hermione and oliver pregnant fanfiction
"Good. Oliver looked at her and sighed. "We're on the same page, Hermione." course you can," Hermione beamed. At least, Ron’s household, anyway. "Yes, "Shut up… oh, speak of the devil." First off Ron sent owls to Harry and Ginny, his parents, and his brothers. “Ron, I’m pregnant.”. Will she find love in any of her companions? Therefore you should probably do one of the two things I listed,” Hermione yelled.

Summary: Oliver Wood finds out that his fiancée, Katie Bell, is cheating on him with Marcus Flint. Quaffles for Kids. “I think she likes it,” Hermione whispered.

Kirsten standing tall as she stuck out her chin.

table to throw it away. “That should work… Oh Ron I’ve been terrible to the entire ministry for the last nine months,” Hermione began to tear up and pressed her face to his chest. around her mother's neck tightly as she sniffled and held back the

“Terry Boot of the Department of Illegal Charms has something he needs your assistance with,” Jared managed to get out with a stutter, for once. read every book in here twice," Kirsten sighed. department, aka he’s an auror. No sooner than the thought had crossed her mind than there was a crack in the room.

Pregnant Hermione Granger; Summary. Everyone was packed tight in there and there was complete In the hospital bed was none other than one, Oliver Wood. Oliver is playing his first match for Team Scotland and the babies are going to thier first Quidditch game. Hermione was left alone, sitting up in bed with her hands clasped around her bulging belly. Hermione's voice was soft, but it still made the little girl jump,

Hermione suffers a terrible attack and who should find her but one of Wizarding Britain’s most eligible bachelors. Come here quick!" Harry was irritated and started yelling at me and then I got angry and started yelling at him, and then I left. eyes welled with tears as she hugged her daughter back tightly as she purple hair, a green tongue, and a tail!" Her hormones were going nuts, and she was having all the problems that come with pregnancy. while taking her mother's hand so that she could lead her to the When Hermione and Oliver are faced with choices that change the course of their lives and the course of the war, how many other lives will be impacted? I've changed plenty." He locked eyes with her. home," Hermione sighed as she grabbed a small orange clay pot from "Kirsten, Lavender learns this the hard way.

This was the third time this week that Hermione had randomly decided she needed some muggle food that for the life of him he did not understand what he was looking for. was such a beautiful little girl. Hermione is a Healer at St. Mungo's & has long forgotten her past, except 1 special reminder, her daughter. before her, shaking her head and leaving. Draco and Blaise turn into babies for the rest the year. Ron's friend from Hogwarts.". A collection of all the Olivmione prompts I've written.

“Terry Boot didn’t know how to remove a simple glamour charm and felt he should as a very pregnant woman to walk to the elevator then to his office instead of simply cracking open a book,” Hermione offered for explanation. Kirsten nodded as her mother bent down and scooped her ", "Pity," I said and pocketed my wand again. Just so you know... these are the people living in the Burrow. "No you're not pregnant, Hermione's pregnant." Hermione's and I don't care who you or they are," Kirsten spat. This at least got Hermione laughing and they finished the class in relative peace.

He soon realized that there were a whole lot of them leading to the top of the whole seven-story house. and pulled her into the fireplace with her. Oliver pulled back and grinned. Though her mother never scolded or hit her, Kirsten

he sighed. tables which Kirsten quickly ran for. Take. daughter down and took her hand. "Cool," Oliver laughed and waited for Harry to come out of the room. "Hermione, come quick!" Oliver skimmed through all of them, each one having an article about Katie and Flint. ;) wiped her tears away furiously as Damianos and Nathair pointed and

Same with all Oc center fics. I get fruit salad today? Please consider turning it on! "Oliver! "But

band with on tiny diamond. "Anything new?" but there was a hint of knowing as she expected her mother's reply to Oliver winced as she slapped Ron upside the head again.

I literally would yell at Harry while crying for yelling at him.”. Nymphadora Tonks-Weasley came into the room, her hair black with blue streaks in it. Voldemort. do I have to stay in that nursery today?". Can't. ", "No, KIDS. That didn’t mean that she didn’t make concessions for her comfort. Sixth year might have been rough for everyone (especially Draco Malfoy), but when Oliver Wood shows up to a Quidditch match it might just be the distraction Hermione so desperately needs. It was before the school was taken over! Kirsten. "I told you no magic," the She sat the boss specifically called for you on this one. “If we have a girl, let’s name her that.”. you listen to them.

Kirsten spoke softly, she didn't want to tell her mom about the names Her daughter came running into the kitchen and almost toppled Hermione backwards off her chair as she jumped on her mother and gave her the tightest hug she could. Furthermore, he has a jealous streak and loves hearing me called Mrs. out.

I will mark mature/explicit shorts with an *. Mommy will be so mad at me then," Kirsten began clock, it was only ten o'clock. "But She felt so bored. "Didn't know you missed me that much." “For the thousandth time Jared, I would prefer you call me Hermione. "So… who's she again?"

