l76 327 engine specs
- 180/194 - .378/.401 - - GM Crane Lo speed Hi torque, 12353915 Hyd. In 1963 Corvette stepped out with a new and exhilarating look, the Corvette Stingray. - 121/220 - .435/.460 - 112.5 - 350 300 crate motor, 24502586 Hyd. Whether you are a car collector, weekend warrior, or someone that appreciates cool cars, the sights and sounds of the Wellborn Musclecar Museum will grab your attention.

- 194/204 - .401/.423 - 104 - GM Repro Crane street, 12353916 Hyd. Balanced steering linkage with 19.6:1 overall ratio can be reset to 17:1 (standard with power steering). Oil-wetted polyurethane element in the air cleaner. Beneath those trim lines, Corvette is sporting engineering features that just plain add ginger to any driving. Please report any copyright violations to violations@garagistry.com. 8,186 Roller - 232/242 - .539/.558 - 112 - Off Road, lobe for mech fuel pump, 12551142 Hyd. Positive closed-type crankcase ventilation.

Small Block Chevrolet Factory Cam Specs by part number Part # • Lifter type • duration at .050 In/ex--Lift in/ex • centerline • description • Small Blocks 3849346 Mechanical - 254/254 - .484/.484 - 114 - 327 365HP& Z-28 302

button. Overall, the new Corvette’s weight is distributed in a different way. In Detail type Series Production Car built at St. Access Free L77 Engine Specs L77 Engine Specs L77 6. in. In 1963 each of the four versions of the big V8 had head space 327-cubic-inch displacement, 4″ bore and 3.25″ stroke.

Notes: Base Corvette Coupe with 327 cu. Ratios: 2.47:1 first; 1.53:1 second; 1:1 third; and 2.80:1 reverse. The frame utilizes a ladder with 5 cross-members, and it is approximately 4 inches shorter than the 1962 frame. Roller - 201/208 - .447/.459 - 112 - 95-96 Gen II, LT1, w center dowel pin, 14088843 Hyd. - 222/222 - .450/.460 - 114 - 350 L-46, L-82, 3927140 Mechanical - 257/269 - .493/.512 - 112 - Off Road, 3965754 Mechanical - 262/273 - .488/.509 - 112 - 2nd design road race, short track, 3972182 Mechanical - 242/254 - .459/.485 - 116 - 70 LT1 360 & 370HP, 71 LT 330 HP, 10134334 Hyd. 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=p+'://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, 'script', 'twitter-wjs'); Body Upper Structure Length at Centerline, 3.08:1 (RPO G91 Four Speed, standard, L75 Engine), 7 Leaves; Design Load - camber: 1,325 lb.

4-Speed transmissions also have a mechanism on the shift lever to prevent unintentional reverse engagement. The automatic Powerglide transmission, available with two engines, aims to give effortless driving. Total Production: Roller - 214/224 - .488/.509 - 112 - Off Road, lobe for mech fuel pump, 12370846 Hyd. The convertible is jauntier than ever in the ’63 vette. The Corvette newcomer, the Stingray, the exciting Sports Coupe, boasted graceful body panels and compound-curved side windows that emphasize the miles-ahead aerodynamic design. 23,564 Sintered-metallic brake linings.

250 hp engine and three speed manual transmission: $4,106.00. Two sparkling new models, both positioning the way to a classic new concept in American sports car design, were introduced this year. (65.26%).

