check enerbank balance

I am, again, astounded at how bad EnerBank USA’s customer service is. 1. Mindy stated that the website did “something weird,” and did not draft on any loans with a draft date of the 20th in January 2019. Now, there is nothing wrong with them doing this and there is a large and bold text on the statement that should help you understand but once again it took me a phone call to really understand how they were doing this. each month with the intent of getting rid of them. Even on paper statements sent, there is no current balance shown. I told her I would want, because I wanted to handle this while on the call. Suggest an update. It looks like they use a “bot” to search for keywords in these reviews, which trigger the same old replies time after time.

They finally sent a copy of the contract in my father’s name after the time was up to pay the loan without interest. Additionally, every time I had to call, their reps were courteous and helpful. This was one of the worst decisions I have ever made; they are an absolutely terrible company. So, when the coast of a lawyer is added to what you think you are saving … & I have had a real bad experience with Four Seasons Sunroom; that is how I got evolved with EnerBank USA. If you’re not able to do the same, definitely consider a bank with better loan terms. The last person I talked to stated the payments are government regulated and even though no payment was due until June none of that amount could be applied to the principal. I was told by them via telephone that I have to pay 120 payments which equals out to being over $17,000 by the time I’m done paying them. When I first started making payments I didn’t have a coupon book and was charged late payments, when I paid my payments weeks before they were due.

First question should be, ‘what bank do you deal with’? It’s not! You can contact them directly by phone 888-390-1220, email (. My main complaint, as with others, is with the inability to see the remaining amount of your loan in the online payment system, but I see in the responses that they are working on rolling out a solution. The first was paid off on time via the auto pay, but after sending in the entry form on the coupon book (e.g.

Organize & pay all your bills in one place. Not surprised by the negative reviews, this company is difficult to deal with and is somewhat in the dark ages [1980’s]. After disagreeing, I decided to just pay the $74 amount yet now we owe a few hundred more. How much monetary loss is incurred by EnerBank USA’s customers? Each statement arrived showing a first payment due date, but there was no mention of how much interest had accrued.

doxo is the simple, protected way to pay your bills with a single account and accomplish your financial goals.

Just unreal. Welcome to Nedbank1.

She said I could not wait on the line until a Supervisor became available. Logoff. You now know how to view your balance with Nedbank SMS Banking. and how we

It is impossible to figure out your loan. There were times I was uncomfortable or uncertain about the company. We took out a 1 year interest free loan for backyard concrete in 2009. This is done by verifying your credentials against your p Their customer service agents are so unprofessional and their lack of knowledge is appalling. What company or banking institution in this day DOESN’T have some online presence or means of conducting business electronically?

******5421 Log on using your profile number to access prepaid purchases. Mailed the second payment sent $200 in on a payment amount of $95.67. I requested to speak with a Supervisor, as Mindy did not sound confident in what she was telling me. Just make it stop. doxo users have associated this company with these services. They will give you the formula but it is way beyond my excel abilities and you would still need to know when the check was cashed. Logoff. After disagreeing, I decided to just pay the $74 amount yet now we owe a few hundred more. payment delivery to thousands of billers. I am very leery of the fact that a current balance isn’t available anywhere on their “site” – you can only make a payment. Now, I have learned to have my lawyer ask for payment coupons a few months before the last book is over.

The bill was paid with additional payments sent in stating to apply to the principal – these payments were still applied partially to the interest and the next bill stated no payment was due until. Apparently, as far as paying customers are concerned, they wait until your lips stop moving, then say exactly what they said before. Financed the purchase of a new furnace, air conditioner and water heater through Enerbank (rough year) through our installer. Balance for account ******6230Avail R6 198.92 Curr R698.92 Balance shown may not reflect all recent transactions. When starting a new loan that is stacked you send all apps.

), they received my October 10 payment on October 20.

That worked for at least a year – then they lost my information and began charging late fees. No, Andy, please don’t get on here and say you’re Andy and you’re sorry about that. Sticking with rating but not the least happy with the opacity of the system. Step 1 - Enter "2" to select "Balance enquiry", then click "Reply" to send your selection. Very shady business – but we will see if they really send the bill to us or stretch this out farther to collect more interest. #.

I have never done business with any company where you can’t find this information easily without having to take time out of the work-day to call on the phone. So, long after you think you paid off your account, you receive a notification that your payment is due.

AVOID ENERBANK USA. If I had been informed by EnerBank that a $7,500 job was eventually going to cost me over $17,000, I would have never used them.

Don’t……….This bank is stealing money from consumers. Only learn after the fact that that 1) there is no online means of making payments; 2) there are no online means of getting your balance or confirmation of payments; 3) company doesn’t issue statements monthly or yearly for that matter; 4) on their contact page. We were transferred to multiple people all stating this loan was now my mother’s responsibility because she lived in the house and a lien would “probably” be placed on the house if the loan wasn’t paid. If you are like me, you receive this notification of a payment due and have no choice but to call customer support, where luckily they will give you your account balance. #. Fairly good lender. Very poor way of doing online business I personally would not tell anyone to do business with you unless changes are made A.S.A.P.

She stated that no Supervisors were available, and that I would have to leave a voicemail.

I have a question about my EnerBank USA bill. First six digits of your IDnumber. It doesn’t show previous past payments either, just any activity that occurs on the account between each statement dates. except via their mailed statements.

The loan was very easy to get for my home improvement project. Kickbacks must be worth it. It would be more economical to charge your roof on a credit card. Not a happy customer. Was able to get my balance and paid loan off before deferred interest was added. The best I can figure out is the only way to tell would be to set up a spread sheet to track the extra principal payments and use it to double check on their calculations. No endorsement has been given nor is implied.

You may not have any other options, but avoid this company if you can!


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