lucien greaves eye
[13][14], He says he has received many death threats, and deliberately does not use his legal name to avoid threats to his family. How serious are the threats you have to deal with?

Because he’s an atheist, is he the preferred candidate of the Satanic Temple? We do have the rights to the Baphomet monument, a design we made.

Where in the Bible do you find scriptural support for the idea that abortion is a sin or a criminal offense or anything of the type? That was our first moment where we were trying to show people the hypocrisy of what the evangelicals were doing, but right now you won’t find us pulling the kind of stunt where we’ll endorse somebody to hurt their odds.

We’ve seen so many of them fold under the pressure of faddish politics and go off in different directions that seem to undermine the very missions that they first set out to confront. Both "Lucien Greaves" and "Douglas Mesner" are pseudonyms.

He was the beta kitten because he’s a little bitch. The guy has no concept of his own limitations. We crowdfund for these things, have consistent small-scale donations coming in, and our merchandise sells well, but that’s it. Due to the lawsuit over the unlawful use of the Baphomet statue in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? The thing that makes me most comfortable with Trump is the fact that he has no vision; Pence really scares me.

It certainly seemed a bit hypocritical. To see what it means to them to have this movement, it’s changed so many lives,” she says.

What it does in the context of the Satanic Temple is, hopefully it makes people realize that all the questions they’re asking of the Satanic Temple—our authenticity, whether we hold to these deeply-held beliefs—are more salient points for our adversaries.

Narrator: Only I didn't say "Fudge." We currently have a president who feigns religiosity yet still receives massive support from evangelicals.

Lucien Greaves does not like to discuss his eye.

These are important issues that we take very seriously, but you can’t help but laugh at the hypocrisy—as what happened in Missouri, where we were arguing against abortion restrictions and litigated it, and the Thomas Moore Society, a theocratic organization religiously opposed to abortion, wrote an amicus brief for the court arguing that our claim that we could call for an exemption against abortion restrictions in the name of our religion was ridiculous because this is not a religious question but a scientific one, and they were saying that, because the fetus has unique DNA—they’re setting goalposts wherever they want trying to call it ending a human life. This is the point where people might judge he as “hysterical” or “fanatical,” but I think we are in a dire state of affairs not much different from Iran around 1979, and people just don’t realize how quickly things can take a turn, and our lives can completely be changed—how quickly our lifestyles can be restricted in ways we never could have imagined because the wrong government takes hold. We wouldn’t say we “lost a great man” or anything like that—nobody feels that way. We are not going to be planting bombs, shooting people, or advocating for any type of violence whatsoever, so we felt we really had no choice at that point. ", "Lucien Greaves, "The Satanic Temple and the Law" - University of Chicago Law School", "Satanic Temple co-founder promotes respect, secularism - The Utah Statesman", "American Atheists Tackles Bible Belt for 2015 Convention - American Atheists", "Lucien Greaves - Secular Student Alliance", "A Mischievous Thorn in the Side of Conservative Christianity", "Satanists Support Abortion Rights, Conservatives Freak Out",, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 September 2020, at 12:19. We are a nonviolent organization, and it’s imperative that people know this about us. You need to have a real targeted plan for real tangible change.

They did that because they made no specific demands. In Arkansas, you’re seen wearing a bulletproof vest. It’s genuinely grassroots right now.

“That’s too personal or biographical for me.

There’s a scene in the film where Greta Van Susteren, who is a Scientologist, is seen on Fox News openly mocking the Satanic Temple. And my friend in Cambridge [Malcolm Jarry] was interested in doing a video project inspired by the Bush administration.


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