paramedic kendrick lamar lyrics

These niggas actin' like they tough when they real kind If we ain't on the same page, you can kick a rock, bitch! They ain’t wanna see me win ’cause I’m black Now I ride around in foreign cars But it come with this shit, I’m okay with it If you don’t keep a pole how you ready when it’s beef Moreover, the chorus finds them “wishing a nigga would” dare disrespect them while letting everyone know that by the time they are done here, you “better call a paramedic” – even though it can’t save them. 'Cause I seen a lot, You ain't really in the field, you just tweet a lot. & Kendrick Lamar] Sorry momma, two bails, took a bad route This song is his theme. So at eight I made the choice I'ma forever be a G, and

(If you don't keep a pole) [Slimmy B & Kendrick Lamar] Ayy, they better call a paramedic in the street I got leverage in the street I’m a California nigga and I’m heavy in the streets.22 or .23, I’m heavy with the heat Hit you with this chop, paramedics can’t save you (can’t save you) Really in field c’mon bro, I … Why these niggas talkin' robbin', they don't do shit ", "Money Trees". But I’m a north Vallejo nigga, and I’m heavy in the streets Backed with hard-hitting production by DJ Dahi & CuBeatz, up and coming north-cal (much like killmonger) hip-hop collective SOB x RBE connect with fellow West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar for an aggressive banger. West Coast niggas; yeah, they blowin’ fans, nigga We never would have thought we’d be doing shit like this. New baby chop, let it sing, it's a Drake nigga Yeah, that came after, we never heard that until the song came out…It was just literally like… the beat and our verses, that’s all it was when we left the studio. We probably thought we’d be probably in the streets or something, two years ago, never on a Kendrick Lamar album. I got leverage in the street I know I’m the man, baby, bring your friends with you But no one’s worthless The mega successful Black Panther soundtrack featured a slew of artists contributing their impactful songs to the Kendrick Lamar-produced album.Among them is … Thumbin' through a 100 racks just to kill time But we been still O.T. Check out the lyrics to the track below. And I put on for my team who was with me from the start, nigga If your man’s to his last share a plate wit’ ’em So I hit him back and they said everything good. This song is an affirmation of Erik “Killmonger” Stevens' heritage. But no one's worthless Now I ride around in foreign cars I wish a nigga would She want a dog, I'm a Great Dane Really in the field c'mon bro, I know that ain't you (No, it ain't you) © 2020 Billboard.

Got shooters tappin’ in, nigga for them bands, nigga I remember we was broke and I don't really like to walk, nigga I got great aim, Ice Age on my damn chain If you need someone to call, I'm the man for the task I know I'm the man, baby, bring your friends with you High Cali niggas tapped in, we’ll cook shit That’s just somethin’ I can’t relate to (can’t relate to) Turn on the gang If we ain't on the same page, you can kick a rock, bitch! I wish a bitch would, I wish a bitch would I am Killmonger That's just somethin' I can't relate to (Can't relate to) No one's perfect [Intro: Zacari & Kendrick Lamar] I wish a nigga would Niggas bitch made You ain't standin' for the cause, meet the man in the mask.

Pray For Me (The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar) Song credits – Additional film music – songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie. Puttin’ points up while you in the stands, nigga

Was [Kendrick Lamar]’s chorus already there? [Yhung T.O. [Chorus: Kendrick Lamar] If we ain’t on the same page, you can kick a rock, bitch!

I was raised by my grannie and the gangsters I wish a nigga would So it’s amazing. The Northern California resident shows up to Wakanda with pain and fury, ready to take the throne from King T'Challa. Really in field c’mon bro, I know that ain’t you (no, it ain’t you) I don't play games, stitch lip, I don't say names I wish a nigga would, I wish a nigga would


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