wire gauge to pcb trace width

Digi-Key’s community forum, technical resource, and a place for further discussion on topics ranging from how-tos to questions about electronics principles. Since the calculator only takes current as an input I assume that for a specific input power and specific microstrip (or stripline) characteristic impedance, I need to divide the power by the characteristic impedance and take the square root to find the current? Relative Thermal Index (RTI) as defined by Underwriters Laboratories UL 746B is the temperature at which 50% of material properties are retained after a conditioning period of 100,000 hours. Also, note the temperature dependence as seen in the calculator. ANSWER: The wagon wheels spokes are very short length traces and are heat sunk to the plane. I need a via calculator!!! The coefficients are slightly different, how did you obtain your 1b.

0.0141 meters = 1.41 cm = 0.557 inches. Hi, In this case 150C (environment) - 20C (ambient) or 130C. Allowed_Length = Allowed_Delay/(140 ps/inch) I have a 6amp circuit on a 2oz flexi board inside an aluminium housing potted with a (reasonably) thermally conductive resin. Wanted to know if there was a trace width Calculator that determines a trace width for a 6000A, 3000V, 25 Deg for 20mS for a UL test. Power density is very high here and less able No additional derating factors were applied. Some information about the effect of area on temperature rise can be found in the article “Constructing Your Power Supply - Layout Considerations”, by Robert Kollman The trace width calculator is telling me to make the “spokes” so wide that it defeats the purpose. I agree to not provide or make available any product or service from PCBL to any individual or entity restricted by the United States Government on the Denied Persons List, or any individual or entity in a country with a United States trade embargo. The pcb thickness refers to the whole board. Regards, For 200 to 1000 Amps, I think bus bars would generally be used instead of PCBs.

It is similar to but even more simple than the transmission line calculator. [1] Shortcomings of the IPC-2221 Current Capacity Guidelines. http://focus.ti.com/lit/ml/slup230/slup230.pdf.

If you look at the original MIL-STD-275 spec, that was the most conservative curve plotted. For I*R drop and DC resistance of planes, you can set up an Excel sheet fairly easily to solve the 2-D finite element field equations. “When will the calculator be supplemented with corrections are described by Johannes’s article?

First, calculate the Area: Area[mils^2] = (Current[Amps]/(k*(Temp_Rise[deg. Andre, Andre - I plan on adding a via calculator soon, but for now I am going to recommend that you take a look at this excellent application note from Texas Instruments by Robert Kollman titled Constructing Your Power Supply – Layout Considerations. Intuitively I would say the required internal trace width would be less than the external case since the external trace can peal off; the opposite is true according to the calculator????


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