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Be big.” All situations vary and the advice given and implemented has to be tailored to each particular case. I had already volunteered to go into the army at the height of the Vietnam war. “Man’s greatest burden is unfulfilled potential.” Dan Peña, 33. My overall experience is that people who set goals use only average benchmarks. If the goal and the actions to achieve them aren’t taking you out of your comfort zone – they aren’t making you really stretch! Year-end goals are terrific! NOT REALISTIC! You follow the same pattern. “Business deals start and end with people – the interaction of flesh and blood, bone and sinew, heart and mind, emotion and soul.” Dan Peña, 31. As Plato said, "as long as progress is being made, no matter how slowly, never discourage". Stay productive and don’t get distracted.” – Dan Peña, “The more emotional distractions you have the harder it is to accomplish your goals – especially at the extreme levels!” – Dan Peña, “The older you get the less you are surprised.” – Dan Peña, “High-performance people take action quickly and change their mind slowly!” – Dan Peña, “The road to success is always under construction… there are lots of potholes but no traffic jams.” – Dan Peña, “We cannot change the past, only recover from it. I put no time limits on goal setting. But when it comes to business, every dog on the street has some crap to say. High self-esteem gives you the power of confidence to take chances.” – Dan Peña, “Don’t set time limits for achieving goals. If you are not risking anything you don’t have sufficient incentive to do "what ever it takes" to get the job completed. The only difference is you will undoubtedly find more wrong advice than you can ever imagine. “Hunger makes beasts of men and demons of beasts.” Dan Peña, 24. The bottom line is it worked!!

“The older you get the less you are surprised.” Dan Peña, 8. - YouTube

They don’t really work ten times harder than you.

Dan claims that this newsletter is meant to be a wake up call to take action for the New Year. As usual conventional wisdom is wrong on many points! As many of you know my fathers only goal for me was to keep me alive until I reached the age of reason. The world is filled with people setting for small or average. This is not a new technique and athletes of all descriptions have been following this procedure forever!

Mr. Pena is an extremely dynamic and powerful speaker, motivator, and grandmaster entrepreneur. Similarly in school you were given so much time to get something done – by God it took you that much time! “Any problem solved will be replaced immediately by a larger more complicated one!” Dan Peña, 13. I also found time limits allow you to agree with conventional wisdom much too easily. The same is true of your personal goals.

Don’t be afraid of it. At least there is a tendency to move away from the comfort zone and stretch out to achieve it. In the corporate buy out markets we have seen another year of contraction and transformation, The recent Burger King sale for about 1.5 billion was 1/3 less than the expected 2.2 billion is a sign of the vendors price coming in line with reality. “I have written and said countless times it is not what happens to you in life that makes a difference! Remember: "Investigate Before You Invest!" PERSONAL GOALS! Take action to evoke positive change in life, go ahead and read on to find out about setting and achieving goals.

Even if you don’t hit the bulls-eye, you’ll at least get 80 percent.” Dan Peña. So I took a big risk! Just like our parents and their parents. What I have written is meant to be a few succinct points on goal setting. And if you can’t really love yourself, you can’t love anything you do!” – Dan Peña, “I may be wrong, but I am never in doubt! Starting out with nothing more than $820, Dan Peña’s made over 65,000 business decisions during his 35-year business career, He’s become a highly in-demand business success coach. Goals that I talk about and may have some other participants and 2. DO YOU WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE? His Quantum Leap Advantage™ high performance, business success seminars have been in demand in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Dealing with fear is the key to super success.” – Dan Peña, “I could not be more proud of the countless lives that I have changed since I began my coaching and mentoring career!” – Dan Peña, “As I have said many times – no one loves me as much as I love myself! As your family grows so do your goals. Always shoot for the moon. ‘Work smart’ — i.e. “Stop playing to lose. P.S. “I’ve never seen a ‘part-time’ super successful, high-performance person.” Dan Peña, 22. What could I do more?

... Pena is an extremely dynamic and powerful speaker, motivator, and grandmaster entrepreneur. Dan Peña is an American businessman. Moving away from conventional thinking, Dan believes there are no time limits in setting and achieving goals. “Quantum Leap success means fishing with nets, not just with lines.” Dan Peña, 17. Better Goals More Along. He says while setting goals, they should be written, reviewed, changed and affirmed. we do not feel good about ourselves. Unless your name is Buffet, Branson, Perot, Rockerfellow or Gates forget about listening to them! As you can see by The Guthrie Group website (www.theguthriegroup.co.uk) we had a record year! These famous Dan Pena quotes will inspire you to achieve success in life. A few tips from Dan Pena on setting and achieving goals.

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As is my custom for many years I will sit down between Christmas and New Year to go over my schedule of goals.These include my personal, family and business goals.


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