longhorn vs openebs

Customers can choose from a variety of open source projects and commercial implementations. You can add more storage by either adding disks to a cStor pool, or expanding a pool if you can resize the underlying disk (some cloud providers allow resizing disks).

Customers of traditional storage companies were significantly more likely to complain of storage challenges. Openebs. Since this requires quite a few commands, I wrote a simple script for it which you can adapt to your case: One great thing of OpenEBS is thin provisioning, which means that you can create volumes with a size that can be much bigger than the storage actually available. It’s the only AI-assisted, full stack and completely automated intelligence platform that provides deep insight into dynamic, web-scale, hybrid cloud ecosystems.

File systems like Ceph are often seen as competitive to cloud storage, versus offerings from more traditional storage companies. In many cases, StatefulSets allowed cluster workloads to access the block storage offered by the cloud provider. Instead, create a new storage class. In the comments, one of the readers suggested trying Linstor (maybe he works on it himself), so I added a section about this solution. During my testing, like I mentioned earlier, I’ve had to migrate some data from an existing non-Kubernetes deployment to persistent volumes in Kubernetes. All three have CSI drivers. Longhorn is cloud-native distributed block storage for Kubernetes, developed by Rancher. The scripts require Ruby and you can find them in this Github repo, so take a look at the code if you are familiar with Ruby. Longhorn creates a dedicated storage controller for each block device volume and synchronously replicates the volume across multiple replicas stored on multiple nodes.

All 38 of the survey’s choices were evaluated by at least 5% of Kubernetes users. Ceph and Gluster are distributed file systems that add a persistence layer across multiple nodes. Along with the container runtime, container-native storage and container-native networking comprise the layer above the container-optimized operating system in the cloud native stack. I am the founder and developer of, Previous: This kinda clutters the namespace, and can cause a problem when using Restic backups with Velero: when a namespace that has Jiva volumes is backed up, Velero includes the status of the Jiva pods in the backup, so when you restore the backup Velero will restore the Jiva pods… but Jiva, when the volume to be restored is created, creates its own pods.. so you end up with twice as many Jiva pods as there should be.

This assumes that you are using either cStor or Jiva with DeployInOpenEBSNamespace set to true. Traditional storage vendors, cloud providers and pure-play container storage companies like Portworx are switching to CSI. We Replaced an SSD with Storage Class Memory.

The last step in the process is StorageClass definition, where I configured 3 replicas to have same testing environment as for my previous storage solutions. Ceph, Longhorn, OpenEBS and Rook are some container-native storage open source projects, while Kubera by MayaData, Trident by NetApp, Portworx, Container Storage Platform by Red Hat, Robin by Robin System and StorageOS are commercial offerings combined with support. While widely adopted, block storage from big cloud providers was not designed specifically for Kubernetes workloads.

Here is What We Learned.

Governed access plus pervasive protection for data, apps, hosts, containers and serverless — this is the proper foundation for the journey to the cloud. This post is part of a larger story we're telling about Kubernetes. The write results were almost all on the same level and OpenEBS and Longhorn achieved the same. CSI was on the minds of people evaluating new options to address their current container storage challenges. It is better to mount the disk there before Longhorn installation.

Portworx and OpenEBS are the fastest container storage for AKS. For backups, first you need to define a snapshot location for Velero. I haven’t really done much testing with closed source offerings like Portworx or StorageOS because I prefer open source and because I couldn’t afford them anyway :). We don’t sell or share your email. Well, everything with OpenEBS “just works”. The only major architecture change happened in OpenEBS, where it introduced a new backend called MayaStor. That’s why the world’s leading brands trust Dynatrace to deliver perfect user experiences. I had results for GlusterFS, CEPH, Portworx and OpenEBS (with cStor backend). The chart only shows data for offerings used by at least 1% of respondents with at least one Kubernetes cluster. LongHorn and OpenEBS had almost double of PortWorx. I’ve decided to come back with few updates on progress in the storage community and their performance numbers, which I promised in my last blog. To work around this issue, you can change the Jiva storage class so that the Jiva pods are created in the openebs namespace instead of the volume’s namespace. It has a great UI that makes management of storage very easy, as well as built in backups to S3 compatible storage. As of January 2019, the CNCF storage landscape and solutions have changed.

cStor uses zfs under the hood, so at times you may need to run some zfs command for troubleshooting. However latency during write was better on OpenEBS and Longhorn. Updated full test outputs from all tests from 2019 plus new MayStor and Longhorn tests are available at https://gist.github.com/pupapaik/76c5b7f124dbb69080840f01bf71f924. If you read my previous blog post from 2019, you know that I was playing 2 backends — Jiva and cStor.

By default it stores the data in a directory on the main disk of the node, although the location can be configured in the storage class. Like I mentioned earlier, cStor offers a plugin for Velero that allows a backup to include snapshots of the volumes. LongHorn: Sandbox: OpenEBS: Sandbox: Rook: Incubating: Addressing Infrastructure Challenges. Please take the results just as one of the criteria during your storage selection and do not make final judgement just on my blog data. There are various ways to perform comparative tests and this is one of the simplest approaches. I ended up using cStor and its performance results were really bad. Each volume is like a single disk file. Running in user space can avoid a large amount of system calls, post spectere/meltdown, etc. I also wrote a post on how to install it, because the process is very different from the rest. The Most Popular Cloud Native Storage Solutions. 2 min read. What about OpenEBS? Lower on the list were offerings from established storage-focused companies like Dell EMC, NetApp and Pure Storage. Easy to deploy — it requires a single command and “it just works” out of the box. The results showed that early technology adoption was influenced by then-current vendor relationships. Many Kubernetes users included their current storage and cloud vendors on their cloud native shortlists. 2020 and Web Dev is merging with A.I. OpenEBS seems to become one of the best open source container storage options with a robust design around NVMe. I have tested extensively a few open source solutions, namely Rook, Rancher’s Longhorn, and OpenEBS. It’s interesting that OpenEBS Jiva backend is actually based on Longhorn or at least initially it was its fork. I will write a separate blog about what is longhorn, it’s features and why we chose longhorn, but in short, longhorn employs a clever and simple approach to container data connectivity, data availability (replication), data protection (snapshot). Backups and restores work very reliably, but they are very, very slow. Random IOPS showed the best result for Portworx and OpenEBS. To simplify things, I wrote a couple of wrapper scripts that automate the process. Then I applied all manifests specified in MayaStor repository.

It is important to check the status of each storage pool before you can proceed with StorageClass definitions.


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