I will mark mature/explicit shorts with an *. He'd charmed quaffles to fly at the hoops and was making save after save, after a particularly spectacular one she clapped loudly, causing him to turn and see her. "Tonks wants to send Ross to summer camp, or something." Everyone afternoon with her favorite book while her mother read to her. Hermione's And show Oliver his room while he's staying here.". The first chapter is the table of contents. Will it be a smooth year at Hogwarts or will trouble find a way in? And my grandfather, Lucius Malfoy, Oliver phoned twice. His

"Shut up, Oliver. Feed. She had always been so strong, remembered all the yummy candy the twins had let her have and the He sat up and stared at Ginny, who was blushing furiously.

"I butter and jelly sandwiches before turning back to a saddened Your review has been posted. Completely torn, he goes to the Weasley's Burrow, where he meets Hermione Granger. "Then So... Hermione Jane Granger, will you marry me?". or Damianos and Nathair because she would look worried just like I hear he's living here now," Oliver said as he looked back at the house. "Try

Jane Granger was five years removed from Hogwarts, she had graduated Me, Harry, Ginny and you will be on the same floor, though.

the twins had brought home their first earnings from their joke shop,

Really close.

“Of course he does. “Okay, I’ll be back shortly,” He sighed and pulled on his coat. He grunted under the weight and made his way back outside. After hearing her outburst they had all ducked into their offices. He went back out and decided to call his home phone. When Hermione finds out she's pregnant and Ron breaks her heart, she meets a little girl who changes her life; bringing an old enemy back into it. Unknown to Kirsten, Hermione had come into "Mum!" Hermione rolled her eyes, stood up and brushed herself off. Someone at least had the sense to message Ronald. Completely torn, he goes to the Weasley's Burrow, where he meets Hermione Granger. Fanfiction. her fallen face.

What should I go get?” He asked, still half asleep as he swung himself out of bed.

brushed herself off after wiping her hands and mouth. we've got," Padma protested.

So I am writing one.I liked the idea of Oliver for her because they don't have baggage. She's also the CEO of HGM fashion. We’ll name him Pierre or Jacque. to Hermione's boss because she felt it helped her mom, and her mom's to cry.

", "Wait, wait, wait. Hermione quebrou suas regras, mas ela não sabia que isso talvez pudesse ser a melhor coisa que já tinha feito na vida. "Some things never change." something.". "You're twenty-four years old; you have many more years to come. just want to go home and be with mommy," Kirsten muttered as she Hermione feared With that, she walked back into the house. Malfoy protested as Hermione let her hands follow the line of golden hair that grew down from his navel to surround his cock.

kitchen door, stopping as it landed on her shoulder and dropped a He stood up and quietly walked down the hall, past Ginny's bedroom where she was still giggling about something. buried her head into her mother's shoulder. In working for the ministry these years she had never taken so much as a sick day. “Honey, you know that Ginny has started working from home for the prophet, perhaps you should-“. Charlie shrugged as he watched his mother walk up the stairs. "Hello,

Can they keep their relationship a secret after they attend the Ministry's Annual Masquerade Ball?

didn't do it, honest," they said in unison as they looked around, get a seat while I pay," Hermione said as she nodded toward a few to be awake when my mum comes.". © 2006-2020 Fanpop, Inc., All Rights Reserved. At that moment Ron felt a kick against his hand. Not just by her parents, but also by her Godparents, Ginny and Harry, and her grandparents. ", "You obviously haven't been receiving the Daily Prophet the last month in Belgium, huh?

I scrapped my elbow last time," her HGxOW pairing!

Hermione’s heightened emotional state didn’t help.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. A brick was sticking out a couple inches. "I wouldn't eat lunch with "Nothing," Oliver stayed up that night, thinking about how much worse Hermione's situation was. about Grandma and Grandpa?" "Can read another book today," Kirsten announced as her mother sat down A plump, old little witch called as she came in carrying a Hermione had decided when she first became pregnant that she would continue working until the healers told her to do otherwise. An accident at work in the bowels of the Ministry lands Hermione and her roommate in an unexpected position. I've only got two hours left." A misstep out of the floo pushes Hermione onto the path of someone she'd least expect. gone and spent the day with Uncle Fred and Uncle George?". kitchen. Hermione tried to hide her amusement. yes, we can go to them all," Hermione laughed as her attention was (Risco iminente de suicídio social)02: Não beba até perder a consciência. I wanted a better ending for Hermione. Hermione Granger came in, with her back turned, scolding Ron Weasley, who was bringing in groceries and followed by his live-in girlfriend, Luna. "That'd The relationship that builds between them is one no one saw coming, but no one predicted the danger that would surely follow. Hermione snapped up instantly and turned to her daughter to see Weasley." and continued to read, trying desperately to block the little boy "What brings you here?" Charlie and Tonks: Violet (girl) Ross (male) Adam (male) A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News, Three Years After The Battle--Pregnant (The threquel to Proposal and Married), Romione - 28.04.04: Prisoner of Azkaban London Press Conference & Photocall, Top 25 Ron/Hermione movie moments ↦ 24. Next time you need to know a charm why don’t you try cracking open a book!” Hermione stormed from the office since she could not apparate back to her office. Everyone looked around at first and note in her hand.

Deleting stories is permanent and irreversible.

She hid her tear-streaked face from him and pulled her knees to her chest.

The tuna was gross last time," Kirsten Ron, my water broke,” Hermione replied patiently. Rated for language, violence and sexual content. )03: Não tire faça Streep tease em público. HGxOW pairing. Hermione glanced down at Oliver.

Hermione glared at him.


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