kodak colorplus 200 vs gold 200
Giannis, thank you very much, very helpful. Many people dislike Portra as well, they find it washed out and bland, yet it's as "pro" of a film as is possible. I love the warm earthy tones of Gold. At the heart of EMULSIVE is the concept of helping promote the transfer of knowledge across the film photography community.

It’s all down to personal taste. It was inexpensive and available almost anywhere; the kind of film you’d find in corner shops or supermarkets or those places you get a bucket and spade from on the seafront. Same with gray tones, they become more orange, like the stone steps in the temple, they shift to a tile color hue. What I mean there is, new offerings like JCH Street Pan 400 are great – they really are – but they’re new. Long story short, it's a specific look and if someone doesn't like Portra, they won't like ProImage, and vice versa. Finally, I tested this film in some portraits, with some friends with a lighter skin tone and darker skin tone under natural light and direct flash, to see how this film reacts to different situations. Exposure versatility: Designed for exposure by daylight and electronic flash. Does one shine for you under certain conditions and for certain subjects? Clear editor. I noticed a few differences. At 2,38 EUR (2,60 USD / 2,12 GBP) for 36 exposures, Kodak Gold is the cheapest film that I’m aware of here in Germany. Yellows tones are definitely my favorite part of this film. If you do your street photography once the sun has gone down, illuminated by low levels of artificial light, you’re not going to get the best of what Kodak Gold 200 can offer.
Kodak ColorPlus 200 is the cheapest film offered by Kodak nowadays. Thank you but this doesn’t give me much idea about user feedback, review, field test etc. A deeper look into projects created by yours truly and members of the analogue photography community. The end results of the Ultramax are far better than the Proimage, which is sold as a cheap budget film in India. If I am for vibrance and contrast and strong saturation (especially the reds and blue) I load up the Fuji. I guess you’re right with your observations about contrast and colors between the two film stocks. This post contains affiliate links. Essentially it's like a cheap version of Portra, usually sold to wedding photographers on a smaller budget. Thoughts and musings on film photography. There’s always going to be nostalgia in analogue photography.

My main colour film of choice is Fuji Pro400H, but my experience of pushing it is muddy shadows. Your needs may well differ from mine, so this test isn’t for everyone and shouldn’t be considered “definitive”. The only drawback is, that a film that is good for everything is great for nothing. The budget brothers. Copyright © 2020 Colorpaints.co — Scribbles WordPress theme by, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Yes, it could. Reds can turn a little bit orange sometimes, but generally, reds are true to color and vibrant. Kodak Gold 200 Color Negative Film (ISO 200) 35mm 36-Exposures, 603 3997 .

Its cheap and at iso 200 its a good allrounder for old cameras with less shutterspeeds. For color accuracy Portra or pro 400 is the way to go. Maybe colourplus is a tiny bit grainier and contrastier, but nothing that stands out. Pick some up in your local shop, or from B&H Photo, from Amazon, or over at Analogue Wonderland. The 200 ISO rating isn’t the fastest, and you do have Kodak Ultramax 400 if you need more speed, but I like to shoot in the kind of light where 200 is enough anyway. One of the first things to notice is that there is very few information about the ColorPlus 200, nothing official from Kodak, no data sheet or a single mention in their official channels. You should optically print them and make sure that the frame printed include a neutral grey card which should be perfectly balanced. For many, photography was reserved for holidays and other special occasions where real memories are made. It's like a cheap version of Portra (maybe a bit more contrasty). If you are making errors in development you will spot them easily. When you compare the two main players in the colour negative consumer film game, Kodak typically gives you warmer results than you get from Fujifilm stocks. Most of my photography is either travel or street, and I might end up reserving any future use of Kodak Gold film for the former, as it just feels more suited to that.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'myfavouritelens_com-leader-1','ezslot_13',118,'0','0'])); It’s great at what it does, but I do find it a touch too warm for my street photography. ColorPlus 200 is the budget option in the ISO200 range, comparable to Fujicolor C200 or AgfaPhoto Vista plus 200. View all photographs taken by EMULSIVE on large format sheet film. I shot Kodak Gold 200 exclusive, because its available in drogstores here in Germany at 8€ for 3 Rolls. Many people enjoy the saturated, contrasty looks of films like Superia, Gold, Ektar etc.

