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Great Work Guys, i really appreciate your efforts. This also means there is a lot more available, but just not listed due to our 75% standard.

Did we miss your favorite player or team?

DF11 faces are 260 x 310 pixels big, which is (a lot) larger than default size (180 x 180), which you can see in the example below.

Posted the 12/09/2020 in FM18, FM19, FM20, FM21, News, Other Add Ons by Kinmar. Download the megapack direct at and extract using WinRAR or 7zip on windows or Unarchiver for Mac to the below. Want to see DF11 faces in original large size in your Football Manager game?

If you are looking for the best FM 2020 logos megapack, you can find it by clicking here. Looking for Football Manager downloads? Grab the latest facepack … Enhance the Football Manager 2021 experience with some new FM21 graphics. Follow the Football Manager DF11 Facepacks at Facebook for any DF11 related help. TCMLogos is proud to announce the DF11 Football Manager 2021 facepack created by our partner In order to fully enjoy the DF11 faces you can download the exclusive skin panels, which increases the default player portrait sizes. DF11 are committed to quality content and update their FM20 Facepack every month with new faces and renewed graphics. More detailed instructions available on the DF11 Update pack guide page. The Football Manager DF11 Facepacks is a portrait style megapack that initiated production since October 2010. Find FM 2019 face packs in all shapes & sizes.

Does anyone have any suggestions? sortitoutsi has always been the best place for FM2020 Downloads and Football Manager 2020 Add Ons.

Find the best looking FM 2020 facepack, FM20 logos & FM 20 kits. On this page you will find links to the Mega Starterpack for FM2020 and the links to all the updates that will be released during the FM20 season. Download on request links buttons (4 buttons) broken.

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We’ll explain how to get real faces in FM 2020 further down. The first is the FM Scope Facepack 2020, which has over 127,100 faces for … Everybody wants faces in FM20. This DF11 mega facepack includes over 127,392 original large portrait faces, Over 40,000 gorgeous faces for your copy of FM20, iOS style facepack now covers around 10,600+ players in total for the major European Leagues and pla. Get our face megapacks for Football Manager 2020 and you won't regret it.

BTW im on a MACBOOK.

I dove into a foreign language site years ago and came back with the goods.

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sortitoutsi is the best place for Football Manager 2020 Downloads including FM2020 Graphics, Kits, Facepacks, Logos, Skins, Data Updates, Tactics and more. Featuring DF11, Carlos Fierro and more we will make sure you properly pimp out your copy of FM2020. First, lets see how the  Football Manager 2020 DF11 Faces megapack looks in game! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Need help? DF11 faces are made by our partners from DF11Faces (where you landed to download the Megapack). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In-active heroes: Hixxo, thijskeeper, FGIbra, new0rder, milka, Lubo, Jackioo, ArthurM, Lokypedro, El-Chambo, Jeroen, Mena Tallet, Slashydutchie, davvee, BusyDavo, Yap Yeong, Orthodox, Mathias R, Joshua, Florian W, Knibbe, Leonardo B, Moondag777, Bm, Clowntje, marklf, Copywriter, Vilhena, Vlad Ultras, Costantinos, Nox, Americo Monteiro,Ricardo Lopez, Lucas, Tobbe, Alparslan, Orthodox, Patres10.


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