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The information in oneID is confidential, and use is on the need-to-know basis. 0 Passwords must be a minimum of 7 alphanumeric characters in length (ESS will handle a maximum of 20), At least one character must be an Uppercase alphabetic or special character, At least one character must be a Lowercase alphabetic, The password must be unique within the last eight passwords used (an eight password history is maintained), Passwords will expire after 90 days after which point, users must provide a new password in order to access ESS functionality (Users will be encouraged to change their password after logging into ESS within the last 10 days prior to expiration. First Time User?

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0000091994 00000 n Workforce Central ® Employee: Self-Service Version 5.2 : User Name: Password: Employee Guide: Benefits Alert: City Savvy: Benefits Pulse: Extra Milers: Employee Self Service Login Employee ID: Password: Forgot Your Password? 0000001313 00000 n Unauthorized or improper use of the system or the information therein may result in dismissal and civil or criminal penalties. 0000000995 00000 n 0000003665 00000 n

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%%EOF Please Log In User name : shared health Soinscommuns Password KRONOS' Workforce Central' Log On If you require any assistance, please phone the Shared Health Service Desk at 204-940-8500 or toll-free at 1-866-999-9698 You can also email us at New tab Shared health Soins communs 82 0 obj <> endobj xref 0000002782 00000 n

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