empress ki ending
And for the last thing I want to say is, Why do Ta Hwan need to kill Wangyoo? He loved her no matter what cost, even if it’s his own life. She had imprinted on him from the moment she took an arrow for him. Did anyone notice that the Dowager was missing? If she loved Ta Hwan and was loyal to him, she should have continued Ta Hwan’s legacy. Too many betrayals, it was nauseating. One is weak found his strength, one who is brave found her weakness.

This couple has truly over come a lot. Ta-hwan soon found his food being poisoned and further investigation led by Namu revealed that Eunuch Park had something to do with the death of the servant who prepared the food, implying that the Empress might be the one who orchestrated it. But for me Wang Yoo is the hero in Empress Ki. b) every time when sy & th relation going to be happy the moment wy appears happines goes away . He also lived with profound rejection. Rinchan: Tal Tal is like Ki: once he is loyal to you, he carries it out in thought and deed. She was angry to people who killed her parents, but she forgot her anger to Ta Hwan. Due to the fact that Goryeo is too weak to protect itself, each citizen has resorted to either protecting themself or becoming victims. The epilogue leaves us questions as to how Seung Nyang would’ve chosen her fate.

Because all of us know about MAHA. I just finished this drama and as expected, the ending is sooo dissapointing, why everyone must die ?

The scriptwriter is a genius!

Seung Nyang left the palace, she escaped Yuan because of an impending war and left Ayu ruling Yuan. This was his way of loving her. i remember in secret garden series hjw charecter said “some times a person hate otherone to the death but meanwile she\he is in love with that person”.

this actions of wy was disgusting for many viewers (for me was sweet and funny) . She wasn’t as devastated with Ta Hwan’s death as she was with Wang Yoo. Ta Hwan’s entry complicates the story, as she also befriends him, she becomes torn between them and the two nations as well. I still love and adore the immature, silly, dumb Puppy from the earlier episodes. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. As long as it suits their purpose or helps achieve their goals, they don’t care how many others die. Just as they greeted him, Golta appeared, demanding to know who dared to impersonate him. I love to see Ta Hwan’s character development from coward weak emperor to cruel and insane emperor until he can set a trap for the traitors in the final episode, brilliant! I’m sorry I haven’t checked my blog in a while. She didn’t just love Wang Yoo as her King, she wasn’t just a subject. I have never really seen Empress Dowager take interest in anyone as a person, if she did with Ki, they would be friends. His eunuch informed him that the secret letter had been sent to someone and he’s planning to get rid of Yoo after the coronation ended. To her, Wang Yoo felt like home, a home that she couldn’t return to. But I have read your article. He drew his strength from her. I’m from London. Golta argued that what he did was only trying to switch the weaker person with a more powerful figure. After his death, hugging him, she confused “She loved him for so long.” But we don’t know the time she’s referring to. She may have loved Ta Hwan but not the way she loved Wang Yoo. I love last scene. Empress Dowager went to meet Bolud, who had brought with him the officials who were originally on Baek Ahn’s side. Seung Nyang and emperor Ta Hwan love story tangled with Wang Yoo is amazing, From Wang You and Seung Nyang, I learn that loving someone can be from distance, actually loving someone is selfless just like Wang Yoo let go his desire to be with Seung Nyang and let her live her path, as does with Seung Nyang too, and Wang Yoo never let his sight out of Seung Nyang, always love and protect her from afar. They made sure to kill him off-screen because it would be too much to see him struck down by a sword. Rinchan: *Hugs* These words are heartbreaking: next Monday is not Empress Ki day. They’re going to focus on Nyang and Maha, but they never focused on Maha, Nyang and WY, which I never understood, not even in the dream. He is another man who protected Ki with his life. Tessieroo: Very smart of Ta Hwan to keep himself awake in order to hear what Gol-ta is saying.

Absolute nothing but give his throne in-return and well, his death.

He hated his own life for he was surrounded by power hungry people, waiting for him to die. I think the fortuneteller warned them that the only way their relationship could work was to go far away. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Taltal told Seung-nyang that Ta-hwan said that it was to protect her and wondered if it was something that should be kept a secret forever.

They both worked to overcome injustice in Goryeo and Yuan dynasty. Tragic ending indeed. It was the same scene in Episode 4, where Seung-nyang brought Ta-hwan out for horse riding and Yoo went to find them, worried that they might be in danger. Of course Wang Yu would never tell her secret, even if they shoved a red hot poker in his….wherever. Tessieroo: I’m just happy he found out the letters were fake, not so much who was writing them! It had so many levels, and much food for thought. The Emperor was calling out her name in his sleep and Seung-nyang held his hand, waking him up and asking what made him so distraught in his sleep, but he just said that it was only because of his sickness.

It was heart breaking at times especially towards the second half. She became an Empress too late that they failed to establish the point of being one, and if she helped her Koryo people. If you have seen the whole series, you would know. We'll see you all around, SOON!

She just married the “throne”, so she could avenge her parents and for Koryo’s sake, and Wang Yoo’s as well. This episode is very heartbreaking One of the things that hindered his rule was that he was never strong enough or had enough backing to overcome his opposers, but here finally he was able to exercise full authority and pull the rug from under all those who tried to pull the wool over his eyes. They’ve been trying to ruin his reputation because he was the foreign not Korean in the drama. She was alone on the bed and knowing that something was off, she left the Emperor’s quarters and ran into Taltal on her way out.


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