egypt and atlantis

The story of the Siriadic Columns fits in with the various Arab legends about the pyramids, which were set up by the wisemen before the flood. It has two entrances, one on the North Face, and one in the open a few yards away, that meet inside.


This Assyrian Lunar Calendar was used by all the other Mediterranean cultural peoples of ancient times including the Greeks. The same testing method can be used to test the hypothesis that Atlantis was a super advanced civilization that existed 10,000 years ago and from whom the ancient Maya and Egyptians diffused. This post stems from a post I did months ago showing and proving that the Americas is the old world. Those tales show that before the first Egyptian dynasties arose, there was a tradition of ancient culture in the deserts to the West and the East of Egypt, which seems to be linked with the arrival of the first Atlantean refugees.

Perhaps the most important Egyptian legend is that of the Shipwrecked Traveler and the Serpent King, which tells how the Traveler left Egypt in a ship two-hundred-and-twenty-five feet long and sixty feet wide, and was wrecked on an island where he found a huge serpent, the king of all the serpents.

In Turrah, near Cairo, Herman Junker dug up in 1909-1910, a series of prehistoric tombs from the First Dynasty, in which were found the names of Den, Mersen, and others; and one piece was marked King Scorpion, who is usually considered as the King preceding Menes.

The Atlantean Dynasties were said to have lasted over seven-thousand years. The professor considered that in this region, in which the Tourages now live, was the home of the Egyptians six-thousand years before the increasing aridity forced them to emigrate to Egypt. The Eastern or Great Pyramid contained astronomical data, models, and copies of ancient books; the Western Pyramid had numerous treasure chambers filled with jewels, bronze weapons, glass, and drugs; and the Colored Pyramid was used for the burial of priests (no trace of the color exists now).

There are several indications that the hieroglyphic system preceded the First Dynasty, and that Thoth adapted it to a set system and so it remained for three-thousand years. The Great Pyramid was built about 12,000 BC and altered by the IVth Dynasty Pharaoh Cheops in 3200 BC.

When Manetho says that Menes was the first man to rule over Egypt, he may mean the first aboriginal king. Then there would also have to be evidence of Atlantis really existing. There was the fragmentary account of Manetho, the Ptolemaic historian, obtained his material from pillars on which portions of the Book of Thoth were inscribed); the Turin manuscript compiled during the reign of Ramses II; and The Pyramid Texts, the earliest known Egyptian writings inscribed on the walls of the Vth and VIth dynastic tombs. © 2009 Dr. Judie Gerber, © 2009 Seachild, © 1979 Literary Estate of Egerton Sykes; 2007, All Rights Reserved. In the March 1957 issue of Atlantis, Sykes published Some Notes On Egyptian Myth And Legend.

Herodotus also referred to inscriptions on the outside face of the Great Pyramid; however, since the outer casing has long since disappeared, it is impossible to know if this statement of the historian is correct. The Pyramids, dubbed Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerinus (also known as Rhodopis) in descending order of magnitude, together with the Sphinx and its Temple, stood on a rock plateau overlooking the waters of the Nile, in the days before the Aswan Dam was built. They might have some of the same cultural practices, but that doesn’t mean they came from Atlantis.

It took the Chaldeans nineteen-hundred years of observations to arrive at the series of lunations we now call a Saros.

I think there would be a more written records if anything.

Biruni, Edrisi, Masoudi, Muterdi, et al, compiled descriptions of the Gods beneath the pyramids, mainly from the records salvaged from the burning of the great Library at Alexandria in AD 650 by the Muslims.

Even if Atlantis was proven to exist, it would be hard to prove that the two different civilizations came from the same place. Even though there are similarities between some architectural practices and agricultural practices that the Egyptians and Mayans had, there is also evidence of similar practices all over the world. Josephus reported that one of the columns was still standing in his time. What is Atlantology? Imhotep also wrote The Book of the Foundation of the Temples, which was ritually consulted by the king when it was decided that an edifice should be erected. The Sphinx may be earlier than the Pyramid Complex. Egyptologists have different ideas as to why the Sphinx was erected and what it was supposed to signify. Their forefathers, prior to the First Dynasty in about 3500 BC, had already made a star map which enabled us today to identify some of the star groups.

