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President of the United States: Fact or Fiction? 2. Who was the first Windsor monarch of the UK? It is based on basic world history and tests your understanding of how much do you know about history. He is known to be the 5th-century king of the Hunnic Empire but in order to get there, he had to kill his brother first. Which real-life American frontiersman did Leonardo DiCaprio portray in The Revenant?

In the land of the Kiwis, for instance, you'll find the highest concentration of pet owners on the planet . You in all probability will not discover these exhausting historical past questions and solutions in your previous textbooks. The new puzzles website is now live - sign up now and enjoy a 7-day free trial! If so, then this quiz is definitely for you. This Question can be answered by true of false; Edward Allington created the concrete cast of the interior of an entire Victorian house. Emperors, Conquerors, and Men of War: Fact or Fiction? 1) The father of History: Answer: Herodotus.

In Charles Schulz’s famous peanuts strip, what is the name of Charlie Brown’s dog? 74) Emperor Claudius was responsible for the subjugation of Britain, Who led the Britain’s and was defeated by Claudius at the battle of the Midway in A.D. 43 was captured and later freed in Rome? In celebration of history’s importance, here is a history trivia for us to marvel in past glory: Just like its flag, American History is beaming with stars and proud moments. History also never forgets the extremes like the bests and worsts of human civilization. 93) What was the chief occupation of the old stone age men? Who is the first Asian woman to win a Tony award?

In case you are a History student out there who are almost doing their exams and need practice take this quiz. What was his title or job? She is the Greek goddess of the Harvest.

Coronavirus Facts Quiz: Test Your Pandemic Knowledge. The building Parthenon was built in honor of the Roman goddess of Wisdom, Athena. Before They Were World Leaders: Middle East Edition, Before They Were World Leaders: Africa Edition. This question can be answered by true of False. A Study of History: Who, What, Where, and When? 5) A religious leader and philosopher who lived in China about 500 B.C: 6) The ancient people who invented Seismograph? If so, then this quiz is definitely for you. 62) The Egyptian beauty Queen who fell in love with Mark Antony: 63) “The Book of Kings” was written by whom? Answers are underneath – but only when you’ve finished…. Top 100 World History General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Part 1. Test your knowledge in this category on topics from pre-history through to today. In 1926, Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen was trapped under an avalanche while on an expedition. 14) The most famous ruler of ancient Athens: 15) The great Greek woman who sang on the beauty of love and nature: 16) A great lyric poet who wrote poems to honour the victorious Greek athletes? Already have an account with us? In which European country was there a civil war between 1946 and 1949? Which gave birth to Elizabeth the First? It carries twice the weight of a normal exam. What is the name of the first woman to practice at the Supreme Court?

This Question can be answered by true of false, Dada is considered to be anti-art. As recently dramatised in a critically acclaimed miniseries, what year did the Chernobyl disaster occur? Among other things, interesting facts about US presidents are not in short supply. Five Weird Facts From History You Definitely Didn't Learn In School. Exploring Korea and China: Fact or Fiction? Which British archaeologist discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb?

Which World War does the attack on Pearl Harbor a part of? History is the source of fascination for many people as one can see how events from so long ago have shaped and still affects the society that we live in today. Take the quiz to search out out. The “Repast of the Lion”, is considered to be what art style? In case your data spans the centuries and the globe, this class is the one for you.

George V (reigned 1910-1936) 3.

From the evolution of birds and horses to Earth’s tallest land creature, learn more about wildlife in this zoology quiz. Women’s History: Nineteenth Amendment and Women’s Suffrage. What sport’s hall of fame enshrined Abraham Lincoln for having a stellar record of just one loss? Most Played Published Quizzes. In 1986 the prime minister of which European country was assassinated on his way home from the cinema with his wife? He was eventually killed? 1 of 56. History is silent but it has many things to say.

Who holds the record for the fastest woman on water skis? Can you pass this hardest global history test? 64) A treatise on small-pox and measles was written by: 65) Which country came to be called “the nest of singing birds”? Teaching is the best job in the world. Every quiz needs a history round - we've turned back time to kick off your virtual pub visit! But if you want to try and if you call yourself a history buff, go ahead and give this quiz a whirl. A Distinguished History. This is a primary historical past quiz that is fairly easy on the floor, however, the vary of historic trivia coated right here is huge – solely a really well-rounded historical past buff shall be solving easy world history trivia questions and answers. Take up the... World History and Society is a perfect course that helps one to understand just how much they know about the different cultures in existence. RadioTimes.com is here with your history round covered for your next online gathering – read on for 20 questions and answers on medieval battles, American Presidents and arctic expeditions. This collection of questions is a treat in itself. The Glass Pyramid at Lourve was made by which architect? World History Ultimate Knowledge Trivia! In Historical accounts, we are presented with fun facts and amazing firsts. What was the name of the disease that ravaged and killed a third of Europe's population in the 14th century? to track your quiz stats, save your best scores, and compete with the community. What is this event known as? Your email address will not be published. Contact Us /  Privacy Policy /  About Us /  IcebreakerIdeas © 2020. Is history your favorite subject? American Civil War: Who Won Which Battles? 84) According to the Greek Legends the ancient Olympic Games were organised to worship one particular god. The others are septicemic and pneumonic. Surrealism originated from which artist’s painting style? It is definitely a thing of beauty and worthy of study and appreciation.

What was the script used by the ancient Mesopotamians?

Who was the first black senator in the United States of America? part by the two-nation theory presented by Choudhary Rehmat Ali, due to presented religious issues. In history class, we got to learn more about world history and civilization. I'm really happy to be a part of it. 81) One of the seven wonders of ancient world was situated in Egypt.

What is the nationality of Alexey Leonov, the first man to spacewalk? Indeed, the world is a community and the decisions of the past shaped the world we have today.

Can you answer the following world history quiz? 100 History Trivia Questions and Answers 1.


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