obsidian md app

I've been using Typora as my editor of choice for a while now because it supports inline LaTEX and a nice markdown styler, but it looks like adding support for these two things is on the way. There is a lot to like about these apps and their crazy-powerful internal links. This, however, is not going unnoticed by the rest of the development community. This influx of cross-linking, dynamic referencing, and the linkable chaos that these apps create feel, to me, like something entirely new, and that bell is not going to get unrung.

I’m replacing all my thing in notion to coda Wich support iframe. I am using it now daily for legal research and Field Guide development. Find and install hundreds of apps and games for Linux. With both Roam and Obisian, any phrase (or word) in your database can become a separate page by merely putting two brackets around it. Some apps I’ve seen mentioned on Discord: Todoist, Amazing Marvin, Dynalist. This seems relevant to people who want a new way to do their note organization in a mind-mapping way. A fully spec‐compliant dark theme developed for the knowledge management app Obsidian.md, the … There is a lot to like about these apps and their crazy-powerful internal links. Sad. I can’t help but think that is happening right now in the research and notes space. Trello! You can easily navigate these or begin a new one from any other note by using double square brackets to create an internal link like in many knowledge management note-taking apps like Roam Research or Obsidian.md. I'm also trying this out, and I'll try to post my personal thoughts later. Airtable works in table view; Airtable will generate at the completed embed code: You can embed an Airtable base (or just a view from a base) into any web page that supports iframes. In the case of Roam Research, this isn’t just true for note titles, but instead every word in your database. Was so happy to see that feature, my first thought was notion but you’re right it doesn’t work. It’s really useful for management. private boards cannot be embedded. With both Roam and Obsidian, cross-linking is ridiculously easy.

It is powerful stuff, and I am not doing it justice, but the cross-linking and dynamic page/note creation is an entirely different way to research and take notes. Markdown format converter. One of the best parts of being enthusiastic about technology is when I witness something fundamentally change. The Archive has been using a similar linked text system for years. Otherwise it opens a new vault window every time an Obsidian URL is used. The .desktop file provided by this PKGBUILD needs a "%u" at the end of the Exec line to work properly with Obsidian URLs. I’m curious what is the best app(s) (or type of app) to pair with Obsidian. Publish - Powered by Obsidian Publish. Anyone else getting this - though I only tried private boards….

Enjoy GIMP, GNU Octave, Spotify, Steam and many more! Try embedding a base in a public-facing website, or as part of an enterprise wiki (like Confluen... Are you able to embed Trello boards, I see that trello adds header to forbid iframe embeds? The app should support being iframe’d and be useful in an Obsidian pane.


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