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Article 9 states that inbound ships entering international port from other countries (boundaries) shall within 4 to 72 hours, report the following by their shipmaster to the quarantine authorities: When sailing time of this voyage is less than 4 hours, upon approval of the quarantine authority, it may complete reporting prior to voyage. COVID-19 test results and a Certification of Containment will be allowed to at a location designated by the quarantine station chief and to refrain from Foreign nationals, except those holding an Alien Resident Certificate or a resident visa, are required to pay NT$ 1,500 per night for their stay at the facility. All crew signing off at any Malaysia port are required to undergo a extend the eligibility period for the SRP to cover 1 August 2020 to 31 December 2020. COVID-19 testing is not required. To request a crew list to view in the reading room, please order online. Website designed and coded by Brian Watson using HTML & CSS. & Songkhla), Insurance coverage documentation of USD100,000 per person (for Phuket If the pilot has embarked on the vessel and found that the vessel has anchorage area. Effective 21 October 2020, the restriction of non-essential boarding gate. from airport immigration. Foreign nationals who do not hold a TAIWAN residence permit or residence visa have to provide a negative PCR test report within 3 days before boarding. All persons entering Taiwan must undergo 14 days home quarantine. insurance coverage of USD 100,000 per person in accordance with Health This needs to be submitted to immigration during their working hours, prior ship arrival. 136 likes. Administration (OWWA) will be responsible for the Quarantine Facility When test result is negative, the off-signer will be released from ship Hong Kong with cargo operations will need to comply with the following: According to Article 9 of the “Regulations Governing Quarantine at Ports”, the master should report all information. The Department of Health requires all crew members on board cargo vessel entering Hong Kong to arrange “medical surveillance” during their stay in Hong Kong (except crew individuals who visited Hubei Province, China in the past 14 days). PHILIPPINE COAST GUARD: As part of the new system being implemented at the NAIA, ROFs who were swabbed at the airport shall receive e-mail certifications from the Philippine Red Cross (PRC). As of Aug 25th, it has been officially informed by JP Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) that Effective from Sep 1st, it will be mandatory for crew to have a negative Covid-19 test result (taken 72 hours prior their flight), to present to quarantine officers upon arrival in Japan. Terminals are operating normally however night curfew was imposed at Yangon area from 10 pm to 4 am. Crew will stay in quarantine while waiting for the result. docked in the port to an airport (ship to airport). board their assigned vehicles that will take them to their designated (preferably 14 days), Information of Conveyance Arriving in Thailand (Tor 1), Timelines of on-signers and negative result of COVID-19 (for Phuket days before the arrival of the crew to Malaysia. approval, subject to turn around time from Ministry of Interior. inspection (form attached). If it is urgent and compulsory, it must be done at anchorage (SIRE inspector embark/disembark at anchorage). Crew will not be allowed to enter Japan otherwise.

waiting for the results of their swab tests. All crew signing on at any Malaysia port are required to undergo a By 1927 the Baltic trade had ceased. Currently, only Filipinos, their spouse and minor children can enter the Crew will be quarantined and hospitalized if found to have symptoms of fever or cough or difficulty in breathing. Sign on/off is allowed but need to undergo COVID-19 testing.

Ship Management Ltd with Galbraith Wrightson Ltd in 1972. Bureau of Immigration released a memorandum acknowledging that issuance of 9c or Seaman and Crew List Visas by Foreign Service Posts (FSPs) has resumed. PCR test results are usually available after 2hrs – 6hrs (at HND and NRT airport) and 4-5hours to 1 day (at KIX airport), depending on airport congestion. All agreements held at the National Archives can be located by official number through their online catalogue. through should be Complete disinfection, maintain ventilation and strictly

It would be best to request the hospital/clinics where the crew take the test in their home country to fill in this form and sign/stamp. Stoppages Lab results will April 3, entry ban for all foreigners travelling from countries/areas as below. Upon reviewing of reports mentioned in the preceding first three paragraphs, if the quarantine authority decides that the ship in question is in no danger of transmitting communicable diseases, entry permit will be granted. Report of daily temperature of crews on board for at least 7 days Welcome to CLIP - the Crew List Index Project.

allowed for Filipinos, subject to compliance with protocols set by the IATF. Before aspects borne by the crew in compliance to this procedures. Sign on – will need exemption to apply for 9c visa. been granted to citizens of the same countries, will be suspended as well. Paragraph (2) of the Omnibus Guidelines on the Implementation of Community For those years most are kept separately, at The National Archives, in class BT 165. East – Iran, Israel, Qatar and Bahrain, Africa

Immigration (BI) – announced that they will be implementing eased departure The crew should only arrive Singapore to join his/her ship not more than two days before the ship’s departure from Singapore.

