity. But in protection, his powers are invincible.

We do hope you have a pleasant stay aboard the Chimera! Aboo-Seer: Because of that, I added four more eunuchs to the population. Sinbad: You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Title Card: O Masters, O Noble Persons, O Brothers, know you that in the time of the Caliph Harun-Al-Rashid, there lived on the golden shore of Persia a man of adventure called Sinbad the Sailor. Personally, I feel that it is the most contemptible thing for a politician to seek personal gains from politics. Rescues are not part of the usual tourist package. Don't let people treat you like you're stupid. Sinbad: Wow. Sinbad: Thank you. I didn't want to do it because I didn't want Donald Trump to say, 'You're fired.'. Instead, now you're going to die a slow and agonising death, in personal combat. I'll see you there. I don't suppose a heartfelt apology would do. Eris: Sinbad, when a goddess gives her word, she's bound for all eternity. Sinbad: [takes the diamond] Keep talking. Sinbad: Is there another way into the town? You may have seen my likeness on the temple walls.


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