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That I'm going to pay? Tonight on an episode of 48 Hours, Ramon Sosa discusses working with investigators to fake his own death after learning his wife hired a hitman to kill him. Ramon Sosa: She had -- yeah, she -- she had everything already figured out. Peter Van Sant: So did you ever knock anybody out in the ring? And she got her American dream quick. Peter Van Sant: What does that tell you about Lulu? As can be seen in the sneak peek for the episode, Ramon Sosa worked with investigators to fake his own death, going as far as lying in his own “grave” with makeup on making it look as though he had been shot in the head and killed. Peter Van Sant: And they showed you that picture? Lulu Dorantes became Lulu Sosa on March 15, 2009.Ramon Sosa: She treated me well. Peter Van Sant: How much money were you guys making a month or a year? Tonight on an episode of 48 Hours, Ramon Sosa discusses working with investigators to fake his own death after learning his wife hired a hitman to kill him. Peter Van Sant: Tell me about the watch that's on your left wrist there. Impressed with the amateur sting, the professionals were now ready to take over. Elias is alive and kicking and is currently 70 years old. Beth Blair: Yes, she did. He started recording his daily conversations with Lulu: MUNDO: They just want to know based on what you're offering … To know you are serious that you want him killed.

Mundo kept stringing Lulu along, assuring her he was trying to "get things done as soon as possible. Mia Sosa: Personally, because that's my father, I want you away forever. “I heard all the evidence,” he said in his victim impact statement, as reported by the Courier.

I mean as soon as we started dancing, we didn't get off the dance floor for the whole night. She'd bring him coffee and get up every morning with him and make his breakfast. Peter Van Sant: I think she ended up picking the wrong man to victimize, don't you? For hitting me, dumbass. Ramon Sosa, was a former pro boxer who owned two gyms in Houston, Texas. The book’s description says that it “recounts in vivid detail the unbelievable events that led to his wife plotting to have him killed. And Lulu agreed to a divorce settlement that handed Ramon the gym and the house. Ramon Sosa: She … told Mundo that … when they kill me, to make sure to take my watch … That is why I wear it all the time now. Mundo: My thing was, what if her patience runs out? DETECTIVE: When's the last time you saw Mr. Sosa? It's July 23, 2015: UNDERCOVER AGENT: So? Lt. Mike Atkins:  He was kind of dumbstruck. …And I think that the constant hammering, the constant violence, the constant behavior towards his wife made his wife fear him. Mia Sosa: That day that we found out that he had gotten married, it was heartbreaking. For Ramon's daughter Mia, a former model and beauty pageant contestant, and her two brothers, growing up around a local boxing celebrity had its perks. On June 9, 2015, weeks before Mundo overheard Lulu's threat, police had been called to the Sosa house. Don't -- where are you going?". The question now: will a jury believes Lulu's claims of abuse? Stunned, Mundo said nothing. ", For Ramon Sosa, the police sting to bring down Lulu seemed to be taking a cue from "Witchcraft," the first song they ever danced to. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

And it's like, "Why? Ramon Sosa: I will never be the same person ever again. Lt. Mike Atkins: Luckily for us the county owned a right-of-way … that would give us the privacy that we needed. Beth Blair:  She didn't like him spending money on his kids and seeing 'em. Ramon Sosa: "We're planning to take a picture of you -- dead.

I saw how -- how the training and -- and there was a few world champions that trained there. “I will continue to empower men and women around the world that see themselves in abusive relationships to speak out and get help. We had a down payment. She was there, talking to her 16-year-old daughter, when he overheard them.

And we average about 200 some members a month. LULU SOSA [handing money to the undercover detective]:  I have … umm… I have a thousand. She was all giggles and happy that -- to see me dead. Mundo has written a book about his experience, "My Son Mundo.". Ramon hung up his boxing gloves and decided to pursue the American dream. Natalia Flores: She told me that he doesn't want to work too much and he stay more at home. You are not alone!” Ramon Sosa LOOK: What would have been Ramon’s final resting place was actually part of a complex sting operation. Her next hearing is scheduled for later this month. Ramon Sosa: Oh yeah.

