gaelic girls names
It’s probably originally Greek, but is pretty international in various forms and if anything would be more considered a French name today. 34. Kelsey’s an English name. 57. 65. Sexy Russian Female Names You Would Really Love, Common Greek Last Names And Their Meanings, Spectacular Scandinavian Names For Boys And Girls, Unique Italian Boy Names That Would Make You Jealous, © 2019 - All Rights Reserved, Chartcons – Communications, Inspiration, Relationship and Entrepreneurship, 100+ Beautiful Gaelic Names For Girls And Boys, 100 Unique Scottish Names And Their Meanings, Best Egyptian Names And What They Really Mean, 90 French Names That Sound Really Interesting, 100 Turkish Names That Are Simply Amazing, 100 Necromancer Names That Sound Intriguing, What Does P.S Mean?

I like the name Bray for a girl. It is not an Irish name. The irish spelling is Eadaoine. Im glad to see it means something better. Bitesize Irish Gaelic Ltd., Judwara: Gaelic name meaning “Ruler or lord”. Padraigin: Gaelic name meaning “Noble Birth” (Female versions of Padraig and Patrick). They became popular instead in places to which Irish people emigrated, particularly the USA, probably out of nostalgia for the ‘home country’. Dara: Gaelic name meaning “Oak grove”.

Gobnait – (GOHB-nit) Old Irish=gobha “a smith.”Name of early saint and abbess of Munster. (Fee=oh-na)/(Finn-ew-la) Denis and Donnchadh – and vice versa; this has been done for centuries, for simple convenience, phonetic similarity etc. I want to rename HIM right now with all the morning sickness! 37. 51. Roisin = little rose (row-sheen)/(rosh-een) Because Irish spelling differs from English, however, sometimes parents need a little help learning to pronounce them.

Two origins: 1. Irish variant of Katherine or Kathleen. 73. 42. Americans use the name colleen because they like it I suppose.

117. I assume the letter “y” is not in the Irish alphabet, so there must be another phonetic spelling since it is a town in Ireland, yes?

Unlike a lot of unique baby names, however, Irish girls’ names are also deeply traditional, calling to mind the centuries of proud Irish women who have born them: warriors, saints, queens — even a pirate! Linet: Gaelic name meaning “Lake/Waterfall/Pool”.

There are many beautiful and lovely Scottish girls names. Glenys: Gaelic name meaning “Valley girl”. Heilyn: Gaelic name meaning “Cup bearer”.

What of Brosna. In fact St Brigid predates Christianity too, and was the most important goddess of Celtic times. Ahern:  Gaelic name meaning “Lord of the Horses”. :o) sorry to disapoint you. Cessair: Gaelic name meaning “Great sorrow”.

Deaglan: Gaelic name believed to mean “full of goodness” (Declan is a derivative).

Get more informed! Ireland was one of the most forested regions in Europe until the trees were chopped down. 25.

123. Fflur: Gaelic name meaning “Flower”.

It just means girl. Tegan: Gaelic name meaning “Beautiful”. The Aisling one kind of annoyed me, for good reasons. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. From the Irish words for ‘slender’ and ‘fair’.

— as well as evoking traditional Irish myths and legends. I read that it meant “rock” too.

, Im and Irish Anne, and while its a traditional name its not an Irish name, Áine is the Irish version of it. 99. While mostly associated with St Brigid, it is actually a much older Celtic name. It could be an Old English place name meaning “Cenel’s island.” “Cenel’s Island” is a combination of the Old English word “cenel”, meaning “fierce”, and “eg”, meaning island.

17. 50. Daimhin: Gaelic name meaning “Little deer”. 118. They’re unique, which is something a lot of parents look for when naming a baby girl. Yes, that is the way people pronounce Anne in Ireland! 108. A very old Irish name meaning ‘beautiful or radiant’. Elemar: Gaelic name related to “the word for noble”. Names fluctuate in popularity and it seems strange that in the current top Gaelic Boys Names and Gaelic Girls names lists that there is no Séamus, Brendan or Úna . Lol My Maiden name’s O’Malley.. Dad Irish but lots of German. You cannot possibly expect every single name to be on there…. But I’ve only ever met one Cróna but lots of Bronaghs!

86. 49. Aamor: Gaelic name meaning “Warmth and affection”. 97. Our free one-month Irish For Beginners course, which includes our e-book “Learn Irish Gaelic Online — All you need to know” (a $19 value) is an easy, risk-free way to get started with the language! 14. Sorry, but Ciara is not the feminised version of Ciaran.

19. In Irish ‘cara’ means ‘friend.’ – Do Chara means Your Friend and thus the name of this site! Gaelic is a language spoken by the Gaels who are mostly found in Scotland. Story of a Name: Aoife and the Children of Lir, doomed to spend 900 years as swans. Christie: Gaelic name meaning “Bearer of Christ”. Per my insisting!