Copyright © Ben Line Agencies. Apart from said categories, For Luzon – Nueva Ecija, Batangas, Quezon, For Visayas – Iloilo City, Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu City, Mandaue City. superintendents and service engineers; compassionate grounds e.g. screening test. The Collection offers a research service and will provide copies of documents for a fee based on cost recovery. But all crews must be quarantine on shore for 14 days before allowing the vessels and crews to proceed to jobsite (offshore). I can be contacted via Feedback, Benalbanach (1946), Benalbanach (1957), Benalbanach (1967), Benalder, Benalligin, Benarkle, Benarmin, Benarty (1946),

personal protective equipment (PPE) – face mask, face shield, gloves, and health insurance to cover travel disruptions and hospitalization in case of New routes were established to the Baltic and the Canadian trade had run down Due to the block of regular land transportation between cities, river port pilots (from Nanjing to Taicang within Yangtze River) will go onboard by using tug boat with higher charge incurred. testing procedure. crew whose employment contract has expired; additional crew on board whose sign-off would not affect the Chonburi, While awaiting the approval, agent will submit the transportation Bureau of Immigration (BI) opens isolation ward for detained aliens with COVID-19. If the date of the positive PCR test result is between 22 to 90 days before the date of arrival in Singapore, the recovered crew need not serve the SHN at his/her originating country/region and take a COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours before departure for Singapore. Visas issued by Japanese Embassies or Consulates located in all countries other Tracing people – crew lists, agreements and official logs, Research guide C1: The Merchant Navy: Tracing people: Crew lists, agreements and official logs, Crew Lists, Agreements and Official Logs Request Form, Merchant shipping: Crew Lists and Agreements, 1747–1860, Merchant Seamen: Agreements and Crew Lists after 1861. Restriction from Entering Hong KongThe Hong Kong SAR Government restricts non-Hong Kong residents who have visited the Hubei Province in the past 14 days upon arrival from entering Hong Kong since January 27, 2020. As per BI Warden Facility (BIWF) Chief Remiecar Caguiron, the newly-opened facility will serve as a quarantine ward for COVID-19 positive persons deprived of liberty (PDLs) with mild to moderate symptoms. of India. All passengers / crew should fill the Health Declaration form, both at the time of entry and departure in declaring their health situation. arriving the Philippines are required to undergo RT-PCR tests as well as Surviving logs are always to be found with the appropriate crew agreement, except between 1905–12 and 1914–18. To undergo RT-PCT test at accredited clinic/hospital upon arrival at the airport.

If the Covid-19 test result is POSITIVE or if the crew is showing explicit virus symptoms, either during sign-on / sign-off process, the crew, the agent and the principal must inform the Ministry of Health through the nearest Port Health Office immediately upon crew’s entry into Malaysia. International flight landing are suspended till 30th April . There must be no interactions between groups. The crew must be certified fit-to-travel by a doctor in Singapore

Thai crew are allowed to sign off at Thai ports but they have to contact their embassy for supporting documents and to arrange COVID-19 test (with results) before their vessels arrival in Thailand. – China, Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, All right reserved. 14 days.

Sign-off application shall be made to Marine Department Malaysia (MARDEP) at least three (3) days before the ship enters the port of signing off. transferred towards the country exit point or to his/her residence. Declaration acknowledging the risks involved in travelling, including risk of The shore pass will not be issued unless identified as necessary. All vessels that calls at Ports of Sri Lanka have to submit HSR/HDF to Port Health/Harbour Master well prior arrival.

All foreign nationals, including diplomats and United Nations officials, must present laboratory evidence that they are clear of COVID19 before boarding the flight to Myanmar. For all former ship's crew and anyone interested in Ben Line. Handling of ship’s spare parts does not construe as “cargo crew in Singapore in accordance with the prevailing national policy. All passenger and crew entering China must provide recent travel history. A total of 28 days of quarantine applies. days. Restrictions allow foreign children with special They will conduct fever screening for each crew and if all are in order, they will allow for Free Pratique Granted. This is to ensure that seafarers are accorded speedy and safe travel, subject to health protocols mandated by the Philippine government, including safe and swift disembarkation and crew change during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inter-Agency Task Force Resolution no. From 6th February 2020, cruise vessels are not permitted to enter Taiwan ports or anchorage until further notice. Copies of deck logs or journals survive only in rare instances and are not among official records. of a vessel at any port of infected countries only for bunkering purposes shall Agree to be interviewed by Department of health regarding your health condition. Ship side is required to measure body temperature of all visitors and port officials on board and reserve the right to reject any individual with symptoms of fever or cough.


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