ring doorbell 2 sound issues
Someone who shares access to your Nest home with the app may have turned the chime off, or changed the chime duration. If you can hear audio from your Ring Doorbell on your phone, but no sound is traveling from your phone to the Ring Doorbell, it is possible that the Ring app does not have access to your microphone. Before the audio at the door cam was much louder. As discussed previously in this thread, disabling the timeline feature in the app seems to improve audio for most. I have 3 devices. Hey, Good Day and thank you for the reply. Hi @Krisnkross. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Spotlight cams work great. I have stopped it occurring by disabling "OK Google" detection from any screen...frustrating but seems to be a phone issue rather than a Ring issue. Switch my phone over to cellular and all I get is audio. Hope this helps, as to figure that out was very stressfull to me, and at least I'm glad that it is not hardeware related and there is a temporary "improvement-fix" (as even with this method the sound is less loud than using a iphone or any other brand, and you lose the comfort of the new timline viewer...)!

I'll raise a case with OnePlus to try get it fixed.

For updated information, see our response to COVID-19. Your transformer needs to meet specific power requirements (16 - 24 V AC, and at least 10 VA in North America or 12 - 24 V AC, and at least 8 VA in Europe) to be compatible with Nest Hello.

The prior audio concern has been resolved with Android App update 3.17 and beyond. Ring? Follow the steps below for iOS (Apple) or … Call community support but I doubt my call got properly understood as the lady was repaeating that I was reporting a poor audio quality. I can clearly hear the speaker on the other side, no more polly parrot effect. If you didn’t check it before installing Hello, or if you’re not sure about your transformer’s power rating, you can contact a local pro installer or an electrician or follow the instructions in the following article: How to check your transformer’s voltage >. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19.

Started speaking and 2 sec after started hearing myself loud and clear repeating like if there was an echo. turn this new feature off in the RING app and the audio is much improved!!

iPhone and iOS - Apple . Because this is NOT the issue we are talking about... Or do you mean to watch the live-stream from the ring? Facing the same issue with my Ring DoorBell that was delivered to me yesterday, took off my previous BASSTOP video doorbell then installed the Ring doorbell and noticed after installation that when someone stands outside at the door and speaks into the doorbell, I can hear them from my phone but when I speak from my phone, there’s absolutely NO VOICE OUTPUT at the doorbell unit outside. It’s mounted next to your front door and connected to your mobile device via Wi-Fi.

Bend the wires or use some tape to hold them out of the way if needed.You can also try mounting the connector outside of your chime box with some double backed tape.

I just need to get it fixed so I can use the doorbell. Test the chime by pressing Hello’s button. with the viewer, some of the newer Samsung phones have problems in microphone processing, maybe due to the two mics for noise cancellation. You've both done well to narrow down the variables and rule out many culprits of @KP6Five's concern. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. //www.google.com/tools/feedback/metric/report, Your doorbell chime doesn't ring or it sounds weak, Tell us more and we’ll help you get there. I had a Ring Doorbell Pro that worked great for 2 1/2 years, then it completely died. I answered your question to deinstall/reinstall the app in this thread: https://community.ring.com/t5/Video-Doorbells/ring-doorbell-2-community/td-p/105/page/2. Follow the steps below for iOS (Apple) or Android to enable notifications. At first we had horrible feedback. Someone needs to fix this. The chime will automatically turn on again when Hello’s internal temperature returns to normal operating range. Corrosion and grime can affect the wire contact. This may be best to bring to the attention of our support team, they should be able to improve through additional troubleshooting. I still hear the digital noise on that video from my laptop. A simply restart button within the app that won't delete everything would be nice for this kind of money being spent on a 21st century doorbell button!Signed. What to do After the Theft of Your Ring Device, Using a Wedge Kit to Properly Position your Ring Video Doorbell, Proper Positioning for your Ring Video Doorbell, No Audio From Your Mobile Device to Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell (1st Generation) Setup Mode, Charging the Battery on Your Ring Video Doorbell.

I'm on T-mobile and I'm getting 40 down and 11 up.

Samsung has to work on the noise cancellation, RING app has to be redesigned to use the same audio method as before the new "timeline event viewer". After a month of bad audio and more trouble shooting, they are telling me it could be a port issue … If you watch it from any Samsung phone I have (S10+ and Note 9) it is not usable.". Bend the wires or use some tape to hold them out of the way.

This is the proof that the problem comes from the mobile stream which the app delivers! That's interesting.

Thus she sent me a replacement Ring Pro Doorbell.

If you watch this call from the Ring site or server it is crystal clear. I have the same exact issue.

The new unit did the same thing.

