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One is to add a single recipient to If there is no “primary” within the set of plural-field values of type ‘type’, it is up to the Container’s discretion to determine which value is returned. It is the responsibility of the extension developer to ensure data received is treated appropriately. The extension will only run if the URL visited by the user matches one of the URLs listed in this array. In the next section, you will learn how to add further actions to the mail compose and mail read parts of the Verse UI.
The Enable Sametime extension point allows you to enable Connection Cloud Chat in Verse when Webchat is disabled at the Organization level.
Turkish / Türkçe Below is the sample code to handle Verse message and notify Verse your application is ready to receive and send data. Security Tip: the CSS provided by the extension is added ‘as is’, so administrator should check the CSS extension when they deploy it to understand and control the risks that come with that as appearance and to some degree behavior can be changed. By default if an extension displays a UI with a warning the user can decide to send the mail anyway by clicking the send button again. Once an extension is clicked in the Verse UI, the URL will be loaded in a new window. The HTTP URL of the custom endpoint can be specified using notes.ini parameter VOP_Extensibility_Endpoint_URL. Application: A third-party web application that contributes new functionality to HCL Verse. How to transfer data from Verse to your application. End of Support for IBM Traveler 10.0.0. If you want to use other scheme in extension URL, you can set the VOP_Extensibility_Url_Scheme_Whitelist parameter in notes.ini to define an additional custom URL scheme whitelist. Congratulations! Note that the Verse ping will time out in 30 seconds, so your application must send back the message as soon as possible once it is ready to receive data. If the URL that you use to access Verse is specific to your company, you need to add it to the manifest.json file. Verse is able to send data to your application using what’s known as a context object. Valid parameters are described in the Verse API Data section. To use this method, you must add the features property to the manifest with the value of ["core"] so that your web application can communicate with Verse. window - the widget will be open in the new window. There is much more detailed documentation available here, but it’s not required to complete the tutorials. You can see the response format below. {string} displayName: Name to be displayed. Inspect the message event listeners and make sure that they are receiving the correct data from Verse. But how does this all work? In the items, it contains all of your registered applications/extensions. To make it more secure for your own purpose, please refer to the Security section, which includes suggested security implementations when using cross-document messaging. Verify that you are sending the message to the Verse window to indicate that your application is ready to receive data. For example, with the HTML sample page, if it used insertAdjacentHTML instead of innerText to display the stringified JSON data from the user’s side and a mail subject contained the following line (either in the Mail Compose View or Mail Read View) then when the extension is triggered, a button would be added onto the application’s HTML page, which when clicked, will show an alert: This is a proof of concept to show how malicious users can take advantage of this vulnerability to execute their own script. The directory search extension point allows you to contribute a custom directory search to find people in Verse. Kazakh / Қазақша By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. Now dismiss the alert and the the code will pause at your debugger statement. All IBM Traveler 10.0.0 support is provided by HCL. For related information, visit: HCL Verse Container allows applications to contribute or remove UI at specific locations within the container. Verse On-Premises V1.0 is mail re-imagined for a new way to work. Note that recipientBcc and attachments properties are only available when they are enabled in permissions property of widget action or Before On Send definition. The renderParams property contains width and height properties which are used to specify the new window’s width/height accordingly. If cross-document messaging is configured, the initial web page can use JavaScript to listen for a window message event containing a context object after it loads.

An extension can declare that it requires specific data from Verse, and when the extension is activated, Verse will send this data to it. Dutch / Nederlands Google Chrome or Firefox (minimum version 49.0) browser, The Verse Developer Browser Extension source code, Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Chrome DevTools, Download the Verse Developer Browser Extension source code to your local file system by clicking. An external application is registered with Verse via the file applications.json. If you would like to serve the applications.json data dynamically using code, you can specify a custom endpoint (which you implement) to do so. Here are three different samples of valid applications.json: An application definition must contain the following properties: For extension properties, please refer to Verse Extension Points for details. Open your Firefox browser, and type in the address bar: Hover over a People bubble, and click on the, At the back of the business card you will see a new link called, The external application also declares a single extension of type, The web application location is specified in the. The best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Before dismissing the alert, open the developer tools. The pattern and the corresponding actions are defined in an extension that is added to Verse. HCL Verse also supports an extension to add a button on Person object. Here is the full list of extension points that Verse supports.


In the src/manifest.json file there is a matches property, which contains an array of URLs. Simple Link and Templated Link extensions provide an easy way to contribute clickable UI artifacts that result in the opening of a webpage in a new tab/window. On Verse on-Cloud, you must register the navigation bar extensions using the IBM App Registry. The below example indicates ftp and thunder schemes are added to custom URL scheme whitelist, thus ftp and thunder schemes are allowed to be used in extension URL. For example: The custom endpoint MUST return the same response format as HCL Connections Appregistry API (see Retrieving a list of all extensions), otherwise, Verse will not be able to correctly parse the response and get the extensions. Every time you make a change to the extension code, you need to reload the extension first, then reload Verse, so that your browser and Verse will pick up your latest changes. The following CSS extension illustrates how to hide all Calendar elements. The CSS extension point allows you to customize Verse UI using a standard CSS. Danish / Dansk to warn the user about something in the mail or can allow the mail to be sent. Verse supports Cross-document Messaging to communicate with your directory search extension. After you have extracted the folder, locate the. Then you will write another application that adds functionality to both the Mail Compose and Mail Read views. A Templated Link extension adds a clickable URL link to the Verse UI including the option to configure the extension to receive data from Verse encoded in the URL. It overrides the Administration panel setting to allow Sametime chat in Verse even if the Instant Messaging is disabled in the Administration panel. you could use it to trigger the Watson Tone Analyser to provide the user with data on the tone of the mail before they send it. the Mail Read view.


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