bushido blade endings

The Bushido Blade duology were both their first games and their finest moment. These games differ from traditional Fighting Games in many ways. A series of two Fighting Games released by Square Soft. Awesome but Impractical / Joke Item: The sledgehammer is a good weapon to use for incapacitating your enemies, but good luck actually killing anyone with it. Like Dream Factory (Tobal, Ehrgeiz), developer Light Weight was set up with Square’s help and largely consisted of former Namco and Sega staff, with Virtua Fighter / Tekken character designer Kunihiko Nakata at its center. By 1997, combos were already a major aspect of the VS fighter genre, and it seemed as if they would only grow longer and more impressive as time went on. Its members are sworn to secrecy and cannot leave the Meikyokan dojo of their own volition. Not everyone can live by the power of the sword! right after dodging or parrying the opponent’s attack, for example ? The second game starts with the Shainto's raid of the Meikyokan in an attempt to recover said sword, and then use it to end their enemies once and for all. So you can get the best ending by handicapping yourself against every opponent... or by simply running away and avoiding most of them. Both games were released for the Playstation. ), ability to injure (slashing an arm or a leg cripples the opponent), everyone has a real weapon (mostly melee, but a few characters use guns) and use them fairly realistically, easy to use simple specials that are typically just a different type of attack (stabbing as opposed to slashing), and other more realistic features that are rare in the genre. There are attack buttons, which hit High, Mid or Low.

This realism made the game a fan favorite among certain groups. In the original version, it was known as Chambara mode; Chambara is the name given to sword-fighting movies in Japan. To enhance the realistic atmosphere, there is practically no music during battle, only ambient sounds. Adhering to this code opens the way to the four bosses, one of which, the gunslinger Katze, can be unlocked with some difficulty.

This is mostly due to its concept: it aims for realistic weapon-based fighting. Finally, the Naginata is very long, keeping the opponent at bay, but its moves leave its user open longer and more often than any other weapon. To make up for this, you can perform a backwards roll whenever you block or get wounded, so as to get out of range. The Broadsword, nearly as slow and heavy, is a good defensive weapon. While 2-player VS. is the heart and soul of any fighting game, Bushido Blade’s single-player modes are worthy of mention. It’s more novel experiment than solid alternative, though it does look cool at the very least. The Nodachi resembles a long Katana with a more pronounced curve in the blade; great range, but slow.

by Hugo Provost on August 27, 2017. Of course, running attacks are also a valuable tool at your disposal. The first game deals with Tatsumi's attempt to leave the Kage after its leader became insane due to a cursed sword. Slash mode works as a nice little side-game of its own, teaching you how to deal with specific stances and attacks, as you fight 100 ninjas whose patterns change with every group of 10.

This mode introduces the Narukagami Shinto, an ancient school of martial arts that hides a secret; it is really a cover for a band of assassins known as the Kage.

During the week of April 3, 1998, the game was the third best-selling game including games from other consoles. To balance things out, the power of individual moves had to be gradually reduced, so that in combo-heavy games, single hits became essentially meaningless.

The stages are not separate, but form a connected chain, and if you simply enter the next stage without killing your current opponent, they will simply follow you and no new opponent spawns.

You can also dodge many moves with side-steps and back-dashes, but these movements are a little slow. Today, you’ll probably run to a FAQ. Wouldn't Hit a Girl: Black Lotus is clearly distraught with having to kill female combatants. Injuring the opponent’s arms slows and weakens them, on top of stopping them from using certain moves requiring two hands. Bushido Blade went in the opposite direction, and there lies its appeal: this is a fighting game in which a single hit can kill. A pity. Not everyone can be a Samurai warrior. the premise of the story mode is that your character is trying to escape, and the other characters — your friends — have been sent to assassinate you. Typically it is safest to match the opponent’s, however a riskier stance may provide a great offensive advantage. The Long Sword and Saber are the fastest and shortest blades. There is a "clue" in the explanation for the story mode.


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