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Tune in to watch The Vampire Diaries, Thursday nights 8 pm EST on the CW. She's determined to let Elena live her "happy zombie life" which Enzo finds both supportive and judgmental. Caroline and Bonnie arrive unexpectedly at Elena's. Caroline and Elena arrive in the Stoner Den where they find Matt. He slips the ring off her finger and tosses it on the ground next to her. As they continue the conversation, it is revealed that Klaus is Silas. After the initial shock, Stefan becomes angry at how his brother killed Tyler.

In For Whom the Bell Tolls, Caroline is talking on the phone with Elena about Stefan and his loss of memory, Caroline tells her that she is studying hard to learn more about it and also to try to impress Dr. Maxfield, so she can get closer to him and find out why he covered up their roommate's murder by a vampire, and it's also possible that she has a study buddy, Jesse. Stefan tells Jesse that he is hungry and he can smell his arm is bleeding, Caroline compels Jesse to hide. Later, Caroline is shown to be with Stefan, sharing a conversation on Elena and Damon. Stefan arrived just in time, with Elena by his side. In the evening Klaus returns with Caroline and shows the invitation that she had sent for him. Then for most of the episode, Silas pretended to be Caroline so that he could find Bonnie. Title(s)

I've already killed you once, I can easily do it again." Initially, Caroline had a rivalry with Elena because she considered herself to be in Elena's shadow.

Klaus returns to Mystic Falls and meets with Caroline, after Caroline confesses her feelings in exchange for a promise that Klaus never come back for her, they kiss and have sex. "She did" Elena says to Caroline and walks off. Caroline rushes to save Bill from Damon who is feeding on him.

Before she can reply, he compliments her dancing abilities and she declares that she is Miss Mystic Falls and Klaus says he knows.

They continue to celebrate with a toast and Bonnie reveals Caroline’s wedding book, so that she could 'out plan' her. Stefan then answers:" See, and if you held that against me,you wouldn't been sitting here right now with me ,would you?" Candice KingMckenna Grace (Young/Child)

After being apart for some time Stefan realizes his mistake and tries to make up for it, they become again friends, Caroline's feelings towards him became evident and after Liz fell sick from cancer Stefan always try to be with her, he cares and show some feeling for her too, after spending much time together, Stefan took the first step and kissed her finally. In Death and the Maiden, Caroline is at Whitmore College leaving a voice message to Jesse when she meets Nadia, they are talking and then comes Katherine, Nadia tries to tell Caroline that Katherine is her mother, but Katherine interrupts her and doesn't permit, Caroline leaves and leaves them alone.

It looks like Hope Mikaelson's (Danielle Rose Russell) gorgeous blue gown for the pageant episode is the same one her dad Klaus Michaelson (Joseph Morgan) gave Caroline (Candice King… She's still holding out hope that Happy Endings will get a revival. Back at the cellar, Caroline admits that she doesn't know how to help and Tyler tells her that there is nothing she can do. I love you. Caroline tells her they she will be happy too, and she and Enzo will be married on the Eiffel Tower. Liz puts the suitcase down and walks over to Caroline and ask to her if she don't want say goodbye to her mom, Liz grabs Caroline's shoulder and gently makes Caroline face her, Caroline's face is covered in blood, her eyes bloodshot, Liz wakes up and her heart monitor starts beeping again. Caroline warns him to be careful before he loses everything.

Klaus pours her a glass of champagne and Caroline asks Klaus whether he thought about being human again. Elena seemed preoccupied despite what she said so Caroline asked how things were with her and Stefan and if she heard from him "No, not since the fight" Elena lied referring to the "break up" at the Mystic Grill. Later, Caroline is walking through the woods. Damon crawls over to his brother saying he needs to drink some deputy blood. She finds herself both dateless and dressless since Tyler's on the run from Klaus, and Elena steals Caroline's gown. And then he starts joking, making Caroline smile, he also looks at her with a tender smile.

Caroline starts freaking out.

Stefan states that he thinks Damon loves Elena as much as he does and that he can't be selfish with her anymore. She followed him into a room were he found an amber crystal that he said belonged to him. Caroline is hurt to know that Bill was discharged the previous night. However, after learning about her mother's sickness, Caroline soon mends her friendship with Stefan and also unexpectedly kisses him. Caroline's car, used to keep Elena away from Stefan. Occupation She sarcastically thanks him for coming as he really didn't , but then says that she don't really cares about that either. Caroline is moved by his actions.

