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Despite believing it to be suicide on Yusei's part, Blister helps him in infiltrating an impound warehouse to recover his Deck and Duel Runner.

When the Killer Whale Geoglyph appears, Yusei finds Crow Dueling against Greiger, who is now a Dark Signer. Trying to bring the best out of his character deck whilst keeping it in the 5D's era so no Xyz, Pendulum or Link monsters. During the party, Jack challenges Yusei to a Duel to regain his former title to which Yusei himself accepts. When performing this, Yusei and his Duel Runner turned gold in color. Jack and Yusei have known each other since they were children. Their friendship then ended (in the dub, Yusei grew a grudge towards Jack for betraying his trust and friendship and is much more angry about what Jack did). Jack wants to Duel him, but Yusei tells him that its too dangerous to Duel here with the flaming geoglyph.

Yusei accepted, saying that he and his friends cannot afford to lose. Yusei is later given more incentive to participate when Jack gives "Stardust Dragon" back and personally demands that he face him.

Crow takes him to Martha's in order to receive the required surgery.

When Z-one counterattacks with the final "Timelord", Sephylon, the Ultimate Timelord", Yusei uses his final card, "Converging Wishes". Unable to calm her, Yusei tries to reach her by Dueling. The two have very similar interests, the first and foremost being the upgrading of Duel Runners, and due to this, they bonded very fast, to the extent that when they were doing a project, they were so absorbed in their own work that they didn't even notice anyone else's presence in the room.
Yusei and Crow sharing Super Duper Cup Ramen. Outside, New Domino City began to crumble and collapse.

He goes to Duel Academy and Duels Heitmann, a teacher who plans to expel Leo and Luna's class because they are weak for using low Level monsters.

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During this time which, he develops impressive skills in hand-to-hand combat, engineering, computers, motorcycle riding.

A voice in his mind reminded him of his "task"; this prompted him to get his Duel Runner and go to help Yusei. Yusei is then found impaled in the abdomen by a large shard.

He later appeared to help Crow work out the kinks in his Duel Runner with Bruno's help, finding a strange circuit in the process. However, the sun sets before they can activate the control unit, and so the Condor Geoglyph appears in the sky. In the non-canon special episode, Evolving Duel! Before Yusei is defeated, his Duel Runner breaks down and the Duel is canceled. Yusei was left stunned and noticed "Stardust Dragon"'s card was suddenly blank. Primo, determined to win, used stolen "Skiel" parts to boost the power of his "Meklord Emperor".

3D Bonds Beyond Time, his Deck appears similar to his usual anime Deck, including "Junk" monsters and Synchro Summoning support. They are confronted by Kalin, who is now a Dark Signer. Because of this, Yusei is able to Summon "Majestic Star Dragon" and destroy Kalin's Earthbound Immortal. The Duel Gangs in the area Duel for money, but if they lose, they become slaves and are forced to mine in a mountain for the rest of their life. Become the path its light shines upon!

During the Duel Yusei realizes that Andre can analyze every possible scenario before playing his cards, like himself.

Yusei showed his skills as a Synchro Duelist by Summoning "Junk Synchron", which stunned Yugi and Jaden since Synchro didn't exist yet during their time periods.

The Crimson Dragon uses "Majestic Star Dragon" to gain a physical form and destroy the King of the Netherworld. She reminds Yusei of his idea of "believing in friends" as they will always be there supporting and helping him out. Yusei and the others then went to Rick, Bolton's former associate (whom Bolton had ordered to aide them in any way needed just before his arrest), in order to find information about the Moment Express Development Organization. The upper layer of his hair juts upward while the lower layer arches down.

