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As he was walking to the dining hall of an Army base in the West Bank, he came across a group of Palestinian prisoners, sitting in the open sun.

It was a clear, cold day, and we went for a walk into a steep ravine outside the gates of the settlement. Nancy and Family, I am so sorry for your loss. He is also the overseer of the assassins who killed Yassin and Rantisi. But, he added, “We realized long ago we would have to share this land.”. I accept what I see. I have independence, they should have independence. The settlement movement has long been aided by Israel’s parliamentary system, which gives single-issue parties an inordinate say in government decisions. Israel is faced with two options: keep the settlements, and risk either apartheid or binationalism; or separate cleanly from the Palestinians, by withdrawing settlements and raising a wall between the two sides. He also claims to have received rabbinical permission to train pigs as guard animals; the group recently purchased its first one. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. No one has ever succeeded in doing this without dehumanization.”. On one of its doors someone had drawn a blue Star of David. He is a thin and jumpy man, quick to show irritation. At best, the proposals are half measures. (He had been paralyzed as a young man in a gymnastics accident.) My deepest sympathy to you. ‘Goyim used their hands. We are proud of them.”. It is meant for the Jews by God Himself.”. “Stop being Jewish!” he yelled. “Why shouldn’t he play?”, “There’s a bullet out there for each one of us,” she said. Sharon has accepted a rationale for removing settlements. This is why the settlers are panicking a little. “Whoever hurts Jews will be expelled,” he said. His parents raised him in a town in northern Israel that was a bastion of the Labor Party. As a young soldier, he served in the Fighting Pioneer Youth Brigade, which established kibbutzim in isolated parts of Israel. The Peruvian men are in charge of perimeter security. In moral terms, he deserved it,” he said. We can take care of our own Jewish state.” Besides, he said, the dogs were very well trained. He is making moves against both.

It’s very typical. They are free of doubt, seeing themselves as taking orders from God, and are an unusually cohesive segment of Israeli society. “Cunts!” one of the boys yelled, in Arabic. Many Israelis fear that the Palestinians would consider a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza as a sign of weakness. “I hate, I despise your feast days, and I will not be appeased by your solemn assemblies,” he told the Israelites.

His life is intertwined with Arafat’s. “May God Avenge Her Blood,” it read. I can’t prove this genetically, but this is the behavior of Amalek.” When I asked Benzi Lieberman, the chairman of the council of settlements—the umbrella group of all settlements in the West Bank and Gaza—if he thought the Amalekites existed today, he said, “The Palestinians are Amalek!” Lieberman went on, “We will destroy them. The bombers should be hunted, but the entire West Bank shouldn’t be punished for a suicide bombing, he told me. “It is meant for the Jews by God himself.”. Listen, the whole world of assumptions, of beliefs, of hopes, of thoughts about possibilities collapsed totally with this intifada.” I then asked if he was sure that the Palestinians were interested only in Israel’s destruction, and not simply in a better offer than Barak had been capable of making at Camp David. “I dealt with Arafat in Jordan, then in Lebanon, then in Tunis, then here,” he said. In the Israeli mind, Gaza—a strip of land shaped like a sardine can, and running from south of Tel Aviv to the Egyptian border—is synonymous with sand dunes and refugee camps, wilting heat and the fierce anti-Semitism of the Islamic terror group Hamas, whose most fervent followers are based there. He was the security chief of the settlements in Samaria, the territory of the northern West Bank. . The Palestinians will not be satisfied with the West Bank and Gaza, and will simply demand more. “But why shouldn’t a Jew live in Hebron?”. I’m talking about not eliminating the terror organizations’ capability to attack us. They moved here from Jerusalem in 1997, as a protest against the Oslo peace process.

The Gaza Strip is papered with posters celebrating dead children. I can’t say I won’t do things because I don’t want him to suffer.”, Saperstein said, “If I believed that if all the settlers disappeared tomorrow then peace and happiness would reign forever, that we could live in peace as Jews in what’s left of our homeland, then I would seriously consider picking up and going somewhere else.”. When Jordan, which then occupied the West Bank, entered the war on the side of the Syrians and the Egyptians, Israel defeated it as well, seizing the Old City of Jerusalem and the West Bank. A treat!” Ezra eventually understood, and waved a biscuit in front of Tarzan, who then released Rachmiel. But he suggested that the settlements, far from serving a security purpose, were a security burden. “I had this Ahmed in here once, doing repairs, and he said, ‘Do you know why I’m doing such good work? He won’t remove other settlements in the West Bank, but the settlers think that one of his successors might.”. I had thought that Etkes was one of the believers, but he asked, “Will a one-hundred-per-cent pullout lead to a peaceful Israel and a peaceful Palestine? Until the second intifada, the yeshiva had been situated next to the tomb that many Jews believe holds the remains of Joseph, the son of Jacob, in Nablus. Hard-core settlers and their supporters make up perhaps two per cent of the Israeli populace, but they nevertheless have driven Israeli policy in the occupied territories for much of the past thirty years. 6—that I quite understand. When Judaism reaches its historical maturity with the return of the Kingdom of Israel, its holy culture will dominate the entire world psyche. Sharon seems to have recognized—belatedly—Israel’s stark demographic future: the number of Jews and Arabs between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea will be roughly equal by the end of the decade. ‘They have a different cultural aesthetic.’ Is that what I’m supposed to say?”. Then my mother said, ‘I wonder what he did to provoke that.’, “It was at that point I knew I had to come to the Jewish country and be proud. One of the settlers recognized Etkes immediately, and greeted him warmly.