When Katherine and Stefan are getting closer and seemed like they were going to kiss, Caroline felt the need to open the box because she thought it was too quiet. At the Salvatore's house, Caroline is trying to move the safe all by herself. Elena asks Caroline.

Stefan swept Caroline away for a dance before she could really lay into Elena. She and Rebekah are in a van, trapped by the Town Council.

He already looked into the Gemini Coven, the one which Enzo found out about. Caroline cries after her fight with Stefan in her car. But then, Liz gets called away on a report of two kids showing up at the hospital with bite wounds.

She tries to pull herself together when Elena calls. (Too soon?) Caroline desperate says she's not comfortable because she's dying.

Still on the hospital, Caroline is with her mother who is in come and has DNR, with her are Damon, Elena, Stefan and Matt.

In Rescue Me, Caroline and Enzo are at an Atlanta diner when her phone starts buzzing on the table but before she can pick it up, Enzo snatches it from her and he talks with Sloan, she gives the doppelgänger's name and whereabouts, Caroline hears their conversation and she isn't happy that Sloan is still using to Stefan and frying his brain and jerks the phone from Enzo's hand, she threat to Sloan to kill her if she do that again, Caroline hangs up the phone and flings it across the booth, Enzo makes fun of her and call her "perky, blonde angel of death.". She apologizes to Caroline for her attitude. Bonnie was Caroline's best friend but when Caroline became a vampire, their relationship became strained.

When Klaus returned for Graduation, he gave Caroline the gift of Tyler's freedom to return to Mystic Falls.

Caroline tells him, that she knew that the Klaus thing was gonna come with consequences and that now she just have to deal with it and learn from her mistakes.

Caroline's favorite human blood type is B+. Women's Fashion .

She taunts him back asking him if he is trying to break his own recored. Elena and Caroline feel uneasy about the Professor and continue to rearrange flowers.

Later, Tyler's on the football field whilst Caroline's on the sidelines engaging in cheer practice. One of the regrettable duties of Miss Mystic Falls and her court is to dress in Victorian attire and participate in a parade commemorating the founding of the town. In the future, while talking to her fiance, she talks about her hate for Stefan. Discovered by . In Home, Stefan's body lies on a couch and Caroline cries over his body. Klaus went to Caroline's house to save her and gave her his blood. Klaus tells her that it will all make sense eventually. Despite her romantic life suffering as a result, Caroline never strayed from raising her daughters.

She makes a move about to go into super-speed to attack him, but Mason grabs Elena and puts her in a figure 4 rear naked choke hold.

"Not any more" Elizabeth says disowning her daughter. Klaus looked so wounded. Elena explains that because Caroline ditched school she missed out on their "birthday work of art" displayed on her locker, so they're bringing the party to her.

And looking mighty pretty, isn't she? She couldn't understand why, if Stefan would do anything to save Elena, even take the cure himself so he could grow old and die with her, they were still vampires. Matt worries, Caroline finds out her mom knows she's a vampire, Caroline, Bonnie and Liz weeping over a dead Jeremy. Klaus said her Tyler has to leave town out if his sight, far away from him. “Now that was definitely worth the calories,” Klaus says after he drops her body on the floor.

Caroline asks Bonnie why she's pinpointing Vicki in particular, and Bonnie explains that if Vicki isn't the culprit, there’s a much bigger problem brewing. Tyler claims that he understands, saying: At Caroline's house, Tyler puts Mason's memory stick into a computer and the pair discover that Mason taped his first transformation. Later, Rebekah had found her. Caroline tells Tyler not to drink the blood Klaus brings him, but he does. Upon inspection, they realize that she has a bite mark on her neck; there is another vampire at Whitmore College. She sometimes wore short dresses in a variety of colors for occasions such as parties and fashionable skirts with matching tops. In Memorial, Caroline and Tyler are having sex.

At Caroline's house, Caroline feeds to regain her strength.

He later tells her he hated her, but she seems to be growing on him. Elena says they will come back for it but Caroline belays her again "What part of 'I'm worried about Stefan' didn't sink in?"

However, she doesn't get far as Nora and Mary Louise catch her again. Elena, Matt, and Bonnie list Caroline's human qualities and accomplishments. At the party, Caroline talks to Elena about Damon, Elena tells to her that Damon is with Wes questioning him about his experiments, Caroline assures Elena that Damon is going kill to Wes, Elena disagrees but Caroline takes the opposite.


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