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I specifically recommend our webinars on Applying to College 101 and College Applications in the Time of Corona. We don't expect you to have this whole thing figured out yet. Yes, unfortunately this has been brought to my attention multiple times. 8) Be cool, man: Put your best foot forward when you're applying to college (and after you are admitted). I think this one is perfect for Tulane applicants. We got you covered there too. Are colleges and universities aware of how hard it’s been to register and actually take the test right now? Did everything to demonstrate interest but visit campus. This might be one of the longer posts on this blog, but it was one of my favorite ones to write. We will make a decision on next year in early spring.

9) Do an Interview: With so many schools going test optional and many high schools going Pass/Fail, many colleges and universities have introduced interviews this fall. An entry from Jeff’s blog as to why writing the Why Tulane essay is better than not, and how the mere act of completing one does not mean that it necessarily enhanced the application: Apparently, his essay, while well written and all about Tulane and New Orleans didn't hit the spot. Pick a few informed people (hint: your school or CBO counselor)  and seek their advice. Sometimes, they show up in your letters of recommendation and other times, they shine in a an extracurricular activity you enjoy. The process involves thorough and multiple layers of review. Those who thrive here are the ones who are the most curious to discover all the incredible thing this town's got to offer. My daughter was accepted EA; ACT score 32, UWGPA 3.5, resident of Louisiana. You can also learn how to combine this tip and the one before it to stand out for the right reasons in the activities section. © Copyright 2020, © 2001-2020 All rights reserved worldwide.

Concern about Tulane with all the hurricanes? I’m relying on a merit scholarship and don’t have scores.

You can read all about this in detail on my blog entry here. She was admitted to Tulane. Head over for their happy hour half off pizzas to save some.... dough. We admit students above and below those ranges. I won't shy away from the P-word: Privilege. Happy First Day of Classes, Tulane Students. Also remember Tulane is totally-self reported for testing. The question of the year for college seniors is definitely this: should I submit (or even bother taking) the SAT or ACT? That said, I find that Long Island is so great that sometimes students from that region go to college elsewhere, but never "leave" Long Island — they seek out friends who are from the same area high schools they came from and share many of their same identities, backgrounds and beliefs. Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04, http://tuadmissionjeff.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-optional-statment.html, https://tulanehullabaloo.com/52011/news/spring-scholars-encouraged-to-go-abroad-cannot-attend-loyola/. (Lela, '22) My addition- try their Vietnamese coffee! Thanks, boss! Let's go!

Are authentically themselves. I'll bet acceptance rates from our midwest state is higher than an east coast state.

This is all great advice straight from the dean. My favorite dish is definitely the lemongrass chicken with rice. So... with September kicking off and back-to-school in full swing, we've brought many of our previous blogs and tips together into this superblog: The Top 10 Tips for Applying to College. Am I the only one who got accepted with an ACT<30?! Enjoying the content of our blog?

Test optional means test optional. Concern about Tulane with all the hurricanes? We've got amazing success coaches that will help you find that perfect balance at Tulane. My son waitlisted as well after EA deferral. We read tens of thousands of applications a year, and as soon as we see something in your file that is identical throughout, there's a chance we'll skip over the repeated parts. A common question, but in my many years in this profession, it's always been the hardest one for me to answer. The number of admits is not the same as the number enrolled. There is almost nothing, literally, in this entire process that every university you are applying to is searching for in your application.

We believe there should be no "secrets" in the college application journey. So, what's up with Tulane's early decision/action admit rate? We released our top 100 women's college basketball prospect rankings in the Class of 2021 in early September, a list headlined by guard Azzi Fudd. 3) Pick an essay topic you enjoy writing about: It's that simple. The Office of Undergraduate Admission will be able to host a limited number of visitors. (Owen, '14). But lastly... don't overthink this. Ba Chi Canteen: Order any of their bacos! We guide you through it. Yes, you will. My advice is to not worry too much all these permutations. I would focus instead on doing well academically in class and participating in extracurriculars activities that bring you joy. Tulane students are pretty much all capable of getting a 4.0, but they won't ruin their life to do so. Here's the good news: NOLA is pretty cheap, relatively speaking! If you don't send in a score, trust Tulane to not compare you to someone who did. A tip that I always give, specifically for essays, is write your essay and tell your stories as if you were telling your family or best friend. So... what are you looking for in an applicant? Now, with that caveat in place, there are character traits that can authentically shine through your application that hint at what type of college student you'll be when you arrive on our campus in the fall.


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