steve urkel first appearance laura's first date

Laura refuses to go out with Urkel and keeps looking towards Mark. When Laura asks him how Santa Claus can deliver presents all over the world in just one night, Steve replies, "Well, it's a miracle! It all began with Laura bemoaning her inability to get a date with cute classmate Mark for the school dance. Although easily prone to having his feelings hurt, he remains rarely ever concerned about why people get so angry at him.

(That’s 3 Laughs for this series so far, for those of you keeping track.).

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Steve would often sing a song to the tune of Camptown Races, which would annoy someone in the room next to him, usually Carl, to which that person would yell his name three times increasing in tone each time in order to get Steve to stop.

In Myrtle's final appearance in season nine's "Don't Make Me Over," she realized that she is acting like a prostitute (due to shopping and a makeover with Laura and Maxine) and decided to end her infatuation with Eddie to pursue some other men. However, on many occasions, it is said or referenced that Steve's parents have nothing but total contempt for him, and do their best to avoid him at all times. And Steve definitely holds both to his scientific training and spiritual faith in Christ.

Anyway, Telma leaves to get a needle & Carl & the other kids enter. Urkel dresses unfashionably for someone his age (he is most commonly seen wearing suspenders, brightly colored shirts, and high water pants) and has a number of eccentric hobbies and interests, including polka dancing and accordion playing. Season Later that night (back at the Winslow’s), everyone’s having dinner & Judy won’t eat her brussells sprouts (that’s how it’s spelled, Google it) & Harriette tells her youngest daughter  that she can do whatever she wants (now & in the future)on her own time… …but to shut up & eat up for now. The Urkel Dance was a novelty dance that originated in the season two episode "Life of the Party". [9], An archetypal nerd, Steve Urkel is characterized as kind and well-meaning, but bungling and a meddler. No, he has to endure THIS SHIT, TOO. Urkel had his own cereal, dance, dolls, comics & clones.

He disturbs Carla lot. (I'm telling you, baby, it's better than Elvis!)". It was popular enough to appear on another show, Step by Step.

Next, Carl gets on the phone & starts calling up random young boys’ parents to see who wants to fuck…I mean date…his daughter: Carl strikes pay-dirt when he reaches Steve Urkel’s dad. You don't analyze miracles—you just believe in them." Eddie shows up with Tyrone, before Mark shows up and Laura reveals that he's her date to the dance. Steve had many catchphrases and running gags, several of which were phased out in later seasons. His motor vehicle of choice is the small three-wheeled Isetta. Laura asks her aunt how old she was when she went on her 1.

Laura goes inside, calls Mark, asks him out & he accepts. And – thanks to syndication – your kids know him too. [8] He becomes known by viewers and characters alike for several catchphrases uttered after some humorous misfortune occurs, including "I've fallen and I can't get up! And in "Scammed", Urkel suspected the owner of the Ace Lounge being a con-artist and warned his friends not to enter, only to once again watch Eddie proceed anyways and regret it later. Myra is initially excited, but eventually realizes that two Steves are just too much. "; "I'm wearin' you down baby. Like a Gentleman, Urkel says it’s cool, maybe some other time. Anyway, Carl tells Urkel to go to the kitchen & put the flowers in some water. The Steve and Laura relationship is one of the relationships in the Family Matters series. White was credited as a guest star in the first season and became a regular member of the cast in season two. No, he has to endure THIS SHIT, TOO. This was explored in both seasons five and nine, when Steve finally saw what life was like in Laura's shoes when he pursued her relentlessly. Tyrone’s there because Eddie felt bad that Laura didn’t have a date for the dance/party/date, so he gave Tyrone 10 bucks to fuck date his sister.

Anyway, Laura tells Eddie to fuck off cuz – like usual – Fuck Eddie. While intended as a minor character, Urkel became very popular for his oddball antics. He lives very strictly the way he feels most comfortable, and unintentionally forces people around him to tolerate him or adapt around his lifestyle. There was also a T-shirt line that was created in 2002, but was discontinued shortly after its inception. ", which is said after a major accident occurs. Steve was then allowed to live with the Winslows; however, in the season seven episode "She's Back," a subplot has Steve visiting his parents. And look at how much fun Sweet Telma is having. Because his feelings are too sensitive to rejection by the people he loves most, the Winslows are very hesitant to leave him heartbroken. Also, Tyrone’s like 30: Carl tells Tyrone & Eddie to go fuck themselves because Laura’s going out with Steve Urkel. White's first appearance as Steve came in the episode "Laura's First Date," the twelfth episode of the first season (though in syndication he first appears in "Rachel's First Date"), as the Winslow family's next door neighbor who Carl set up to take Laura to a junior high school dance.

4. So, haters & Lovers unite: Steven Q. Urkel – The Icon – gets a (sorta, but not really) date with Laura in this Episode. Laura asks her aunt how old she was when she went on her 1st date & Sweet Telma says she was 10 or 11.

To clear up the situation, Laura proposes that one of the Steves be permanently turned into Stefan, so that she and Myra can both be with the one they love. I guess because no matter how much shit his family gives him. Her mistake in pulling on a loose thread, causes Rachel and her to frantically fix the dress, while Laura runs upstairs to change into a different dress. I'm wearing you down" to Laura Winslow, the usual object of his affection.

But, before he leaves, Eddie suggests to Laura that she call that Mark-guy she’s creaming over. Although Vonda felt better about herself, this did not sit well with Eddie, who wanted to pound Steve for it. His strained relationship with his own parents led him to admire Carl and Harriette as father and mother figures, respectively, and caused him to be a regular, often uninvited guest at the Winslow house. due to a rumor that Steve once ate a mouse. William Bickley Michael Warren Then Mark shows up: As Carl tries to usher everybody out the door so Laura doesn’t find out he’s been calling all the dads in the neighborhood to date his spinster-daughter, Urkel returns from the living room still carrying the flowers & asks Laura if she’s wearing a bra. In addition to his parents, his family also included his cousin, Myrtle Urkel, whose infatuation with Laura's brother, Eddie, mirrors Steve's love for Laura. He changed into Stefan several times – even while dating Myra – but some circumstance caused Steve to change back into his regular persona each time.

Steve had a short and brief relationship with Susie in season two, but their relationship ended when he introduced her to the president of the chess club. The episode that ensured "Family Matters'" success. [8] Throughout the course of the series, Steve maintains his extreme infatuation with Laura and regularly invites himself over for unwanted visits to her house, much to the annoyance of the Winslows.


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