allen bolt and allen key size chart

Whatever the case, they are a blessing and a curse. Not using the exact size hex key is NOT ADVISED, because stripping (rounding) of the socket can easily occur. Not using the exact size hex key Diameter . . For example for an M8 socket head cap screw we need at least 32+8(head size) = 40mm clearance above the screw for easy accessibility.

So we decided to make that a little bit easier for you. We help everyday people bring superior craftsmanship to their home workshop. (15 pieces) - Adding to our precision sizes, the common SAE Allen wrench sizes are 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″, 7/64″, 1/8″, 9/64″, 5/32″, 3/16″, 7/32″, 1/4″, 5/16 “, & 3/8″. With more and more hardware being produced internationally, both SAE and metric hex key sets will have a place in your tool set. Hex Key Size . In stock and ready to ship. When you reference the hex key conversion chart above, do be aware that using a smaller size bit will increase your vulnerability for stripping the hardware. The smaller Allen wrenches, however, present several problems for me. 11320 FM 529 RD BLDG F HOUSTON, TEXAS 77041 TEL (713) 896- 1166 FAX (713) 896-7879 Tool Size Chart Inch Fasteners Metric Fasteners Wrench Sizes (in.) Thus, we recommend that those with only a metric Allen wrench set add a separate SAE hex key set to their stable. Print this page . Hex Key Size . Site This chart contains information on number, metric and fractional number socket head cap screws, along with tap drill information. . sizes - the Society of Automotive Engineers. by Vaughn Factors standard-sized wrenches, and shows which wrenches are On the left-hand side, we have our SAE to metric conversion guide for hex keys that provides the best substitute SAE Allen wrench for each given metric size. All the wrench sizes above were taken from Wikipedia at SAE The content is copyrighted to MEADinfo and may not be reproduced without consent. 0 While large-sized Allen wrenches do exist, they are only used in a very specialized applications. Their purpose is largely to serve specialized applications where size constraints and strength requirements need to be met. All of our tool charts & home improvement articles have been optimized for viewing on your phone while out on the job. In some cases, you may want to try using a size larger than the one recommended in the chart to see if it fits. If all else fails, you may want to use our Drill Size Conversion Table or our Tap Drill Size Calculator.The information available from our sources is usually sufficient for all computer related drill or screw requirements world wide.


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