how to charge logitech g602 mouse

Separate DPI X and Y axis settings – Select this option to configure X and Y DPI levels independently. Logitech's G602 is a great mouse to use if you aren't looking for a very sensitive mouse. When switched to what Logitech call ‘Endurance’ mode, the batteries will apparently last up to 1400 hours which is not at all shoddy. We're looking for new writers to join us. The mouse utilises all the bandwidth on a USB port too, which brings improved latency. Without a really easy way to tell when you are in the middle of the set, I would sometimes press the wrong button thinking I was in some other position with my thumb. The top of the mouse also features a matt finish in an effort to minimise slippage when moving it frantically in a fire fight. One of the things that Logitech gets right is to have a good design that's great to hold for those that don't use a claw grip. You can use it to quickly switch between various sensitivity settings. It’s certainly one of the better gaming mice I’ve used recently. Logitech’s mice are among the most popular on the market. Price wise the G602 is not the cheapest mouse on the market with a RRP of around £69.99 but if you hunt around they can be picked up for around the £60 mark. While the last re-releases were rebranding with minor changes, we finally have a new product that’s a differentiator from their recent offerings. Unlike some of their other wireless mice, you have to use the wireless receiver and there’s no recharging capability. webcontentid=733590a2-3854-11ea-b6d4-e5d32b3a3778.

webproduct=2ce3f104-7db1-11e9-bada-cf6428cd6a66 Assign Default – (Required) One DPI level must always be the default. There are no Spare Parts available for this Product. The first noticeable thing about the G602 is the weight. To change the default, click a DPI level that doesn't have a blue diamond above it, and then click Assign Default. For each DPI level you set, you'll see a tick mark. The laser could be higher in sensitivity and an option to charge batteries are two things I would love to have seen in the G602. Perhaps there’s a trade off that has to be made to make this a gaming mouse with all its precision. Increase the mouse response by raising the report rate. Now, a new one has arrived. This offering from Logitech is actually quite a decent looking mouse, though what it looks like is probably a secondary concern for most. webcontent=productfaq Make sure your mouse is in Automatic Game Detection mode, and then click the glowing mouse cursor with gear icon. I took the G602 through its paces in many sessions of Black Ops II, Diablo III, Saints Row IV, and a few others.

The G602 also features a lag-free gaming experience, as well as performance and endurance modes, to maximize battery life up to 1,440 hours. Enter the Logitech G602, a wireless battery powered mouse aimed squarely at the gamer. The thumb buttons are also very responsive, but I found the configuration to be a little confusing at times. NOTE: If you prefer, you can edit the list of DPI values to the left of the graph from 250-2500. webproduct=0786aab0-7db1-11e9-b911-b9f4ae4eeb05 On the bottom there is a 2500 DPI laser that's buttery smooth. Learn about the type of batteries used for the Logitech G602 and how to switch them. The Report Rate controls how often your mouse updates its position to the computer.

At an estimated 250 hours, it's an impressive feat of engineering to provide great performance out of just two batteries. It's a pretty standard fare with the picture of the mouse letting you know which button you can program. Example: If you type in "632", the software will round to 650 DPI. The USB receiver is really small and could be easily lost so my advice would be to leave it firmly attached to the cable anyway.


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