The old Egyptian calendar was based on the first appearance of the star Sirius, named Sothis by them. Legal Notes.

This also can be used in the analysis of weather Atlantis was the main source of diffusion to the Mayans and Egyptians. The archaeological record, however, shoes evidence of exactly how the pyramids were built (methods that can be duplicated), why they were built, and who built them. The date of Thoth must have been sometime before the First Dynasty, no later than 3000 BC, but the date is uncertain. But this is not proof enough that all these people came from the same place that can also not be found. Egerton Sykes |

The frescoes containing lines of accurately designed hieroglyphics (fragments of myth, legend, cosmology, astronomical lore, history, geography, religious concepts) indicated that there must have been archetypes from which the texts were prepared and copied.

Muck suggested the Atlanteans). The Priests of Menes had writing in its infancy but knew that the year consisted of 365 1/4 days.

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In January 1956 in New World Antiquity, Sykes published an editorial Pushing the Threshold of History Back in which he stated, “Recent discoveries by Zaki Saad of the Egyptian Department of Antiquities in the neighborhood of Cairo, have not only shown that the then capital of Egypt was a flourishing metropolis of about a million people before the 1st Dynasty, but had its roots stretching back into a past of at least 1000 years before Menes, and probably even 2000 years before then.”.

The Medinet Habu in Egypt near Karnac, contains paintings on the wall of the temple erected by Ramses III to commemorate his 1195 BC victory over the attacking Sea-People (these inscriptions name the attacking tribes as the Phrest, the Saskar, and the Denen.

All of the deluge monsters date back to the waste of waters after the great deluge.

If these hypothesis were true there would have to be hard archaeological evidence. In September 1977 in New World Antiquity, Sykes published L.M. Herodotus referred to vaults underneath the Great Pyramid. Writing in AD 390, Ammianus Marcellinus, mentioned inscriptions in certain underground galleries of the Pyramids, which were intended to prevent ancient wisdom from being lost in the flood.

Masoudi and other Arabic writers describe the subterranean chambers as being one-hundred-and-forty cubits below ground level. Most of our information about the Pyramids are from a group of Arab writers living between AD 870 and 1050: Abou Balkh, 970; Masoudi, 923; Muterdi, Johan L. Burkhardt refers to Sherif Edrys (Edrisi) as the author of a History of the Pyramids (a book which Sykes cannot trace); and Al Beruni, 950.

This we shall only be able to tell when the subterranean passages have been discovered and explored, an event that may not occur for a long time... Having lived in Egypt for several years, I realize to the full the immense archaeological potentialities of the land, as also the fact that until the political atmosphere changes considerably, nothing is likely to be done about it.". Sykes believes that the pyramids were never intended as burial places but as depositories of ancient lore, to preserve it from the deluge. There is the story told by Manetho and Josephus, of Thoth and the Siriadic Columns, which he set up to survive both flood and fire, being of stone and brick respectively.

The earliest Egyptian deluge legend tells that the God Atmu caused the waters of the great deep and drowned everybody except those who were with him in his boat. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language or computer language, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical manual, or otherwise, or by prior written permission of Seachild.

Same goes for Atlantis. The Giza pyramid complex layout shows no resemblance to any of the other pyramid groupings in Egypt such as Sakkarah or Meydum. Letter 79 of his Travels in Nubia published in 1817, mentions that he purchased Edrisi’s History of the Pyramids in Cairo, and the book mentioned passages and ruins in the Second Pyramid. The tale was told by Abou Balkh, who said that two pyramids were four-hundred cubits in height and that on the casing, charms and wonders were inscribed. Egypt was a colony of Atlantis according to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth (thought). There would need to be much more evidence in the archaeological record to prove this, which is very unlikely.

Seachild Products | In the January 1976 issue of Atlantis in The Books Of Thoth And The Siriadic Columns, Sykes commented that the two Great Pyramids might well have been the original Siriadic Columns. The only other Latin writer to mention the Pyramids was Pliny.

The largest and most powerful group crossed the desert to Egypt where after a thousand years or more fighting with the local tribesmen, they managed to unite Egypt, the Upper and the Lower Kingdoms, into one at the beginning of the First dynasty.


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