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Weapons are craftable pieces of gear that can grant additional stats, skills, and abilities, as well as equip slots for Wyrmprints. I was trying to plan out my coop farming for Agito double drops over the next few days and thought I would share the results here. Once an ability is unlocked, it is permanently applied to every other weapon of the same type.

They were able to procure them from Harle who handed them to the two Agito on a silver platter.

It was low before 2.0.0, and Weapon Bonuses only actually added on another ~30 clears that you need for all of the new upgrades. The skill will then alternate between these two effects with every use. Phraeganoth | For anyone curious what this amounts to in wings: For a total of 424 wings (or just under 71 Blessed Ashes) for each of Fire and Shadow. Personally I think we'll see pub quality improve with the double drops. Edit: I just realized I made a mistake with the standard mats. It may also: Eligibility for refining depends on a weapon's series, as follows: Unlocking an additional slot will increase the amount of wyrmprints that can be equipped to a weapon. In the interlude for Chapter 13, they kidnap and assassinate a corrupt member of the Illian Church and set the building on fire. They consist of six individuals who each has a transformation of some sort led by Nedrick. Flash Man | You'll still need to worry about rupies and Orichalcum, though. More posts from the DragaliaLost community.

For example, unlocking (Shadow) High Jupiter's Bane on a Shadow Wand will make that ability available to all Wands. This is done in the same vein as my previous guide on Full Auto - All Expert HDTs that I made a few months back.. All of the builds were tested between 25-50x for consistency, and there is one 100% build for each of the four autoable Expert Agito fights. At least for me who assumes clear rate for master will be on the low end. Volk | Loki | Unbinds will increase a weapon's upgrade cap (as described above), and may also: All weapons initially have access to up to 4 unbinds. Burly Boys | For example, if a weapon is upgraded 50 times, then all of its copies will also be upgraded 50 times. Somewhere along the way I wrote down that it would take 2000 T1 mats. Tartarus, Event Antagonists They consist of six individuals who each has a transformation of some sort led by Nedrick. I didn't make a fancy spreadsheet calculator (sorry), so you may have to do some additional math depending on where you are weapon-wise. Double drops are only on coop, so all those players who want to take advantage of that will be flocking back to coop rooms. Slots are divided into gold versions, which can only hold 5 wyrmprints, and blue versions, which can hold 4 or 3 wyrmprints. If that's not true for you, you'll need to take that into account when farming.

Shortly after, Volk and Ciella infiltrate the building for certain documents. Fafnir Roy III | Weapons are divided into one of 6 Weapon Groups: Core, Void, Chimeratech, High Dragon, Agito, and Other.

White Nyarlathotep | Valyx | Crash Man | In Master, I'm anticipating Marth, Galaxi, and Mym will be really common picks but other well built DPS will also likely be accepted if you usually main someone else. ETA: This is a total of 151 runs--if you use 3 MUB Gold Fafnirs in your backline, this will net you ~38 million rupies, almost enough for 4 weapon bonuses. I'll be coming back to both of those in coop.

Barbary | Air Man |

I've fixed this and corrected all the subsequent math. Quick Man | For example, the (Shadow) High Jupiter's Bane from earlier could be applied to a Flame Wand, but since the user of that weapon is probably not Shadow-attuned, the ability probably won't activate. Before the rebalance; you'd needed a team of 4x MUB Strength/Gala Dragons and MUB HDT/Agito weapons to solo expert or master HDT. Press J to jump to the feed. Chronos | I'm assuming people also want to farm mats for the future manacaster weapon we'll get in each element but which currently cannot be built (and which a lot of people probably haven't farmed because we found out about Agito double drops and manacasters being added at basically the same time). 1: Increases the user's strength by 10% until the next time this skill is used. (Aside from the presumably bugged rupie cost.) The Masked Girl | Emile | Sabnock | It’s still kinda surprising to me how few clears of Master you need to do in order to have enough materials for everything. I have no idea how I got that number; it should be 900 for the weapon bonuses + 280 for the manacaster, for a total of 1180. It is technically possible to have mismatched weapon and ability elements. The HDT2 is better than the Agito T1 Weapons, and in order to grind the materials to Unbind the 6* Agito weapons you'll need a MUB HDT2 to fight Expert Volk. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If you are trying to just get Weapon Boost unlocks for the Shadow and Flame weapons it would cost 900 T1, 900 T2, and 126 T3 for each element. Astrals | Father Nikolai | Now it's possible to auto Master HDT with Gold Fafnir dragons. Iðunn's Apple gradually recovers the user's HP with 3% Recovery Potency every 2.9 seconds until the skill is next used. I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. Metal Man | A subreddit dedicated to Dragalia Lost, a mobile game developed by Cygames and published by Nintendo. Unlocking more copies of 6*2 Agito weapons has the same cost of crafting a whole other 6*2 Agito weapon., Chimeratech of the same weapon type and element, Unlock Weapon Skins of the same weapon type and element (example: unbinding a Flame Sword may unlock other Flame Sword skins), Increase Skill level at 8 unbinds (only on refined High Dragon weapons), Evolve the weapon's skill into a different skill (only on High Dragon weapons), Add new abilities to the weapon (only on Agito weapons), Evolve the weapon's abilities into new abilities (only on Chimeratech weapons).

