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A Maine man who allegedly tried to topple a statue of President Andrew Jackson near the White House last week appeared in federal court in Portland on Wednesday. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Clarke had no comment when reached by Heavy on Charter’s case Friday. In Charter's case, the FBI's charging documents make clear that open-source surveillance footage and interagency cooperations were again critical to making an arrest. U.S. Department of JusticeProsecutors allege Jason Charter was part of the group that pulled down and set ablaze the Pike statue. Park authorities went online on June 26 and "observed a white male being physically assaulted by a male dressed in black, wearing a black helmet, red goggles, and holding a blue cane" in a video they found. or redistributed. The missing Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested Jason Carter, the alleged ringleader of anarchist … All other rights are reserved for The Spectator Media, unless otherwise noted. He directs people in the effort to tear down the statue, they claimed, and affixes ropes to it.

Journalist Andy Ngo also pointed out that Charter admitted his connection to Antifa in several tweets. Both the statues are in Washington and Carter has been charged with destroying federal property. Jackson has become widely known as an ethnic cleanser, Vox reported.

"They go to prison for ten years if they hurt our monuments or our statues.".

He is presumed innocent unless proven guilty in court.

Prosecutors reviewed open-source video of the Pike statue incident and said they were able to identify Charter, wearing all black, carrying a walking cane and a backpack with a bike helmet hanging from it.

His female buddy stole Jack’s phone.

©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. Problematically for Charter, the FBI goes on to allege that at points, Charter was photographed in both instances without any face coverings. Carter, in the video footage procured by FBI, is seen entering a Lafayette Park wearing a "white face mask and ski goggles and sporting an armband on his right arm, holding a walking cane". 'This election doesn't give Democrats POWER': Ben Shapiro explains how Dems lose EITHER WAY in brutal mini-thread, [UPDATED] Military Ballots Found in the Trash in Pennsylvania—Most Were Trump Votes, Watch as an Antifa Rioter Caught Menacing Reporter, Toppling Statues Proclaims Himself the Real Victim. “Lawlessness has been allowed to prevail, we’re not going to let it prevail any longer,” Trump said, according to ABC News.

Before we get to the video, however, let’s take a look at Charter himself: Jason Charter, a D.C.-area #antifa militant charged w/multiple felonies in relation to violent protests, held a press conference today. That's according to court documents that underscore federal authorities' ongoing efforts to unmask and punish individuals who deface national monuments. Market data provided by Factset. Charter, the bureau states, was spotted on a camera "entering the grounds of Lafayette Park on June 22, 2020, at approximately 6:16:52 PM," wearing not only a white face mask and ski goggles, but also an "armband on his right arm, holding a walking cane, and a "Swiss Gear logo backpack with a bicycle helmet dangling from the side. He insists he is not guilty. Fox News reporter Jake Gibson reported Thursday that federal law enforcement officers arrested Jason Charter, the alleged ‘ringleader’ of the attempted toppling of the Andrew Jackson equestrian statue in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House last week. In fact on June 20, after destroying the Pike Statue, he posted an image and tweeted: 'Tearing down statues of traitors to the nation is a service to this nation not a crime.'. Also, the only thing you need to do to be considered #Antifa is to hate fascism. js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; On June 24, President Trump signed an executive order directing the Department of Justice to “prioritize” going after people who deface federal monuments. pic.twitter.com/psoQfXLUR8, — Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) June 27, 2020, — Jason Charter (@JasonRCharter) June 27, 2020. President Trump has made it a priority to catch and prosecute those involved in the attack on the statue. North Carolina-based Sister Toldjah, a former liberal, has been writing about media bias, social issues, and the culture wars since 2003. Jason Charter, the Antifa-linked activist who was booked Thursday as the alleged “ringleader” in the June 22 attempt to destroy the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Square near the White House, was also allegedly involved in the destruction of the Albert Pike Historical Statue in Washington on June 20 — and even lit a cigarette in the flames engulfing that monument. “Charter was on top of the statue and directing people ... they had acid, chisels, straps and a human chain preventing police from getting to the statue.”.

Officials estimate that repairing the Pike statue, including removing graffiti and restoring its burned facade, could cost up to $250,000. Federal prosecutors have charged another individual allegedly involved in vandalizing the statue of former President Andrew Jackson in Washington, D.C.'s Lafayette Park. Carter's arrest comes days after Trump signed an executive order to protect monuments, memorials, and statues following the series of attacks on monuments of historical figures across the country.

Jason Charter is accused by federal authorities of being the "ringleader" of the attack on the Andrew Jackson statue in Washington, D.C. Jason Charter is the activist accused by federal authorities of leading June attacks on statues of Confederate General Albert Pike and former President Andrew Jackson in Washington, D.C. Charter identifies as part of Antifa, and he posted a photo on Twitter depicting the statues’ destruction, calling it a “service to this nation, not a crime. According to some federal law enforcement officials, Carter is connected with Antifa and was leading the protesters and instigating them to pull down the statue on the night of June 22. He is also accused of damaging the Albert Pike Historical Statue.

According to an affidavit submitted to the DC District Court, Charter was seen on surveillance footage "standing inside the gated area of the Jackson Statue and directing others" carrying out the vandalism and was also seen helping individuals adjusting ropes they used to try and tear the statue down.

He restated his support for antifa. Law enforcement sources tell Fox News that Jason Charter was arrested at his residence Thursday morning, without incident, and charged with destruction of federal property. At one point, Charter pulls up his face covering and lights a cigarette off the statue, prosecutors alleged. Organized protests were a weekly occurrence in 1992 and, at one point, protesters climbed the statue and draped white sheets over it, connecting Pike to the Klan. On June 22, about 200 protesters came for the Jackson statue in Lafayette Park and used ropes, chains and a “yellow strap” in an unsuccessful attempt to pull it down.

Charter was also part of the Antifa goon squad attack on One America News Network Jack Posobiec last Friday at the Emancipation Statue in D.C. but is not yet reported to have been charged on that incident. The second incident was of attempting to pull down the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square near the White House on June 22. DISTRAUGHT CHICAGO OFFICIALS COMPLAIN TO MAYOR -- 'MY WARD IS A SH-- SHOW', “They were very organized,” a federal law enforcement official said. An outside White House adviser told CNN that the executive order was a “symbolic step” toward advancing the president’s “law and order” message.

— Jake Gibson (@JakeBGibson) July 2, 2020, TRENDING: BREAKING: Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested, Sources Say.

The order did not introduce any new penalties, but included a lot of language singling out “anarchists and left-wing extremists,” as well as “Marxism” and “fringe ideology.” However, current federal law does allow for up to 10 years in prison for anyone convicted of destroying federal property. Authorities later recovered a "riot helmet, 9mm pistol magazine, police radio, and police issue overdose kit" from Wolfe. https://t.co/5NMzcYLRL0 pic.twitter.com/ljIojMdoao, — Danielle Muscato (@DanielleMuscato) February 24, 2017.


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