risk legacy mercenary reference sticker

DESTROY this card. In a bold move, the SAHARAN REPUBLIC maneuvered a sizeable faction of troops to Wordtown, Russia, proceeding to cut their own bloody swath through Asia to attack the previously un-assailed Australia. MECHANIKER retook Northern Europe, and took advantage of a timely enemy ammo shortage to conquer Northwest Territory. Per my suggestion above, make this decision (if possible) with no knowledge beyond the reference sticker -- lose half your troops on entry, lose one troop at the end of your turn. Connect the two stickers using a pen. These cards are drafted by players before each game to determine each player’s starting troops, starting coin cards, turn order, All players roll to see who picks first. In a 4-player game, the draft order would be Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, Player 4, Player 4, Player 3, Player 2, Player 1, repeating this sequence until each player has a faction and  a draft card of each color. Once again, they pulled back to their Brazillian bunker. ( Log Out / 

It was at this point that the world powers came to a unanimous decision: should a force invade a territory containing a city, they would henceforth be expected to announce an invasion of the city itself, not the territory in which it resides. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It was at this point that KHAN’s Grand Moff finally put his cards on the table. I would say that drawing a new sea-line into the FZ is just fine, however. Emperor Furey saw the writing on the wall. [, View More Comments {{limitCount(numnextitems_calculated,commentParams.showcount)}} / {{numnextitems_calculated}}, 3 Missiles in a Single Combat (packet discussion), This thread includes the Mutant faction in addition to the starting factions.

The SAHARAN REPUBLIC then marhsaled what troops it could to mount an attack on MECHANIKER’s base in Scandinavia: they feared that plundering KHAN’s resources would make MECHANIKER a shoo-in to take the entire engagement, and resolved to eliminate as much of MECHANIKER’s dwindling infrastructure as they could. BALKANIA’s second major victory caused the war to progress. As always, their war-driven economy earned them valuable resources through their uncontested expansion. Well-Supplied: When defending, you are unaffected by Ammo Shortage scars.

THE ENCLAVE expended some of their resources to recruit more troops, using its newfound might to retake Brazil from KHAN INDUSTRIES and push into KHAN’s homeland of Africa.

Add in the “4” cards if there are four players and the “4” and “5” cards if there are five players. DIE MECHANIKER built the minor city Funkytown in the Middle East. There are also new scar cards to be used in future games. THE REPUBLIC then retook Eastern US from THE ENCLAVE, reclaiming its resources for their own. The player that controls the territory will lose 1 troop from that territory at the end of his turn. BALKANIA didn’t have enough forward troops to wipe out KHAN in this skirmish, but Grand Moff Scharff believed that ceding Greendale to BALKANIA would ensure that another opportunistic faction would imminently finish the job. A campaign journal for Risk Legacy with the boys from the youth group. Add 2 troops to each of those cities. A decision you make in Game 1 could come back to haunt you in Game 10. Each faction can have only one comeback power.”, Henceforth, the rules of engagement state: “When a faction with an empty blue slot is knocked out or eliminated, the player controlling that faction chooses its comeback power.”.


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