Disgusted at Yanagi's poor Dueling and his cards, Tanner stamps on the cards, despite their sentimental value to Yanagi. Yusei Fudo pack. Starting from Season 2, Sherry showed an interest in having Yusei joining her WRGP Team and seen in later episodes trying to convince him to join. He is also very selfless, and is hesitant to put the safety of his friends, or anyone else, at risk. After Trudge starts physically attacking Yusei, Blister arrives to help, having had a change of heart over what Yusei told him about friends. Primo also traps Yusei and Lazar in a room with a Guard Robot programmed with knowledge of Yusei's strategies and a Lockdown Deck designed to stall him as the self-destruct sequence counts down. This was death by a thousand cuts, with no ability to ever draw into a reprieve. Yusei uses a "Junk" Deck focused around swarm tactics in order to easily Synchro Summon through cards such as "Jackie Jumper" and "Junk Forward". He is also an adept teacher as shown when he was helping Akiza get her Turbo Dueling License. He uses a Duel Runner, which is called the Yusei Go. With Paradox defeated, all the damage he caused was repaired. Yusei faces Akiza, a member of the Arcadia Movement, in the finals.

Yusei struggles against this new monster, but is finally able to call on his friends' best monsters to his side, and destroys "Meklord Astro Mekanikle" with Crow's "Black-Winged Dragon", Jack's "Red Nova Dragon", and his "Shooting Star Dragon". He later watched Crow's Duel against Bolton and is the first to know that he is Dueling with an Anti-"Blackwing" Deck. Utilizing "Majestic Star Dragon", Yusei was able to defeat Ghost and discovered that he was a robot. He also includes cards which change the Levels of his Synchro Monsters in order to Summon his ultimate monster, Shooting Quasar Dragon. Sherry questions him, asking him what is his purpose. Akiza still intends to deny this by winning the Duel without noticing, as pointed out by Yusei, who has seen through her, that she is crying. Those who know him very well (such as Jack, Kalin and Crow) say that he is starting to get predictable because he has been using the same basic strategies for a long time. Antinomy then tells to Yusei that Accel Synchro is nothing more than a mere exhibit and, by putting "T.G. Stardust VS Red Demons, Yusei used a Turbo Deck that focused on "Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode". Yusei, Jack, and Crow lure Lazar into a trap, and Yusei uses a tracking device to corner him as he escapes. Yusei meets former pro Duelist, Bolt Tanner, who imposes a Duel. His ace card, "Stardust Dragon", aids him in a more defensive style.
Yusei felt himself being called by the Crimson Dragon and the Crimson Dragon instructed Yusei to board his Runner. In the dub, the ending of the Duel is cut. Later that night, while the four are asleep, someone breaks in and steals the engine program. While he normally starts slow to better gauge his opponent, he is shown able to build off his previous moves to methodically calculated well-ahead with a setup for bigger combos later.

Due to the low stats of the majority of his monsters, Yusei uses a large amount of Speed Spells and Trap Cards to enhance their strength such as "Speed Spell - Silver Contrails" and "Counterattack Beacon".

Yusei was horrified when Paradox summoned "Malefic Stardust Dragon", which he considered an insult to the real one. This Deck's card count adds up exactly to 40 cards. This card can be seen during the Japanese movie ending theme. Legacy of the Duelist and Yu-Gi-Oh! He also utilizes several Equip Spell Cards which work with his "Seven Swords Warrior". After Crow and Jack fail the simulation, Bruno steps in and easily beats the simulation. Bruno, who saw this, wanted to help Yusei. Crow and Jack restrained Kalin in a room, while Yusei tried to surrender himself to Security claiming he was the leader, in the hopes that Kalin and the rest won't get arrested. His parents were lead developers for the Ener-D Reactor.

Kalin was the leader of this group, and it is said by Jack that all three of them thought of Kalin as their "savior". In short, the two are good friends despite their agendas. However this poncho is white, lacks the Mark of the Dragon design, and is dirtier.

Unlike other Clear Mind states, Yusei flew at very fast speed in the air rather than the ground. The literal and graphical information presented on this site about Yu-Gi-Oh!, including card images, the attribute, level/rank and type symbols, and card text, is copyright 4K Media Inc, a subsidiary of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

He also received a selection of new Traps which negate damage or opponents monsters effects.


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