bourbon barrel head crafts
Ky Barrel has been handcrafting spectacular bourbon gifts for over 5 years. What makes the bourbon barrel unique to work with is not making that perfect symmetrical piece of craft, but that every piece is unique, not all staves are the same width and bend, not all barrel heads have the. … After returning home to Kentucky is when my inspiration derived. Makes an impressive wedding gift, especially for a Kentuckian or bourbon lover. Barrels were typically made from either red or white oak. Our artists will mock up your design or design something for you based on your specifications. Contact us to make suggestions and requests for custom sizing. This vision is what inspired my first craft idea of the bourbon barrel cutting boards. Here is how it works: Submit details in the form below. Shop for wine refrigerators, wine racks, glassware, and more. White oak, on the other hand, allows very little air exchange allowing it to hold liquids with very little evaporation. Well, we are one of the first companies to create items out of used barrels and the very first on etsy. The stories regarding Kentucky and bourbon were only shared from the inside of the barrel, though the bottle, to the shelf. Log In. If you crave the authenticity of a true wine barrel, you can purchase an authentic wine barrel online or buy one from a local vineyard or brewery before making it shine with a coat of new varnish. The corn nose (KNOWS) depicts an extra long ear of corn which represents the corn content of 51% or more in Kentucky bourbon. Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more… lots more. Wine Enthusiast is the world's leading source for wine accessories, storage & gifts. Comes ready from hanging with a wire/cable secured to the back. Personalized and Custom Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Heads, Just lovely. So I began to think, how or what can I create from the bourbon barrel that represents Kentucky, horses, and family. Charring, gives bourbon that unique color and taste. Please note that the actual product will look different than the image above, each bourbon barrel head is different and each design is done by hand to make each barrel head even more unique. Friendly correspondence. Late one night I was crafting one of our reclaimed Kentucky bourbon barrels.

QUICK VIEW. His body is hand-crafted from a reclaimed/recycled Kentucky Bourbon barrel.

One of my travels brought me to California, which is where I experienced  my life dream. We offer unique items made from reclaimed Kentucky bourbon barrels. Farm. 21"x2"x10 lbs, SALE Full Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Head with by KyWhiskeyBarrelGoods. Each barrel head has been sanded and glued. Oak was used primarily due to its ability to grow fast, as well as, being a native tree, it thrived in this environment, making it easily accessible and prevalent. Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Head & Wall Mount $ 79.00 – $ 89.00 Fresh from the distillery, these barrel heads were recently used to craft and age your favorite spirits. I however, take the idea of the bourbon barrel craft up a few notches. Be first to know about the latest news and get exclusive offers. When I served in the Marine Corp, I was able to travel all over the world. What’s old is new again Over time, we at Paso Wine Barrels have received many compliments on the beauty and quality of workmanship shown on our Decorative Wine Barrels. QUICK … Kentucky joined the union in 1792 and therefore the Commonwealth of Kentucky was born. We will email these to you so make sure you enter the correct email below. For my craft, every component of the bourbon barrel has a value and purpose. I use the bourbon barrels not because the bourbon industry is thriving, I do it because I am passionate about it. Call 800.356.8466 for expert advice about proper storage & service. That's when I came up with Kentucky Knows.

Durable, beautiful, and timely. Not Now. Each distillery determines how much char is appropriate for their product. College & University. We see horses in Kentucky!

That's when I came up with Kentucky Knows. Create New Account. Check out the different styles available for this … We do not use wood to support the back because we disassemble each one and glue them together before hammering them back together. Baxter's Beef. I also wanted to reach out to the community and emphasize family. I dont know the age of the barrel, but I estimate at least 80-100 years old... (the hoops were far from comf…. The toasting of a white oak barrel heats up the lignin, which creates vanillin. Brewery . Garden Center. Friendly correspondence. The cabinet is 35” tall and 24” wide at the widest part of the barrel. Stop by and chat with us “around the barrel” to see the latest information on the Bourbon Barrel World and our Bourbon Barrel Crafts. Branded on the tip of the CORN NOSE is a recycled 1792 Ridgemont Reserve Bourbon bottle topper, from the Barton Distillery in Kentucky. These accolades are greatly …, Authentic Kentucky Bourbon Barrel head personalized for you! This BBC Horse Head is made from 100% Kentucky Bourbon Barrels.

From there the creativity has never stopped. Part of this craft the artists would talk about the wine industry that was happening in California. The top of the…. Usually, if you do see a bourbon barrel craft, you will typically see the barrels cut in half and used as flower pots. I use the bourbon barrels not because the bourbon industry is thriving, I do it because I am passionate about it. Lemons Mill Brewery. Campbellsville University Harrodsburg. We have donated thousands to local charities, fallen officers, etc. You review the designs and revise or approve. Even comes with a Sharpie!

Roughly in 2006, my newly found inspiration all started out in my barn.

This gives them the sought after, rustic look that is unable to be duplicated. The charring process creates charcoal, this absorbs the chemicals into the wood and mellows the flavor. The BBC Horse Head noseband is made from the ring that holds the bourbon barrel together. Hand painted on a real authentic Bourbon Whiskey Barrel head. Part of this craft the artists would talk about the wine industry that was happening in California.

I make my craft into beautiful functional pieces made by hand that you can use on a daily basis, and also be a displayed as a piece of art all at the same time. The eyebrows are hand-crafted from a Kentucky Bourbon barrel and they are charred through and through.

The rustic look of an aged wine barrel adds warmth to any space in your home. This can also be order as a Quarter Barrel Head, With so many sellers to choose from why choose Ky Barrel? Received quickly, well executed, good attention to detail. Because these cabinets are crafted using actual used Whiskey barrels, there will always be unique variations to the look and colors of the finished barrels. I saw local artists making various crafts from left over wine barrels. When I started making my craft, I wanted to teach, explore, and share the history and culture of Kentucky and bourbon from the barrel's perspective. Reclaimed Ky Bourbon Barrel Head. This Kentucky racehorse can be purchased with the KY stamp on the band, as seen in the images.


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