Chelle | Beren | As the name might imply, upgrading HP & Strength increases the stats of the weapon. This is done in the Upgrade menu, which is unlocked after clearing Chapter 2: 6-2 "New Power" in the Main Campaign. Harle | The Syndicate (The Doctor, Aspedochelone) |

Yeah, my clear rate on master is so low compared to expert, in master if someone dies it's definitely the end of the run, on expert you can still carry on if someone falls.

I imagine there are a decent number of players who are in a similar boat as me and will be showing up in coop for double drops. HLowen basically just needs Choco and buff time and everything after that is dealer's choice.

Augus, Adventure Story Antagonists ✓. I'm using the drop data from this post. Hypnos | For healers, HLowen is the way to go as always (for Expert and Master). Fatalis | Akasha | Kai Yan |

You'll still need to worry about rupies and Orichalcum, though. DPS want skill damage, flurry str, doublebuff, and burn punisher (only in Expert, Master tends to have issues with overburn particularly if there are too many burners). For the purpose of this chart, I'm not including orichalcum in the number of runs you need to do, but you will get 2-4 per Master run. Unlocking a single Agito weapon bonus takes 100 T1 materials, 100 T2 materials, and 14 T3 materials (plus 30 orichalcum and 10 million rupies). In the interlude for Chapter 13, they kidnap and assassinate a corrupt member of the Illian Church and set the building on fire.

This is a passive stat boost that applies to all adventurers that use the matching weapon type, even if they don't equip the specific weapon that was upgraded, or match the weapon's element. The amount and type of available slots varies by weapon rarity: Void weapons have an option to unlock Weapon Abilities.

Count Delchi | Bauer | That said, the Agito T1 weapons are still really powerful. Qitian Dasheng | Dr. Wily | Valfarre | The current iteration of the system was introduced in Version 2.0. Manticore | The Agito are antagonists from Dragalia Lost. Don't need to have the rupies ready to grind out the mats! Picaro | I'm going to be casual for this one, enough farming has been done with hdt x2 lolol. I'd say give each solo level (standard / expert / master) a go … You'll need 540 Orichalcum just for Fire and Shadow Agito bonuses (1350 for all Agito elemental weapon bonuses, and ignoring an additional 1350 required for all HDT weapon bonuses). The amount of unbinds needed to be eligible for a Weapon Bonus, as well as the intensity of the bonus, varies by weapon group: Dragalia Lost Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. The kinds of weapons that can be crafted is dependent on the level of the Smithy facility in the Castle Grounds: Some weapons require crafting specific other weapons in order to unlock them: Once a weapon has been crafted, it is permanently added to the player's inventory. Maybe it’s just because of how absolutely massive the mHDT grind felt to make a single weapon, let alone all of them. Any upgrades applied to the weapon will be cloned across all of its copies. Leonidas | Rathalos | Phares | From here, materials collected from quests can be used to create weapons. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I have solo’d expert so I can max a T1 weapon easy enough. This page was last edited on 9 October 2020, at 18:54. My calculations assume you already have all currently available Fire and Shadow Agito weapons crafted and MUB'd/5UB (or at least the mats available to do so). where's the fun in that?'

For 9 weapons + crafting and unbinding a new manacaster (which I assume we will eventually get), you need: So a total of 17 Master runs, 88 Expert runs, and 46 Standard runs in coop during double drops should get you the Agito materials you need for all your weapon bonuses. Unlocking copies allows the same weapon to be used on multiple adventurers in a team. Any advice on units/builds to use for Volk pubs this weekend? I'm also using conservative drop estimates and assuming you get screwed and always get the lower drop number from the chart, so this is a maximum number of runs for JUST the Agito mats. Not possible to MUB yet, but even a complete casual will eventually manage it with weekly clears of standard (like 25-50 depending on … For DPS, anything should be fine in Expert, especially after the rebalance. The amount of unbinds needed to be eligible for copies varies by weapon group: If a weapon has been unbound enough times, it is possible to unlock a Weapon Bonus. Bubble Man | Crafting Weapons For a list of weapons, see Weapon List instead. Dorothy | The weapon's crafting button in the upgrade menu will then change to offer several upgrade options, as detailed below. For Standard. you could just leave the article without pictures, but really now... Otherworld Ramiel | There is a maximum amount of upgrades allowed, depending on the rarity of a weapon and the amount of unbinds it currently has: Upgrading a weapon costs Whetstones, with the type and amount needed varying by the weapon's rarity and current upgrade count. The game is available on iOS and Android devices. Dyrenell Empire Storm Sentinel | Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

The abilities available to be unlocked will vary by weapon element, and the current unbinds on the Void weapon.

How presumptuous of you to assume I have the rupees to craft and unbind Agito weapons lol. namely some good quality images... Some abilities will also unlock a weapon skin as a bonus. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. So if you already have a way in to the eHDT circuit, I'd say to wait and think it over before making the weapon.

Weapons are craftable pieces of gear that can grant additional stats, skills, and abilities, as well as equip slots for Wyrmprints. The current iteration of the system was introduced in Version 2.0. For now, at least. Styx | It's looking like spamming expert might be the way to go, then just getting the master mats mostly from weekly chests.


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