sonic robo blast 2 ios

As always, OpenGL is unsupported, so if something doesn't display right, we're not going to be worrying about it. - Put an invisible barrier over the other end of the shrink machine, so one cannot shrink, go through backward and spam the sound indefinitely. This should make the controls feel more responsive when moving extremely fast. There's too many.

It is closely inspired by the original Sonic games from the Sega Genesis, and attempts to recreate their classic design … These are the submission prefixes used by the message board for their releases. - Compiled the EXE using GCC to prevent errors concerning consistency protection and dedicated servers. Whoops, small oversight on my part. - Squared off the outside edges of the broken fountain at the start. P.S: From sonic x.

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- Slightly changed the shape of the broken fountain at the level start, as you could run straight through its low walls. – Fixed a monitor spawning inside of a grenade ring. P.S. Non-Windows ports of this game are generally work-in-progress and is why they are not uploaded directly to ModDB. Not a member yet? NiGHTS Mode allows players to set records on special stages similarly to Record Attack. Please view the downloads page for more recent versions. Put this on the Doomsday Engine, PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!?!?!? - Removed play sound linedef executors.

- Fixed a rather odd broken sector on the big water slide. - Moved SRB2’s levels to a new resource file, zones.dta. The special stages have been completely replaced with new stages based on NiGHTS into Dreams. The PSP version of this game may be found in the Non-Windows Ports Thread: - Fixed an issue regarding ghost mobjs and FOFs. All SOC actions and extra character abilities from. TypeOfLevel can now use gametype names instead of requiring numbers. It is in fact based off the Doom Legacy engine, though it's so heavily modified parts of it barely resemble the original product. This page lets you download models, stages, characters, and more! It's fun and all, but it is getting quite dull. - Fixed a misplaced ring box. - Fixed the glass in the scrolling platform room to be the correct size for the opening. - Hall of mirrors protection now defaults to off due to framerate problems in 2.0.5.

Note: This is an old version intended for archival purposes only. Techno Hill Zone Act 2 has been replaced with an all-new act. However, if it's discovered you uploaded a port without consulting the author or without the post being marked as reusable appropriate action will be taken. - PNG screenshots now include map, level, and location metadata. hey me and my sister play this game let me give you our usernames - Moved a spring that was in a strange location to a more logical one. GFZ1:

Controller support glitchy. wow this game is the bome.PS:from sonic X, Correction: This game is the bomb! Beating the requirement in a category for a stage grants an emblem. Colors, abilities, and spin items are set by name, as with SOCs, to enable forward compatibility.

We will generally give the benefit of the doubt with regards to getting permission. - Fixed an issue regarding the MOTD and word-wrapping. Bugs. - Fixed two areas in the conveyor room that didn’t have the correct parameters. Mine:Tatsudoshi HOW!!!!!!!!!! This time we see in perfect conditions the environment, featuring a good soundtrack, perfectly designed enemies and more. - Fixed issues with the palette when using Alt-Tab. If your release already exists as a message board post, please link to it somewhere in your release page. All the rest of the stages have been given a fresh coat of polish. The collision detection has been improved and can now handle speeds beyond the previous limitations. RVZ1: - Fixed two areas where there was no space countdown effect. We have information on 1,385 articles as of July 24, 2020.. Hop online today!

It is closely inspired by the original Sonic games from the Sega Genesis, and attempts to recreate their classic design in 3D with robust multiplayer and mod support. GFZ2: DSZ1: - Brak Eggman’s missiles now aim slightly above the player, rather than at their feet. - Fixed gravity-flipped rings not respawning with the correct height. - Added a closing rock door to seal players in so they cannot jump on the platform with the end sign, then escape the room before the lava rises up in single player. Please note a 205-206 patch is unavailable, because an incremental patch would have been nearly as large as the full release.

Yes, really! - Fixed a fence section where the fake floor was in a different place than the fence graphic. The grenade ring has been completely redesigned, and the infinity ring from older versions has been reintroduced. judging by the new sheild designs and time attack gameplay, it will be a badass game!