He believes this fervently; he is convinced that Arafat, like the leaders of Hamas, is unwilling to grant any legitimacy to the idea of Israel. Still, his idealism is bracing. They were torturing them for fun. “Dror? The first time we met, she told me that she was a soldier of God.

Sharon’s actions against the Palestinians will not stop terrorism, and his actions against outposts will not stop the settlement expansion. Anat Cohen is known, even among Hebron’s Jews, who are some of the least placatory of all the settlers, for her ferocity. As we drove, Saperstein pointed to the spot on the road where the attack had taken place.

According to Army commanders, she has cursed and insulted soldiers, and assaulted Arabs. “I believe that reality is stronger than everything,” Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, a former chief of staff, told me. Ya’alon, who was born in 1950, has a mild, bookish, and unimposing manner, possessing little of the brashness one associates with Israeli generals such as Moshe Dayan or even Ehud Barak. I believe the Nazis did not break the bones of children with rockets. He said that she was his mother, and that she had just gone to the market. Four months earlier, Yassin had been the target of an Israeli assassination attempt.

We have to capture the imagination of the world. “Dror, how’s it going?”, I asked the settler about his friendliness toward an avowed enemy of his movement. What was Saddam Hussein doing on the wall, I asked. I asked Rachel about her youth, in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. Moriah. His meetings with Arafat have caused many of Tekoa’s residents to call him a fool. “I don’t want to change reality, I want to work with reality. We have to protect the Arabs from the Jews, even though we’re here to do the opposite.”, General Ya’alon told me that the Army’s human-rights problem is not systemic. If the extremists among the Jews suffer from a Moriah complex, then the extremists among the Palestinians are in the grip of a Moloch complex. Because of Beit Furik’s proximity to the two settlements, and the roads leading to them, the movements of Arab residents are strictly controlled. The West Bank and the Gaza Strip are home to more than three and a half million additional Arabs, who do not hold Israeli citizenship. Rabbi Samson is a former student of the second Rabbi Kook. He said that the dogs could smell the difference between an Arab infiltrator and a Jewish resident. I had suggested that the underlying story of the Middle East might be the collision between right and right: in other words, there was justice to both the Jewish cause and the Palestinian cause.

They still see themselves as Sharon once saw them—as the avant-garde of Zionism, heirs to the pioneers of the early twentieth century who restored the Jews to Palestine. It is because of the tomb that Hebron is considered a holy city. And, like Hamas, which would build for the Palestinians a death-obsessed Islamic theocracy, the settlers, if they have their way, would build an apartheid state ruled by councils of revanchist rabbis. “Zionism in practice is about taking the land and getting rid of the people.”. The junction, called Kissufim, is an armored camp. The settlers had more in mind than state-building. The early Zionists drew on modern ideals of nationalism and liberal democracy, not on the teachings of rabbis. Not necessarily. Thirty-seven years later, there are roughly two hundred and thirty-five thousand settlers in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. “I’m alive because of Zionism. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Seth Mandell, who is a man of moderation, does not consider Froman his rabbi.

Migron, which is near the site where King Saul is thought to have battled the Philistines, is home to forty-three families, who live in mobile homes, awaiting the construction of permanent houses. “The Arabs know to behave like good boys around us,” he said. There is a Tekoa, and there is a Tuqua”—the Arab village next door.

I believe that they did the same thing to Hitler. Seth corrected me. So the settlers have, golem-like, risen against one of their creators, and pledged to stop any attempt—including Sharon’s provisional attempt—to disentangle Jews and Arabs. But it won’t be us.”. “I don’t like this mission. Moshe Levinger, the first settler in Hebron, advocates the “transfer” of Palestinians who don’t “behave themselves.”. Froman is a reminder that Orthodox Judaism is not merely a Judaism of rock and stone, and that land is not as holy as life. What he is proposing now is a two-pronged survival strategy: the building of a security fence separating the Arabs of the West Bank from Israel; and a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, which will remove more than a million Palestinians from Israel’s direct control. You want to find a reason why all this is happening, but you don’t look at the practice of Zionism itself. They can stop terrorist attacks. Even the Palestinian terrorist groups that are ostensibly secular—those attached to the Fatah movement of Yasir Arafat—have elevated childhood martyrdom to a sacrament. She glared at me. “We are aware that the soldiers have an enormous burden daily—the checking of Palestinians,” he said.

Ezra began to smack the dog.

“The thing I hate about the settlers is their arrogance.


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