what factory ammo uses barnes bullets
One of my several favorites is the TTSX 338 210 grain loaded in the 338 RCM Ruger Hawkeye in a 20” barrel. Over the next 40 years, the company gained a solid reputation by offering premium bullets to hunters who “rolled their own.” The Barnes Original became known as the top choice for African game. The Barnes lines of bullets are among the best and they deserve consideration on any serious hunting trip.

Type TTSX BT For decades Barnes Bullets were a cult-like projectile available only to handloaders. Trijicon RMRcc Reflex Sight Review – Perfect for Concealed Carry, First Look: Springfield Armory Model 2020 Waypoint Bolt-Action Rifle, Surefire XSC Micro-Compact Pistol Light: First Look, Pulsar Thermion XG50 Thermal Riflescope - First Look, Barnaul .300 AAC Blackout Ammo – First Look, Guns & Ammo TV: Development of Hornady ELD, Cameras Don't Lie: Subsonic 9mm vs. .300 Blackout, Trijicon's New Specialized Reflex Optics (SRO). .163

Production Barnes ammo is said to be rated at around 3,050 to 3,100 fps when fired from a 24-­inch barrel, so it’s fair to expect 40 to 60 fps less from a 22-­incher. Unmatched terminal performance at close and extreme distances, Barnes Ammunition lines for the Long Range Precision and AR shooter, When opportunity knocks, be loaded with the answer - Barnes TSX, TTSX and LRX bullets, Barnes TAC-XPD Personal Defense Pistol & Revolver Ammunition, 2020 Digital Catalog & Poster, Print Catalog & Poster Request, Product Safety Recall Notice: 300 Weatherby 180 grain TTSX VOR-TX Ammunition, Barnes Bullets Awarded 2020 Award Of Excellence, Barnes Bullets All-Copper X Bullet Turns 30, Jessica Brooks-Stevens Hunts Cape Buffalo In Mozambique, Barnes 300 Blackout in 120 grain VOR-TX Ammunition. Barnes Bullets has just introduced factory loaded 6.5 PRC ammunition, adding a much-­needed dimension to the cartridge. The Barnes TTSX is an updated TSX bullet to add a soft plastic tip to increase the ballistic coefficient and flatten the trajectory. Box QTY 20 Catalog # 21541, Cartridge 30-06 Sprg It’s available in Nosler factory ammunition as well as Federal Premium and Weatherby ammo. Weight 180 Apache Junction, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- For quite a few years I have used Barnes bullets both the traditional cup and core and the copper verity. Like bullets, the other companies also make good reloading books that have a lot of info in them besides loading tables. However, I’ve observed that the ELD-X sometimes pancakes on impact and fails to penetrate deep enough for quartering shots on up-­close elk, particularly when fired at 6.5 PRC velocities. Velocity 2590 B.C. B.C.

Velocity 1925 First and foremost, I’ve found them to be extremely accurate in several different rifles, which for me is the acid test. Box QTY 20

I plan on an elk hunt with this bullet. Visit: www.bobshellsblog.blogspot.com. Weight 80


Precise equipment and uncompromising quality control adds match accuracy potential to the bullet’s design.

I strongly recommend that anyone who has this book read it thoroughly whether you are a novice or pro. They always performed well for me both in hunting and accuracy tests. Barnes all-copper bullets open instantly on contact – no other bullet expands as quickly. Although I’ve come to expect such results from the larger-diameter, heavier versions of the Barnes LRX, and certainly hoped to see similar stellar performance from the 6.5mm 127-grainer, I must confess that I was impressed. 0.387 The goals? Weight 280 They are then inspected again with a laser device that can pick up any defects and sort them out. B.C. customerservice@barnesbullets.com

Twist Rate Standard

Box QTY 20 Type TTSX BT Type TTSX BT Tested using LabRadar, the prototype load exited a 22-­inch barrel of a Ruger M77 Hawkeye Long-­Range Hunter at 2,990 feet per second (fps), which isn’t bad at all. Type TAC-TX BT Weight 150 Hi im jennie i was wondering what do press operators do?

In this segment of "Guns & Ammo TV," Gun Tech Editor Richard Nance and Pro-Shooter Jim Tarr head to the range to wring out the Umarex Air Ruger 10/22. How did you beat the EPA and the BATF&E AND OTHER CORRUPT ROGUE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES THERE ? Velocity 2850

If you want the highest accuracy possible from a factory made round, then you’ve got quite a few high quality manufacturers to choose from below.

It also has useful windage info and time of flight tables. Fax: (435) 856-1040 The tour was conducted by Ty Herring who is the customer service lead technician. Upon arrival, I noticed that the plant is modern in every way and the employees are very courteous and helpful. Some of the harder alloys might shatter on large bones rather then penetrate and break the bones.

Box QTY 20 Weight 70 For more information visit BarnesBullets.com. Weight 180

If you are planning a hunting trip using Barnes bullets you would do well to study the tables relating to your load.

Type TTSX BT Type TTSX BT Box QTY 20 It’ll pass clean through a deer end to end and stay in one piece. Product performance, innovation and passion forged their dreams for the business into reality.

Box QTY 20 © 2020, Barnes Bullets, LLC. I have been shooting a Colt/Cooper in 260 Remington caliber. .484 The Barnes is an all copper alloy bullet that retains 99% of it’s weight. In fact many hunters sight in and shoot their arms using the less expensive bullets then use the more expensive for a hunting trip.

Velocity 2700 38 Frontage Rd Mona, UT 84645, General Inquiries Email Address:

Also impressive were the small standard deviation (SD) numbers posted by all three different loads. In the early 1970s, Randy, a struggling silversmith and army veteran, and wife Coni abandoned the jewelry business, moved to their hometown of American Fork, Utah, and Randy went back to a former gig loading custom ammunition.

Toll-Free: (800) 574-9200 B.C. .357 Velocity 2950 Type TSX BT In 2018, VOR-TX ammo is available in no fewer than 26 calibers from .223 through 9.3x62mm, and in a Safari line of 7 cartridges from .375 H&H through .500 Nitro Express.

There are a few lead and copper jacketed bullets still being made mostly for the obsolete calibers such as the 38-55 and 348. Those cartridges have their place, but are not as versatile and forgiving as the 6.5 PRC is. To make the bullets Barnes buys rolls of copper wire that is made to their specifications both in material and diameter. well past 700 yards. Type TSX FN Weight 225 Catalog # 21567, Cartridge 300 WSM Weight 120 Pair your ammunition with a straight-shooting rifle, such as the Savage Model 12 Varmint... Decades of product testing has led to the development of what may be the world's most... Give a Gift   Velocity 3360

That specific scenario was the perfect storm of challenges that a big-bodied mature bull elk can test a bullet with, and it performed splendidly. Barnes Bullet Factory Tour Part 1 by Glockbrothers - YouTube Weight 180 It is very peculiar and curious that all of the Premium TSX and TTSX are gone - just like that. — Randy Brooks, Barnes Bullets, Photo: Barnes Bullets. Phone: (435) 856-1000

Through a narrow gap in the trees, I picked out the heavy shoulder of a mature bull.

Phone: (435) 856-1000 And if you’re looking for a shining example of this among our nation’s firearms and ammunition makers, you need look no further than Randy and Coni Brooks. Velocity 3225 .358

Introduced just a few years ago, the 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC) is the trendiest round in the 6.5mm hunting realm. That’s an excellent testament of the consistency in the design of the 6.5 PRC.

There are energy tables following that then a glossary.


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