The man who Lulu thought would help kill her husband is now an author. He appeared to have the perfect life -- from rubbing shoulders with celebrities like Hugh Hefner to owning a successful boxing gym in Houston. Ramon Sosa: Nobody knew where I was. …This is how psycho this person was. Beth Blair: She doted on him. Ramon Sosa: And that was it. Ramon Sosa: I was worried. Peter Van Sant:  If Lulu is watching this broadcast, is there anything you would want to say to her? And I'm like, "Disappear? The statement received media attention in 2018 when repeated by Donald Trump Jr.. I don't know what I'm doing. …He's a very good mentor to me. I took an eight count. I just thought that was really neat, their relationship. Ramon Sosa:  That was what hurt me so much. But when I see the bottom line here, it's not adding up. And so police told Ramon what they needed to do next. Beth Blair had a ringside seat to their relationship. Mundo: She's like, "Well, tell 'em I'm offering the white truck. Because that might bring alarms. Peter Van Sant: Was that justice, in your opinion? Julio Joglar: I think that Ramon Sosa is someone that was very violent to his wife. Lulu Sosa is shown the photo of Ramon, who appears to be dead, lying in a grave. Peter Van Sant:  And was Lulu afraid of Ramon, afraid that he may seriously hurt her? Ramon's first marriage ended in 2000. Peter Van Sant: And you're in bed. Ramon Sosa: I fell in love with the sport of boxing. And I was wondering what she was doing with the money. …What caught my attention was -- was towards the end – of -- of the conversation, whose name came up. Ramon Sosa:  She came here with an American dream. Mundo: Redeem yourself … You don't have to be what everybody tells you you are, you kow. Ramon Sosa: You know, she thought she had me on the ropes … about to knock me out. Read on to learn more about Maria “Lulu” Sosa’s trial and prison sentence. / Talk out they neck like a chain Ramon Sosa:  If I died after the divorce was finalized, she was not gonna get the money that I have for my retirement. For her to say something like that, that was really hurtful. Finally, he let her know "everything is a go" for a meeting on July 20 with the hit man, who was really an undercover agent.

So naturally we went to YouTube and learned how to apply makeup from -- from teenage girls [laughs]. But then as it was explained to him, he was well onboard. Ramon Sosa: The assistant D.A. To this day, Ramon Sosa finds it surreal that he was the target in a murder-for-hire plot. …I stayed til the last minute of the last round, she had me on the ropes.

48 Hours. Powered by, Amy Fisher Served Seven Years in Prison After Shooting Mary Jo Buttafuoco. I couldn’t sleep thinking about all the things you said about how you wanted to kill me.”.

Peter Van Sant: Was it emotional for you to be in here? Ramon Sosa, Murder-For-Hire Plot Survivor: Where is He Today? Tell 'em I'm offering 'em jewelry. They needed more evidence. ", UNDERCOVER AGENT: "Don't kill me," "Don't f--k me up," "Why are you doing this to me?". I felt her desperation. But the boxer was about to make a comeback. It was horrible.

Where are you going? …I remember sliding on the back of the wall, down to the ground, and huddled into my knees crying my eyes out. CBS / Texas Department of Corrections How pretty. She knew that at some point we weren't really gonna be in her picture. And it was at that time, in June 2015, that a man -- who asked "48 Hours" not to show his face --- was working out at the gym. In the book, D'Souza asserts that the 2016 Democratic Party platform was similar to the platform of the Third Reich. The next morning, police come to the gym -- and it's not for a workout. Julio Joglar | Lulu's divorce attorney:  My opinion, no. In 2010 Ramon opened a second gym. [Maria] tried for months to destroy my life. She had said that on occasion. She was eligible for parole in October 2017, according to the Texas Department of Corrections.

According to the sneak peek, Sosa is a family man who was able to live after climbing out of his own “grave.” Correspondent Peter Van Sant investigates the story, which includes interviews with Sosa himself.

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