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Now Power Tools takes it obviously to a whole other lvl. FoE Helper shows you how much defense a neighbour has. Doesn't that come under "making actions in behalf of the player"? One more reason to not use this tool: the resources are NOT PUBLISHED. Inno is notorious for not taking a stance on anything at all. You can download the Power Tools here. However they thought it was legal because inno said it at some point in the past. Someone does. Press J to jump to the feed. We collect and process your personal information for the following purposes: Analytics, Necessary, Quality. EDIT: This thing is awesome, especially the Profit Finder and Plunder Finder.

They are allowed. TOO EASY. You are not allowed to send requests to the server. THIS expansion is actively sending requests to the servers of FoE to get informations like these. The line 'It is the players responsibility to ensure that they are playing within the game rules, this includes the use of the tools' should make it clear that this should NOT be used. they are banning people for either Power tools or Helper as I was banned for a few hours, now banned for 24 hours INNO can GFT they control us in the game, now want to control us out of the game, Ive demanded they send me all the data they have on me under data protection act, mess them up in return, More posts from the forgeofempires community. For the functionality it claims to have, it would need to visit neighbors and check all their GBs on its own, in the background.

InnoGames already have internal tools to … Definitely using this over FoE Helper, at least for now. The Mortgagee In Possession & A Leading Distributor. For more information click here. What a joke! A set of tools to manage your Forege of Empires city. if not, how will we know it’s not stealing all kinds of data? The tool usually take a few minutes to run while gathering up a bunch of data. However, I don't use the Plunder Finder all that much. There is the FoE-Helper, which only uses the information that is already being sent by the game and is therefore in a legal grey area that would not lead to a ban from Inno. FOE Tools celebrates its 3 years Help us improve FOE Tools by completing this survey It would be almost trivial for Inno to spot accounts that are using this as no player would be able to replicate the number of queries that this tool fires off in a short period of time. I've been using the helper til now and been happy with it. Still extremely useful.

FOE-TOOLS by test3r Tools used for

Military Report – See what you can expect from your Alcatraz collections plus all the units have in inventory. Investments – See all your invested Forge Points. use FOE Helper, they are actively working with innogames to ensure it doesnt break any rules. Power Tools – Limited Release. But if FoE Helper breaks te rules and is allowed, Power Tools should also be okay... Tbh: i think both are cheats. The FoE City Planner was one of them for a long time. GB Investment. It’s just allowed to read the data you receive. So the answer given by Inno is all we will ever get (which I totally understand, they can’t know what the developers will add later and they have to play it safe), WHile I agree that Foe tools overdid with plunder tool, since this is not something that a player without the addon is able to ever see within game, the snipe thing is totally fine, as it only does the math for the player from available info that is visible once you open someone's GB. If you have any questions about upcoming auctions, auction dates or any of the items currently listed on our site, feel free to ask and our GraysOnline team will be more than willing to help!

the policies clearly states that all 3rd party programs can get you banned. The Plunder Finder tool in FOE Power Tools doesn't know about future timings of your city. We can’t guarantee this will be good for diplomatic relations, but for you war lovin warlords out there, enjoy!

Sign up to receive upcoming Sales & special offers! I'm gonna check this out now, looks cool. And the loot thing was already available but with some work, I used to use this to find whether my Crow's nest was worth a BG charge. FOE Tools celebrates its 3 years Help us improve FOE Tools by completing this survey The websites I see that a lot of people point to, like forge-db, as gathering the same data are actually only pulling data from the leaderboard, vs actually visiting a city etc. Illegal, not even a gray-area. InnoGames already have internal tools to detect requests sent by not whitelisted clients to the servers! Because it only has access to Forge of empires maybe.. lol?,components.site_layout.hero.slogan_html. However, I did see it reducing the number of manual clicks I would have done, so consider it in violation of the TOS. Just Plundered some helpless hoodie's Lvl 2 Moon Gate with this. So these unclaimed goods along with goods that have been confiscated or seized in raids are all listed on online auction houses such as GraysOnline. FOE Power Tools is a must have browser extension that will bring your Forge of Empires in-game information … And this is explicitly forbidden in the rules and InnoGames is already detecting requests which are sent by not whitelisted clients to the servers.

I know a player who got a 2 hour ban for using it. Like I’ve written in my comment: the FoE-Helper is legal because they are just reading the informations you get from the game. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. © 2000 to 2020 GraysOnline - All Rights Reserved, NSW Liquor Act 2007 - It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to or to obtain on behalf of a person under the age of 18 years.NSW Liquor Licence LIQP770010049Motor Dealer Licence: NSW MD13910, VIC LMCT11156, SA MVD277714, QLD 1700072, WA MD25136. Privacy Statement and Consent: By providing your email address, you consent to us sending you our newsletters as well as promotional material, updates and further information about our products and services.


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