lorier watches review
The Neptune offers a great balance of vintage aesthetic and modern specifications.

Lorier is a young micro-brand started by husband and wife, Lorenzo and Lauren Ortega in 2018. Or subscribe to push notifications to get alerts immediately. Sure, it’s great when they add a new color way, or make a few small tweaks. Adding to the wrist presence is the incredibly comfortable and solid bracelet that is also finished in brushed gold titanium nitride — a definite highlight of the package. The Lorier Falcon II, with his Grandfather’s daily Tissot. Since the top ~20% of the watch is clear, it gives the appearance of sitting that same percentage lower on the wrist. It’s either their size or uneven lume application, but if the plots are going to be that small and dim, it’d be better to just skip them altogether. Though the brand is less than a year old at …, This website uses cookies. Bespoke vs. Made-to-Measure vs. Off the Rack: What’s the Difference? Flip the bracelet over, and you’ll notice a medium-sized clasp. On the side of the clasp, there are three micro-adjust holes to dial in the fit. With the smaller 36mm case, the lugs feel just a bit too wide in proportion to the rest of the case. I’d rather have domed sapphire. Again, it’s not the end of the world, because the bracelet is pretty damn good. Including watch & shoes. How often are we plagued by mediocre caseback art? Lorier is a small brand run by a married couple who want to produce affordable vintage inspired quality mechanical watches. As you rotate your wrist, the light catches the outer links, then the inner links in an alternating pattern. The bezel is an issue, but for me, I’m not going to be travelling enough to use it (especially these days), and so it’s an issue I rarely have to deal with. This review will focus on the second iteration of the Neptune which features a larger dial, thicker lume application, and a more pronounced plexiglass crystal. Required fields are marked *, The Watch Clicker Newsletter will only come once a week and will let you know what is new on the site, Modding a Seiko 5 is a cheap way to get a custom watch, A modern classic reborn in a new colorway, One of the best all-around tool watches you can buy today, A tool watch that oozes design and beauty. It’s hard to not compare the Lorier Falcon Series II to the Tudor Black Bay Heritage 36. Head here to learn more. ", "The watch is just simply gorgeous...The case design, the dial, the crown (Oh man that awesome oversized crown), the bracelet (superb), the hands- everything just works cohesively into one great looking watch. Lauren and Lorenzo of Lorier (no way that alliteration was by accident) are some of the most passionate and friendly people in the scene, and a stop by a watch meetup or a WindUp Watch Fair can confirm that. Want to share your thoughts on this article? It’s slim, light, and comfortable with just enough heft to know that it’s there. And it’s no longer the mid-20th century! Falcon I in the rear, with the Falcon II in front. At 3 o’clock, a large, grippy crown extends out of the side of the case. These dimensions may be perfect for those with smaller wrists, however, the overall thickness of 15.3mm may be a bit too thick for some. About the author: Aaron K. was first brought to Dappered by his love of watches, but has found it to be a great resource for so much more. Higher clearance for the hands also allows for a heavier application of lume, as the hands are set slightly higher above the dial than other movements in Miyota’s lineup. Ever. After contacting Lorier directly, they advised the use of a soap and water bath to loosen it up.

Quite frankly, it doesn’t look half bad on a watch either. He’s always looking for the best gear for the job—whether it be new watch, pen, flashlight, knife, or wallet. Coming from wearing slimmer watches, the Neptune definitely felt thick and a bit heavy on my wrist. The Lorier models are awesome starter watches, or perfect weekend watches, or, for the right person, some of the only watches that you’ll ever need.

Oftentimes, budget watches tend to use different brushing on the case and bracelet, so I was impressed with the uniform finishing of the Neptune. In fact, I would go out on a limb to say it might be the best choice for a truly affordable watch maybe aside from a Seiko these days....Really pleasing to wear on a daily basis. At $499, the Falcon Series II punches well above its weight in terms of design and finishing. The hash marks and lume all look great. It features a coin edge which looks great and offers a decent amount of grip. Lorier.

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