what size caps for 1858 remington

Thanks Dan. As for the black powder, read the manual, page 10 in mine. For an 1858, the standard Remington caps will work brilliantly. "Some people reload so they can shoot more. Personally, I use “wonder wads”, commercially available round pieces of felt soaked in oil and wax (or you can make your own), between the ball and the powder. In the .44 version, each of the six chambers can hold up to 40 grains of black powder. The dimensions of primers are specified by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI). The 1858 Remington is a single-action, cap-and-ball percussion revolver, usually .44 caliber, although versions were also made in both .31 and .36 calibers. Cabela’s however must have done some research because the page for my revolver on their website says to use #10 caps. I tried a #10 and the caps explode with shrapnel all over the place. 3, 1902” on the right side of the barrel just forward of the frame. Art Garfunkel, American singer, one half of "Simon and Garfunkel.". One of them colorfully stated that it was “an antiquated Remington, dated 1858, with a barrel eight-inches long and loads with powder, ball and cap, instead of using the modern cartridge.”. There is some variability between brands of caps as well as manufacture of nipples. No feeder, but a scoped .243 at 75 yards (distance to the tree line)… no one calls it hunting. I bought this gun 56 years ago and it is in great condition except for one bad nipple.

And be sure to get the correct version of conversion. All of the Pietta replicas I have are fantastic, and they were all sourced from the same supplier (see last paragraph). Fingers on triggers, especially that Civil War vet. I did not grease the shutgun one time and thought to fire it last. I am planning on getting one for my Grandson and maybe one for my Granddaughter. A great design of a pistol. The conversion cylinders are also not regulated, so you can get all of those you want and no one has any record of it. Very nice article on the 1858 Remington. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As Flayderman’s Guide to Antique American Firearms sums up the Remington history: “A key observation…of [Eliphalet Remington II] as well as his successors, is that they were arms makers and manufacturers—not inventors or innovators. Perhaps in light of this, the instruction manual accompanying my Pietta 1858 New Army .44 Revolver does not provide any guidance as to recommended cap size. A #10 is a #10 sort of. Vivien Leigh, British actress famous for her role as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind. The Remington company’s namesake, Eliphalet Remington II, born in 1793, produced his first gun, an octagon barreled flintlock rifle, in 1816 at his father’s forge in Ilion Gorge, N.Y. Eliphalet’s three sons joined him in the gun-making business during the cap-and-ball period. My first BP was a 1861 Colt Navy in .36. In my research on this topic I’ve located an excellent post on The Open Range forum, in which someone has measured many of the brands and sizes of available percussion caps and goes into extensive detail. Having an issue with my pietta 44 cal. Not that it can’t be done. To avoid the dreaded “chain fire,” find caps that fit tightly on your nipples.


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