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Between the taillights, the stripe pattern fattened into surfboard-shaped letters that spelled out "Hang 10".[48]. [20] Nevertheless, the 225 remained an upgrade option.

The 1975 models were virtually identical to the 1974s, except for a new grille and that California and some high-altitude models were equipped with catalytic converters and so required unleaded gasoline. The equipment levels in Brazil were: de Luxo, SE, Gran sedan, and Gran coupe, with the sporty Charger R/T coupé at the top. Owning many F-bodies over his lifetime, Jon works on his own cars himself. [14] Among all the Darts sold, almost half (66,100) were the Seneca line, down from 111,600 in 1960.

The Dart GTS came standard with the 340 cu in (5.6 L) V8. Learn more about the lineup of current Dodge Brand vehicles.

When handed over to Dodge’s factory-sponsored racers, such as “Dandy” Dick Landy, the Darts immediately burst into the low-10 second range. The A38 Dart had high-specification components and systems throughout, including a heavy-duty suspension with a rear sway bar, stronger leaf springs and firmer shock absorbers, larger brakes with semi-metallic front disc pads, maximum engine cooling as well as a high-capacity alternator and battery. Pricing and offers may change at any time without notification. Unfortunately, the Dodge Dart has been discontinued and is no longer in production. To get full pricing details, see your dealer. Project planners proposed the name Dart, only to have Chrysler executives demand an expensive research program that produced the name Zipp. [25] It was a promotional pitch purposed at selling drag-ready, Hemi-powered Darts. The 170 cu in (2.8 L) Slant-6 engine remained standard equipment, though its power rating rose from 101 bhp (75 kW) to 115 bhp (86 kW) for 1967, owing to the installation of the 225 engine's larger carburetor and the revised camshaft the bigger engine had received in 1965. They were the first Dodge models to bear the "Charger" name. The Dart name originally appeared on a 1956 Chrysler show car featuring a streamlined body designed by the Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Ghia that was later modified and renamed the Dart … All 1970 Darts got the federally mandated steering column and ignition lock. All sound-deadening, armrests, and all but one of the horns were gone too. To keep glass up, the strap latched to the inside of the door. The Dart and Polara were downsized as part of Chrysler's hasty effort to compete with what company leaders thought would be downsized large cars from Chevrolet.

Arriving void of an engine or transmission, the LO23 models were also missing their exhaust, shifters, and driveshafts. The result was less engine noise and wear and greater fuel economy. However, these large round lights were mounted near the inboard side of the reverse fins and aggravated the already awkward styling. 14-inch wheels became standard equipment, and the 170 cu in (2.8 L) slant-6 was replaced by a larger 198 cu in (3.2 L) version for improved base-model performance and greater manufacturing economy—the 198 used the same block as the 225, while the 170 had used a different block. Since 1968, all factory-built race cars have been measured to the Hurst Darts and Barracudas, and understandably so. The Dodge Dart, a major player in American motor history, made its debut in 1960 and ended production in 1976. The first Dodge Darts were introduced for the 1960 model year. In 1966, the SCCA introduced the new Trans-American Sedan Championship that allowed competition among Dodge Darts, Plymouth Barracudas, Chevrolet Corvairs, Ford Mustangs, and other "production touring cars" with a maximum wheelbase of 116 in (2,946.4 mm). The A833OD overdrive 4-speed manual transmission housing was made of aluminum. The Dart line was offered in three trim levels: the basic Seneca, mid-range Pioneer, and premium Phoenix. The Dart Sport 340 was replaced by the Dart Sport 360 245 Bhp. Nonetheless, it was considered an economic car for its size in those few markets to which it was exported. Many—if not all—of them had a body-color paint sales code of "999", meaning special order paint.[50]. [38] It was Chrysler's first application of overdrive since 1959. Head restraints were optional equipment until January 1, 1969, when their installation became mandatory under federal law.

Chrysler's "Clean Air Package" emission control system became standard equipment on cars sold in all 50 states. [42] It was advertised as "three cars in one": an economy compact, a convertible alternative because of the sunroof, and a roomy station wagon alternative because of the fold down rear seat. The alternator, introduced as standard equipment in 1960 on the Valiant, replaced the previous DC generator on all 1961 Chrysler products. The cars were designed to meet street legal requirements, but due to the modifications, the cars came with disclaimers that they were not for street use, but rather "supervised acceleration trials", or drag racing.[28]. [13], The 1961 automobile market was generally an off-year for automobile sales, and Dodge production went down to 269,367 units, of which 142,708 were Darts. With the cancellation of Chrysler's upper level DeSoto brand, upper-level Dodge products were pushed upmarket, while using Plymouth products with more features for lower-level Dodge products. The following year the larger B-body Dodge Charger was introduced, and the "Charger" name was thenceforth associated with Dart models only in the "Charger 225" marketing name for the optional larger 6-cylinder engine. Laughably, the cross-ram HEMI was rated at 425hp, but were more likely closer to 535hp. Once again, wagons shared the Polara's 122 in (3,099 mm) wheelbase; they also shared the Polara's unique side-mounted taillights. The 318 cu in (5.2 L) (standard equipment on certain Phoenix and Pioneer body styles) and 361 cu in (5.9 L) V8s were optional with two-barrel or four-barrel carburetors, and with single or dual exhaust. Darts were offered to the taxicab industry for their whole production run from 1963 to 1976. GeoQuip Power Systems, LLC. Muscle Cars You Should Know: 1968 Dodge Hemi Dart Super Stock. Other changes were made to the Dart line to avoid internal competition with Dodge's new Challenger: the Dart convertible was discontinued along with the optional 383 cu in (6.3 L) V8, leaving the 275 bhp (205 kW) 340 4-barrel V8 as the top Dart engine.[7]. After the start of the 1964 model year, an all-new, compact, lightweight 273 cu in (4.5 L) LA V8 producing 180 bhp (130 kW) with a 2-barrel carburetor was introduced as the top engine option. Taillights larger than the previous year's items were set above the rear bumper, rather than within it. Jon started freelancing for Power Automedia in 2009. The entire 1969 Dart range received trim updates including another minor revision of the grille and a return to rectangular park/turn lights. The Dart was refreshed for 1970 with front and rear changes designed to bring the car closer to the design themes found in Dodge’s full-size vehicles through grille and contour changes. You may be able to purchase a used Dodge Dart through your local dealer. [46] Hang ten is a surfing expression for balancing at the end of a surfboard with ten toes over the nose of the board while riding the wave.


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