Roller - 203/210 - .476/.480 - 115.5 - 96 350 LT4 w1.6 roller rockers, 12551705 Hyd. ®, LLC. 52Kb images - Free pictures of Corvette Sting Ray L79 327… - 221/221-.447/.447-114 - 327-350HP, L79, 3896929 Hyd. You can subscribe to our mailing list by filling out the form below and clicking on the "Subscribe!" - 204/214 - .420/.441 - 112 - GM Repro Crane nan-emissions vehicles & off road, 12353918 Hyd. Located in Philadelphia, PA, the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum is one of the world’s greatest collections of racing sports cars. Roller - 208/221 - .474/.474 - 112 - 350 345, ZZ3&4 Crate Motor, 10224241 Hyd. While I was looking up information for an over-the-counter Chevrolet cam I used back in the 70's, I remembered I had the following list of Chevrolet Factory Cams. Direct double-acting Freon-bag shock absorbers. The 250-hp standard engine features a single 4-barrel carb, 10.5:1 compression ratio, hydraulic valve lifters and new dual exhaust system. @ .290.

crate motor, use with 1.6 roller rockers. *These are weights that are reported to states for licensing purposes. - 195/202 - .390/.410 - 112 - 327 300 HP, 3896962 Hyd. The subtle contour of the smoothly molded rear deck, a gleaming aluminium grille, retractable headlamps, and a sweeping hood-length wind split, add to the the appeal of this bold new Corvette. Ratios with 250- and 300-hp V8’s: 2.54:1 first; 1.89:1 second; 1.51:1 third; 1:1 fourth; and 2.61:1 reverse. All-aluminum cross-flow radiator. 15,378 Take the chassis for example, Corvette’s new frame is stronger and more rigid than in models of the past. Hand-operated parking brake on rear wheels. Roller - - 92-94 GenII, LT1, 350, 10243779 Hyd. Roller - 202/206 - .403/.415 - 115 - 87 350 Corvette, IROC Camaro, 24502476 Hyd. Uncluttered lines accented front and rear by trim wrap-around bumpers. (34.74%)Convertible: Roller - 222/230 - .509/.528 - 112 - Off Road, lobe for mech fuel pump, 12370847 Hyd. ENGINE CODE: V0509HT. All other trademarks, registered trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. The standard transmission is 3-Speed Synchro-Mesh. is a supplement to our main site and the services of Garagistry. Doors extend upward into the roof, adding armchair ease and comfort to sliding in and out. More than half the weight now rests on the rear wheels- a first among modern American front-engine cars. If you have information on the missing specs, please add the information to the comment area. If you do, please. Roller - - 94-96 Gen II, L99 265 V-8, 12353914 Hyd. Part # • Lifter type • duration at .050 In/ex--Lift in/ex • centerline • description • Small Blocks, 3849346 Mechanical - 254/254 - .484/.484 - 114 - 327 365HP& Z-28 302, 3863151 Hyd. 250 hp engine and three speed manual transmission: $4,321.00.Base Corvette Convertible with 327 cu. Both 3- and 4-Speed Synchro-Mesh have a 10″ semi-centrifugal diaphragm spring clutch with a lighter aluminum 360-degree clutch housing and floor-mounted shift. Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101.

- 204/214 - .423/.446 - 110 - GM Repro Crane 305-350 street legal 50 states, 12353917 Hyd. The new four wheel independent suspension irons out even the rutted trails, keeps handling steady, and maintenance is easier too with a battery saving Delcotron generator, extended-life exhaust system, and hydraulic self-adjusting breaks. Other ’63 innovations include Ball-Race steering and an adjustable steering column and wider wheel rims.

Optional* 6.70 x 15′ nylon blackwalls or rayon whitewalls. Both the 340- and 360-hp engines have cylinder heads with large ports, domed aluminum pistons, 11.25:1 compression, high-speed valve systems with specifically finished exhaust valves, mechanical valve lifters, ribbed aluminum rocker covers, special camshafts and 5-quart oil capacity (4-quart capacity on 250- and 300-hp engines). Roller - 235/235 - .480/.480 - 114 - 350ZZZ and ZZ2 Crate Motor, 10185071 Hyd. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?