206Changelog wrote: General Sonic Robo Blast is the new adventures of Sonic, the classic blue hedgehog loved by lots of gamers. SSN Sonic HD Characters. Monitors have all-new sprites, and shields now all have individual sprites instead of being palette swaps of each other. Specify which version of the game your release was made for. DSZ2:

– Replaced depreciated air bobbing platforms with the correct bobbing platform. ok why dose it say the engine is custom built? - Fixed the large floor to ceiling crusher not having a texture on its back side. Lime Forest Zone: DSZ3: It also makes Mighty harder to use than Sonic, but still very very good for skilled players who know where the best place to use it is. Read on for an overview of the changes in the new version: We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. - Tweaked the height of flung emeralds to fix an issue regarding their collision. – Thickened the thok barrier around the spikes, preventing the player from being able to spindash through it. as well as a plethora of stability improvements and bug fixes. – Fixed a rather ugly broken sector. Record Attack, an expanded version of Time Attack, lets players set records in time, score, and rings for each act they’ve accessed in the main game and record a replay of the run. They can also be saved as a guest replay to send to a friend’s copy of the game for them to race against. Don't forget to scroll further down and read the rules.

Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a free 3D Sonic the Hedgehog fan-game built on a heavily modified fork of the Doom Legacy source port of Doom. Super forms for characters now glow like they did in Sonic 2 and Sonic 3&K, allowing yellow to be usable once again for match mode. Do note that as with every major release, we are only giving out a torrent download for the first day.

The old Classic Race gametype has been revamped and renamed to Competition. - Fixed a couple walls in the starting area that didn’t have the NOCLIMB flag. Level headers for levels 100 and above can use letters instead of the decimal equivalent; eg Level A0, A1, AA, ZZ etc. - Altered the tunnel near the start and the tunnel near the emerald token to use FOFs. Levels For what it's worth, you can use Multiability with Spindash now. - Added support for per-level palettes.

"Pink Tails WAD" and "Pink Knuckles WAD" should not be their own separate release, rather they should both be posted under the same submission titled "Pink Character WADs". – Fixed the waterslide area not having flat scrolling.

ERZ1: The emblem system has been completely revamped, with hidden emblems accessible as all characters. The final boss has been replaced with a new, actually fun design. It is recommended that you use a Keyboard. DummyPrivateMessageAddFormRequesterModule. - Fixed a few menu strings not having backdrops. Explore for emblems however you’d like.

In any case, this has been removed from the PSP section.

It doesn’t look quite the same, but it fixes being able to run straight through some of its walls. My friend, who uses an ATI video board and have the latest drivers is too having this issue. CEZ1:

Many bugs involving the controls beyond normal maximum speed have been fixed. More details can be found here:

– Fixed a missing texture. - Fixed the RVZ1 lower path where the lava wouldn’t hurt the player as it drained down the shaft. ERZ2: Therefor, please specify which version your particular mod was made in/for.

Knuckles has been updated with lavish new sprites. – Fixed some cliffs that were set as death pits. SDL framerate average of 10fps. Tall patches are now supported, allowing images larger than 255 pixels tall to be imported to the game as a single image.

- Fixed rope stack from not all scrolling properly. - Fixed a set of three flags being in a stupid location.

You can now record Animated GIFs in-game. It was created by a group calling themselves Sonic Team Jr, and the Dreamcast version was ported originally by AlamGBC and LoganGBA.

- Fixed columns not having water in them after receding. In match and capture the flag modes, players now spawn with basic shields and losing players get free basic shields during the round.

Any one knows how to fix it? I played it for 6 hours straight 1 day. – Fixed a visual glitch where bits of a third flag were appearing. SRB2 is a game made in the DOOM engine and is highly moddable in many different ways. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

In match and capture the flag modes, players now spawn with basic shields and losing players get free basic shields during the round. A large amount of multiplayer stages have been added. - Fixed a bad midtexture offest. ACZ1: Multiplayer. SOC format now supports internal thing names, other enumerations, and basic math. When I play the game, every 5~10 seconds the screen blinks white, and is very annoying. Dropped rings now travel farther and become harder to recover when taking repetitive hits. There have been many versions of SRB2 released over the years, and not all WADs will work with every version.

This full version has been archived by the uploader because it is out of date and no longer supported. We're glad to have you here. Your comment will be anonymous unless you join the community.


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