This is the proof that the problem comes from the mobile stream which the app delivers! I also have 20+ devices in my WIFI-network, plus 2 neighbors using my guest-network. You can check the voltage by opening the Ring app, selecting Ring Pro, and then selecting device health.

Can you both please try deleting and re-adding the Ring app and let me know if you notice any changes with the Timeline Feature turned on. Press Hello’s button to ring the chime. If it still sounds bad, try mounting the connector outside of your chime box with some double backed tape. This seems to be a samsung specific problem, and there exists at least on temporary solution (which imprives the speaker volume  a lot, but not as much as it should be).

I apologize I didn't address the "timeline" statement. I greatly appreciate this information and I am sure other neighbors using a OnePlus 5T phone will as well. I work for Dell and worked in ProSupport for 2 years of my 12 and this is an app, android or specific phone issue. We hooked up the Chime Pro extender and that may have helped also. Ring is an Amazon-owned home security company which offers smart security cameras and video doorbells. Back home, I gave it a try and figured it out the following : I rang and my wife answered on my phone from inside the house. We are having the same issues with our S10 especially with the feedback while talking outside through the doorbell. In the past, this was not the case. Second, in the past when I would log on to my internet account and watch the videos they would be clean as well. We hear the person at the doorbell fine (95% of the time) but it's very hard to hear the person indoors from the doorbell.

A live call is even worse than the video I am posting today.

If the outlet is controlled by a switch, make sure that it’s set to on as well. The playbacks on the website are flawless. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Hearing our own voice feedback is horrible. Do you mean to watch a recording? I have to retract my statement... "If you watch the video from the Ring site or server it is crystal clear" I just checked it and it is the same.

This can be caused by either a poor connection between your mobile device and the cloud, or a connectivity problem between the Ring device and your Router. Is there a way to contact customer support to ask for a replacement as this is really annoying and sounds like I have once again got something produced on a monday morning ... Had to again reset the entire thing so now it works but I am not going to do this every month. This audio problem is due to how samsung handles the microphone processing, and a change RING did with introducing the "event history timeline" feature. We just bought this 2 days ago and we've been very frustrated. We've read other fourms and tried all suggestions including turning off history timeline. No change switching it off. When we have customer service as a shared user, we can hear both ends fine. Re-tighten any screws holding wires with a screwdriver. It's so frustrating to set something up correctly and yet it doesn't work. Ring has to change/repair the new event-timeline-feature to use the "old microphone source". We appreciate the update and would agree that calling our support team is the best next step. Insert it into the hole at the bottom of Hello and pull it off the base. Follow the steps below to give the Ring app access to your microphone: Click on this link to control notifications and sound on your Android device. I am having the same problem. We'll see what tomorrow brings . Double check that the wires are fully inserted into the chime connector and have a solid connection to your chime. Before the audio at the door cam was much louder. with the viewer, some of the newer Samsung phones have problems in microphone processing, maybe due to the two mics for noise cancellation. When I logged into my internet account today (Not on the Android phone app) you could hear the digital noise as well.

so where's the dang solution? I have read on multiple forums describing the same issue and watching other videos with the same noise and echo. She logged into my account and looked at the video from her phone and got the same digital noise. Hopefully I will manage to apologize to the postman as he will come for sure again today to deliver the amazon addict family. The sound you hear at the doorbell from the phone is clear but the volume on the phone is either really low or you can't hear them at all but you can see their mouth moving.

It seems like it would be our phone but we don't know how to fix it.

Thanks. Only Ring and/or Samsung could provide a fix for this issue. If you watch this call from the Ring site or server it is crystal clear. ring app uses different microphone API (or audio interface) settings if you are using the app with or without the timeline viewer. We are having the same issues on both. I know Ring just did an update to the app 2 days ago. To get the most out of Google Home, choose your Help Center: U.S. Help Center, U.K Help Center, Canada Help Center, Australia Help Center. Playbacks on my S10+ or Note 9 have so much digital noise you can't hear the recording.

Got a question?

I'm almost sure the above is the reasion for the troubles people with Samsung mobiles and Ring doorbells experience at the moment.

The Ring doorbell is a smart home device that allows you to control your front door remotely. The video I posted is from a live view. I have the problems with audio quality only with the recorded mic stream when timeline feature is turned on AND a newer samsung mobile is used. Our posts crossed out above... OK, because that is what I meant, it does not depend on where you watch the videos, the choppy sound on samsung devices has to to with samsung noise cancelling, and the way the ring app gains the audio/mic signal differently depending on timeline feature turned on or off!!

This setting is for electronic or digital chimes only. Also, FWIW, why is there no restart button within the app to restart the device instead of having to ridiculously unscrew the cover, hold reset button, then completely set it up again losing all previous info for the initial setup?


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