is carid legit

Demonstration of dash kit installed but shows one problem with Piece # 12 and 13. And I saw that CarID price matched. Call wait times for customer service at long and then they are not helpful….disrespectful at best. There were no apologies whatsoever, and he told me that if I buy that lotto ticket, I should send him the winnings. Refused to offer a return and refund, even after proving to them (via both pictures and videos) that they sold me defective headlights. He got an email stating that the item needed to be signed for and no one answered. I WILL UPDATE RESULTS WHEN THEY HAPPEN ? Turns out it's the wrong part, looks right, their system says it's correct, but it is for a different engine, same truck. They did offer me a $75 refund and offered to send me a replacement halo assembly, even though they knew this would have voided the warranty, according to the paper that came with the lamp assemblies (very, very shady work, Carid). They talk one story and do another.

If I never thought to call MotoMetal themselves, this would all be on me. To ensure the precise fit, there was a need to measure the original mufflers and to purchase the ones with the same dimensions. Really? Ordered a part that was suppose to fit my car. This company responds to reviews on average within 4 days. when people put the wrong numbers in!” He simply kept a steady forceful vocal tone and told me “every shop can give you runout numbers.” I said, “I’ll get you the runout, but YOU are paying for the mechanic to run the wheels on the machine.” Justin, “no I’m not.”. 16 oz. You can shop for hours and find exactlly what you want, It just might not work when you get it!!!!! All other companies I order from have free shipping. also, do not rely on the shipping date…the parts almost never come when it says they will. The wheels did not fit, would not clear my front brake calipers. I've had no problems with them until now but this will be the last time I purchase with them.

You get to talk to too many poeple. Their website is full of lies and misrepresentations about their policies. Thank you in advance! They list items in stock which aren’t. This company is DISHONEST!

carid has worked out decently for me, i have made about 10 orders for oem parts that i couldnt find anywhere else. Many companies out there . I called the 800-505-3274 and they stopped answering. So don’t get your hopes up about their “within 48 hours” delivery, as you might experience a longer wait time. Called customer service and they refused to refund my money due to the fact I already tried installing it. Don’t use this company and now i find out i can get the parts for much cheaper else where. i was told at that point that it would take up to two to three business days before i would receive an email for my return postage. 2020 I told them that the salesperson specifically promised them. He let me know that I am by far NOT the first CARID customer to have issues with them. To find more information about reviews and trust on please visit. Ha! Just glad i went through paypal so that i know i can at least retrieve my money. CARiD.Com Received My Return Parts On August 20, 2020 at 10:45am. Most of the time.

Upon opening the box, the seat covers were grey, whereas my already installed front and rear seats were black. But, then the shipping ETA went to August 19th (10 weeks from the original order date)! New car owners and even old-school petrol heads have found that buying online is not only more convenient but also cheaper than traditional brick and mortar auto part stores. Refuse to issue me a refund.

I requested the return authorization from CARiD immediately after the second tool showed up, and I shipped the tools back to them the next working day via UPS (tracked). I finally settled with them but this went on for 9 months. Item did not arrive in time so cancelled the order. Clear mistake. Absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. Founded in New York City just over a decade ago and now located in Cranbury, New Jersey, CARiD is growing by the day. unable to return a part that did not fit. All rights reserved. The mold looks like a kindergartner could of done a better job. Here’s what happened. I ordered a set of wheels for my car. I should have just bought them from REI when I could.

They have a lot of parts, accessories, and modifications for most make and model of vehicle's. Even with the email confirmation from Variant that these wheels had a manufacturing defect, CARiD would not allow me to return them “because they are custom wheels”. I didn’t take my time and found out they charged me shipping. Always a runaround but no refund or way to send back money’.

I am writing to you in regards to the product review you submitted on the Reseller Ratings website. Well, of course, they did not ship. We may earn money from affiliate links. No reasonable resolution with CARiD.


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