If you can’t stand the warm tones, or if you are planning to use it under Tungsten light. For daily use, load it in any kind of camera and expect great results, harsh light, flash, it will resolve pretty well for its price. Will have to give it a try. It has nothing to do with "pro" or not, but what look you like. Kodak Color Plus 200. This little test is really about discovering which readily available consumer-grade 200 ISO C-41 film best fits my needs. But sometimes i was disappointed about the fading colors in some conditions. Some for the medium, some for the cameras we use, and some for certain films. The consumer film cousins. None of them are epic, but you can definitely see the difference in film stocks. It seems I wasn't descriptive enough in the original post. The sale-price sisters. The enduring and storied Kodak Gold 200. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Perhaps a cheap Fujicolor stock instead. That is by design though. It can be too yellow when shot under tungsten light, but it gives a really nice vintage feeling under dim light and dark skies that I particularly love. Below is a typical example of the look of Proimage taken with an R9 and 24 Elmarit-R  V.2. Whenever I test or review a half-frame camera for halfframeclub.com, I load Fuji C200, set the film speed to 100 and shoot. If you are into portraits, go for a specialized one, same for landscapes, Ektar 100 would give you better results. The only question to ask yourself when deciding whether to use Kodak Gold film for your street photography is if you want this look. But don't take as much liberty as, say, with Portra, overexposing habitually 2+ stops. But if you love old look on pic then the kodak is better choise. Thanks a lot, that’s very useful. What's the cost difference against Portra when you want presumably to switch to that later? Film review: Kodak Gold 200 vs Fujicolor C200 comparison – by Dan Marinelli Written by Daniel Marinelli and published on October 16, 2020 September 13, 2019. It has the DX code 512504 and is developed using the regular C-41 process.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'myfavouritelens_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_3',116,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'myfavouritelens_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_4',116,'0','1'])); I don’t develop my own film at this point so all I can do here is send you in the direction of other people’s information. Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. I used to shoot a fair amount of Portra and as a change tried ProImage. I don’t know if you’ve shot Kodak Gold 200, or plan to now having read this review. Money well spent. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Fuji C200 Vs Kodak Colorplus 200 Battle Of The Cheap S Fujicolor c200 vs kodak colorplus 200 showdown you foroffice kodak colorplus 200 vs fujicolor c200 foroffice kodak gold 200 vs fuji c200 we compare fujicolor 200 vs professional grade ektar 100. Finally, does anything you see here make you want to switch? With the very wide DR of Ektar 100, this would have been far less of a problem. Excellent latent-image keeping characteristics: Excellent consistency & Excellent processing robustness. If you found that Kodak Gold 200 review useful, why not take a look at these other fantastic films too: And if you think others will also enjoy or benefit from this film review, help them find it by sharing or pinning. It's supposed to be less saturated, so it gives good skintones.

After this test, I went all-in on Fuji C200. Natural skin tones, moderate grain, and good for general use. Comparing Kodak ColorPlus 200 and Fuji Fujicolor C200 August 14, 2018. I shot Kodak Gold 200 exclusive, because its available in drogstores here in Germany at 8€ for 3 Rolls. The results are great for such an inexpensive film. By fatihayoglu, May 27 in Film Forum. YELLOW Average Colour R:245.0 G:224.0 B:79.0, RED Average Colour R:240.0 G:172.0 B:100.0, BLUE Average Colour R:109.0 G:124.0 B:156.0, GREEN Average Colour R:197.0 G:198.0 B:89.0. It’s lightweight, contrasty, sharp and has neutral color rendition so it’s perfect to compare film stocks. It seems to blow out highlights very easily, especially with a wide angle lens, showing a lot of sky. You can post now and register later. The only consumer grade film I would happily shoot now is Fujicolor 200. “Quality-wise” is supposed to be below the Kodak Gold 200, however, I don’t believe that is complely true.In fact, ColorPlus 200 is a highly underrated film.

View all photographs taken by EMULSIVE on 65mm large format IMAX film. Like I promised I made side-by-side shots of Kodak ColorPlus 200 and Gold 200. Great film for people starting that want nice warm colors, if you prefer slightly colder tones, go for. I remember, you’ve mentioned previously you didn’t like ProImage.

If you look closely at the Kodak line of film stocks, you’ll notice most are lucky enough to wear the name Kodak Professional. I think it might have been taking those purple and yellow 3-packs out of my mom’s camera bag from a young age. The rezoults were much better but when i put fuji in i was amezed i prefer more contrast in pic so i use fuji a lot. The colours are bright without being overbearing or unrealistic, and skin tones come out looking nice and natural. You can check the current prices and availability through the links below.

× Remember, Kodak Gold 200 is inexpensive and available everywhere, consistent and reliable, and hard to mess up when shooting. Absolutely agree with comments above re starting with a known film, surely that's the only way you can assess your results, using a known standard.


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