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Receive news and offers from our other brands? It all began while Guy was playing the 2004 “Halo 2” player-one shooter video game.

His antics are also very much on point as he proved in his recent reveal. He is famous for playing games like H1Z1: King of The Kill, Fortnite, PubG and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. As a passionate gamer, Herschel found a platform to showcase his gaming skills that made him a dominant character. Born on 10th March 1982, Dr Disrespect age in 2019 is 37 years. His gaming and interaction in the live streaming video-platform “Twitch” have made him acquire millions of followers and fans from all over the world. Whenever Dr Disrespect is not entertaining his millions of followers on Twitch, he is known as Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV. 5th January 2010 marked the date that Guy and his game enthusiast roommates decided to share their first gaming video on YouTube.

When not engaged in his primary passions, you can find him salivating over food or snapping frames from daily life. In 2005, Guy graduated from California State Polytechnic University-Pomona, where he played Division II NCAA basketball.

The “Doc” persona, invented by 38-year-old streamer Guy Beahm, isn’t beloved by fans for his restraint or tastefulness. His net worth is estimated to be over $190,000. Back then, Herschel mainly focused on playing “Call of Duty.”. He won the Blockbuster Video Game World Championship under the category Blockbuster Video Game Champion of the World (NBA Jam). Visit our corporate site. Herschel possesses long black hair. Please refresh the page and try again. Originally, Beahm was a YouTuber known as "Dr DisRespect". 2015 is the year that Herschel left his job in Sledgehammer and decided to become a full time online video game streamer.

Twitch has yet to release an official statement on the subject. Let me take you back in time to understand how the character Dr Disrespect came to existence. He is known for his charming personality for several battle royale games such as Z1 Battle Royale, Apex Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Black Ops IIII Blackout, and Fortnite Battle Royale. But, amidst all of this ban controversy, a weird question has been surfacing lately.

According to Dr Disrespect explanation of his gaming character, he says that his role is based on multiple player video games where the central aspect is dominance.

His rise in fame has depended on his full-time career as a streamer through “Twitch streaming” and YouTube.

His character’s hairstyle consists of a mullet hairstyle. Guy’s character always rocks sunglasses during his live gaming streams. While there, he was not only involved in video games but also participated in campus sports.

Guy Beahm is what you call a gaming icon. Another prominent Twitch streamer, Lirik, was briefly suspended earlier in June over a DMCA takedown.

The Truth about Guy Beahm!

Besides, he also rocks an alternate of a red or black tactical vest. Well, the first thing to check is the hair color and hairstyle. Apex Legends Update Stuck on Preparing : Fix found for Update Stuck issue. Sus meaning in Among Us as well as other terms.

But, amidst all of this ban controversy, a weird question has been surfacing lately.

Away with the notion that video games are for idle people, Beahm has proven that success is dependent on one's character rather than position. Taking a close look of the 2019 month of April, the Twich gamer/entertainer has had a total of 59,377 new followers and over 1,975,369 viewing hours from the followers. He later also confessed that he has been unfaithful to her wife and apologized for that. Always be Imposter in Among Us : How to be the best Imposter in Among us! It is important to note that Guy is more of a famous streaming industry icon rather than a professional player.

This explains a lot on his imaginative and intuitive nature that has earned him fame and great wealth through online games. Guy Beahm wife name in the gaming world is “Mrs.

This is an online platform that enables one to stream their videos online. The video is, of course, legit for the most part apart from the very end with the crash. Learn more about our use of cookies: cookie policy.

Assassin.” Guy revealed the sad news during a 13th June live stream interaction with a fan. In 2017, he won two great awards.

Guy Beahm: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. He fell in love with both of his passions as a kid while playing FIFA 13 on his PC. The high-profile streamer's channel was suspended earlier today, but we don't know why. Dr Disrespect Guy Beahm has hacked the secret of participating in most high profile battle royale games in the world, dominated a great number, and has been entertaining in all of them. Here is everything about the funny comedian, Check out Strongman - Crazy For You latest hit, Top facts from Faze Rug biography that will wow you. Image:, @drdisrespectliveSource: Facebook. It is a meme a fan of the Doc made that people took perhaps a little too seriously. In the world of battle royale video games, he is no longer a human, father, or husband, but a diehard character that is known as “Dr Disrespect” who promises to entertain you through his gaming interactions. The Doc is alive and well and so is his larger-than-life persona. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: New Map for Warzone; Developers unveil Alcatraz Island, Watch Dogs Legion Weapons: How to change gun & get the best weapons in Watch Dogs: Legion. Did you know that Herschel attended The California State Polytechnic University that is located in Pomona? A good example is his catchphrases “I am on top of the mountain, and I am only halfway up!” Under his TwitchMetrics page, his status, that falls side of his epic profile picture states, “Drippin with Success.” Dr Disrespect all-time motto as a Battle Royale Video Games player reads “Violence-Speed-Momentum.” The Twitch player is also known for his mustache that he has named as “Slick Daddy” or as “The Poisonous Ethiopian Caterpillar.”.

And we get why that is. This has also manifested in his streaming career. On 16th March 2011, Dr Disrespect made his career debut in the gaming industry. Disrespect' Beahm net worth has greatly been contributed through his internet views and sponsorship deals.

The doc is alive and well. Apex Legends Season 7 Ascension Battlepass: Check out the high-class rewards you can get in Apex Legends Season 7 Battlepass.


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