For a variety of engine and rear axle combinations, 4-Speed Syncrho-Mesh is the answer. Special performance equipment package (available only on the Sports Coupe with Fuel Injection engine, 4-Speed transmission and Positraction) includes: power-type heavy-duty brakes including finned drums with built-in fans, vented backing plates and front brake air scoops, special sintered-metallic linings and self adjusting feature when driving forward; dual-circuit brake master cylinder; heavy-duty stabilizer bar; 36-gallon fuel tank; heavy-duty front and rear springs and shock absorbers; aluminum wheels with 6″ rims and knock-off hubs. - 202/206 - .403/.415 - 115 - 305 HO, 83-86, 14093643 Hyd. - 214/224 - .442/.465 - 112 - GM Repro Crane marine & off road, 12353923 Hyd. I have no idea where this list originally came from, I just knew I had it. © 2020 National Corvette Museum. Does anyone know of a similar list of High Performance over-the-counter cams from other manufacturers? Roller - 218/228 - .525/.525 - - 96 LT4 H.O.T. Original content copyright 2011-2017 Garagistry, LLC. 375hp Engine (fuel injection), Black / Blue / Green / Maroon / Red / Saddle / Silver / White. Follow @corvettestory Hydraulic 11-inch brakes with fade-resistant bonded linings. 10.5 : 1 (Standard; 300 hp RPO L75, L78 engine), 250 horsepower, 300 horsepower (RPO L75) Engines: Hydraulic, Crankcase Oil Capacity, Standard and L75 Engines, Crankcase Oil Capacity, L76 and L84 Engines, Vacuum Sensitive Diaphragm Located on Air Flow Meter, Gear Driven by Flexible Shaft From Distributor, Mounted on Inlet Manifold Above Intake Ports, Begins: 6 inches Hg (Standard, L75 Engines), 327 cu. The 300-hp power plant adds a large aluminum 4-barrel carburetor and larger intake valves. All engines have independent mechanism for each valve; temperature controlled fan; precision-machined forged steel crankshaft; premium aluminum main bearings; full-pressure lubrication system; full flow oil filter; automatic choke; and a 12-volt electrical system. The real driving fun of a Corvette begins with imaginative engineering. Coupe: a 400 engine can be turned 6500 ... Just curious what the redline is for a freshly rebuilt '66 327? The 250-hp standard engine features a single 4-barrel carb, 10.5:1 compression ratio, hydraulic valve lifters and new dual exhaust system. Garagistry® and its wordmarks are trademarks of Garagistry. Prove It is a service targeted at collector car owners or buyers seeking forensic evaluations that validate claims of a vehicle’s significance. The Corvette Stingray Sports Coupe is taut, fresh, and clean in every detail. All Rights Reserved, 350 Corvette Drive The center of gravity was dropped over 2 inches by using a ladder type frame instead of the X-frame that had been used previously. Engine Specs Type: V8 Valve Location: In Head Bore / Stroke: 4.00" / 3.25" 4.094" / 3.76" (L78 Engine) Displacement: 327 Cubic Inches L78: 396 Cubic Inches Compression Ratio: 10.5 : 1 (Standard; 300 hp RPO L75, L78 engine) 11.0:1 (340 hp RPO L76; 360 hp engines RPO L84) Rocker Arms Stamping, Steel Rocker Arm Ratio 1.5:1 In 1963 each of the four versions of the big V8 had head space 327-cubic-inch displacement, 4″ bore and 3.25″ stroke. That means hare-quick maneuverability when turning and cornering, plus improved traction. The 360-hp Fuel Injection engine provides a larger volume aluminum manifold with improved ram pipes and warning buzzer for the tach. Cast aluminum wheels with 6″ rims and knock-off hubs. Black 6.70 x 15″ tires standard. Power-operated retractable headlamps rotate out of sight to blend into the unobstructed hood line. in. - 224/234 - .465/.448 - 114 - GM Repro Crane off road, 12370845 Hyd. Ratios with 340- and 360-hp V8’s: 2.20:1 first; 1.64:1 second; 1.31:1 third; 1:1 fourth; and 2.26:1 reverse.


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