79. 36. The name comes from the Irish ‘brigh’ meaning ‘powerful’ or ‘high one’. Colleen is an Irish name, your wrong on that one, In Ulster they say Row-sheen, I grew up with a Rosein. No Irish-speaking person would name their daughter Cailín or Colleen.

Therefore, the name Kelsey has Irish roots, if not directly being Irish. It is also sometimes used for girls whose fathers are called Aidan – the -een ending is a diminutive. They’re beautiful to look at and almost musical to say. You can give your new baby girl an even more precious link to her heritage by learning something of the Irish language yourself! Kelsey is a place in Scotland not usually a name but a nice one all the same.

From the Irish word ‘caomh’ which can variously mean ‘gentle, beautiful or graceful’. From ‘leanbh’ the Irish word for child, this is an affectionate usage of ‘child’, often translated as ‘darling child’. I have never heard it used as a girls name in Ireland, but it has been suggested as one.

lol, Nice list of names! 40. Aoibhinn means ‘lovely’, the name is also sometime a diminutive of Eve – ‘little Eve’. Grainne: Gaelic name meaning “the loved one”. Your names not irish.. more like an american name.. Many Irish rivers were named after Celtic Gods and Goddesses, but if there was a Goddess known as Clodagh nothing is known of her.

Sort of like an adjectival form. 69 Céide Chloch an Mhéara, 2. that’s all a lie that’s not all the names my name is irish and there are others why can no one on these site’s get facts staright? Gormflath: Gaelic name meaning “Famed lady”.

27. Clancy: Gaelic name meaning “Red headed warrior”.

Gawain: Gaelic name meaning “White hawk of battle”. Annie is a popular girls name in Ireland, so is Àine. 54. 1. Garvey: Gaelic name meaning “rough peace” or “peace after a long struggle”, 45.

Oberon: Gaelic name meaning “Noble”.


It’s derived from an English given name Ceolsige, which meant “ship’s victory”. Catherine is a Irish name and it isn’t on their!! Iseabeal: Gaelic name which is a form of the Spanish name “Isabella”. Berneen: Gaelic name meaning “hardy little bear”. I am not a hundred percent sure if they are traditional, I think Àine is. 109. — as well as evoking traditional Irish myths and legends. My mother was born there. Alot of fadas are missing on these names the letter k is not in the Irish alphabet as is v, w, x, y, z and j so any name begging with those letter are not Irish however the may have Irish derivatives, If you need more here is a list of Old English names. Selecting what clothes to wear on any given day or occasion can be quite hard, meaning that a decision like what to name your child could seem next to impossible. I like this list, there are alot more traditional names out there but you’ve collected a nit bunch (especially Bronagh, I’m the only person I know that has this name) Good job. Dana: Gaelic name meaning relates to “Power and generosity”. And…Aifric is the first hehehe!…..we win!

Rarely used as a name in Ireland, but popular in Irish communities in the USA and elsewhere. 125. Piala: Gaelic name related to a Welsh word for “Prudence”. 84. 82.

Faolan: Gaelic name meaning “seagull”. I was in Ireland recently and some people there pronounced my name with long A –  ie, Ahhn.

my son is Tiarnán,  Tiarna means Lord so I presume Tierna  is the same just spelt differently cos you can spell Tiarnán Tiernan. Also Read: Best Egyptian Names And What They Really Mean. Thought to be related to the name of a river in Tipperary (The Clody). Affraic: Gaelic name meaning “Pleasant or Simply named after the continent of Africa”. The fada over the i lengthen the vowel so it is pronounced ee. 29. Anne is more of an English name, so is Ann and Anna.

Firstly I live on the border in Ireland so I teach in northern Ireland but live in the republic of Ireland and what I’ve found is that the names Shannon, Saoirse and Caitlin are extremely popular kids names. 8.

Clarisant: Gaelic name meaning “Light or clear”. Rosmerta: Gaelic name meaning “Supplier of food”.

Could it be they are one and the same? Some of the most popular old Irish Celtic and Gaelic names for Girls, from Afric to Colleen, along with notes about their origin and history.

Farquhar: Gaelic name meaning “friendly man”. An early Irish name, used for both boys and girls, meaning ‘all good’.

Also used as the Irish equivalent of Anne. 83. Banning: Gaelic name meaning “Very fair child”. Fenella: Gaelic name meaning “Fair shoulders (or very beautiful)”. Barra: Gaelic name meaning “Warrior”. People outside Ireland have a hard time with the spellings, but oh well! Are we really surprised that Americans lack some knowledge of a culture/country the cultures of ot.

It’s misleading.

Required fields are marked *. Ertha: Gaelic name meaning “Strong faith or Firm belief”. 66. Quite a few Irish saints had this name. 106. or Margaret in English. Kilkenny and other names come from the Irish word for forest, “coill”. My grandmother and particularly my great grandmother would call us a leanbh (Alana) or a chuisle mo chroí (a chusla ma Cree – meaning my heart beat).


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