w126 interior colors
Look closely here for the two three digit numbers on the left side of the plate. ... W126 . 034 Safran Light Tan 949 cascade blue (kaskadenblau)

378 fabric plaid grey 265 leather mushroom (from 06.08.1970) This will confirm the car is not an aftermarket import, which are generally less desirable than factory delivered cars. Code numbers for a particular car can be found in the original delivery book or tag delivered with the car, as well as on the chassis plate. 459 maroon brown Engine Number - Mercedes W126 / C126 560SEC. In all markets, the VIN is printed on the secondary firewall, and stamped ID plates are located in front of the radiator (on the front crossmember panel). 040 black (schwarz) 6286 unimog green (unimog-grün) 068 cloth grey (from 31.10.1970) 066 cloth pine green A brief summary of the interior features has been given, but note that these are not unique to the 560SEC. Although these vehicles were produced in large numbers, good examples are becoming increasingly desirable. 2.47:1 rear axle ratio with limited-slip. Finding the prefix 126.045 will confirm that the cars body is a genuine 560SEC. 193 mb-tex brazil (other than in series) 068 fabric orion gray The aluminum data card (seen on the RHS with small square holes in it) contains all the information to determine the options, paintwork, transmission, engine type etc for the car.

102 mb-tex blue (from 02.10.1970) MB-TEX (Artificial leather/"Taxi leather") 242 leather dark blue 387 blue (blau)* The worlds largest selection of new, used and reconditioned Mercedes-Benz 126 chassis interior parts. 470 coloradobeige 192 equipment 900 deep blue (surfblau) 702 smoke silver (rauchsilber)* 582 imperial red (imperialrot) 251 leather "nappa" anthracite (from 01.01.1970) 594 ember red (glutrot) 801 mangrove green* 746 folding top fabric8023 dark brown (from 01.08.1972)

147 arctic white (arcticweiss) 461 bronze brown (broncebraun)* 359 tanzanite blue (tansanitblau) 149 polar white (polarweiss) 154 tex-leather java 243 leather red Note, some colours have two match options. 199 equipment 150 mb-tex (from 05.02.1998) 747 folding top fabric6004 dark green (from 01.03.1997) If you do not see your particular color listed on this chart, please read the information at the bottom of this page.

+61 (0)466 420 377 PLEASE NOTE:  Some colors may have different or additional names depending upon the vehicle model they are used in. 138 leather "Twin" sierra gray 246 leather turquoise SOFT TOP (for Cabriolets) 042 cloth blue (from 02.10.1970)

230 leather "nappa" 481 blackberry (bornite) (bornit)* 276 leather pine green 040 fabric "Mercedes" (from 02.10.1970) 178 medium grey (mittelgrau)* 442 deer brown (rehbraun) 933 deep-sea blue (tiefseeblau)* 277 leather medium red 408 havana brown (havannabraun) Products, Help and Advice for the Repair and Care of Leather. 858 mesa red????? As mentioned all hatches on the interior were painted the outside color. 670 light ivory (hellelfenbein) 834 moss green (moosgrün)* Note the interior code (218) is usually on top of the paint code (744). also alabaster white?

- 215/65 VR 15 tyres on standard Mercedes 15" x 6.5" (see image). 008 fabric gray+slate gray+orion gray (from 21.05.1970) Find the solution.

353 light blue (hellblau), teallite blue The first 6 numerical digits for a 560SEC VIN are always WDB 126.045, which will then be followed by the unique number for that car.

482 apricot orange 284 leather java AMG Extra note for Australians: For an Australian looking at purchasing a factory delivered car, look for the Australian compliance plate as shown in the images on the left. 173 mb-tex brazil brown 9147 same as 147 arctic white 231 perlmutter grün The location of the option codes applicable to a specific 560SEC is shown in the images. 190 graphite grey (graphitgrau) 681 manila beige (also weizengelb?)

052 cloth galaxy blue (from 11.11.1970 206 leather Petrol 860 green (grün) These are all the codes I retrieved from various brochures, books, forums etc, and there may be more, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with additional details. 137 leather anthracite (from 01.01.1970 up to 31.12.1990) 525 brilliant red (brillantrot)* 171 mb-tex black 751 ascot grey (liasgrau) 158 mb-tex orion gray (from 05.02.1998) Classic Register 917 aqua (aquablau) 272 leather blue Please refer to the images for examples of the descriptions. 178 mb-tex grey 051 cloth anthracite (from 11.11.1970) 257 leather "nappa" two-color anthracite+merlot red 152 tex-leather galaxy blue

286 leather black+green

Location of the three digit numerical code and translation here.

401 fabric black / anthracite 063 cloth brazil Look closely here for the two three digit numbers on the left side of the plate. 9963 indium grey* (indiumgrau) AKA C963. 247 leather chilli red 460 dark red brown (dunkelrotbraun) This particular engine number prefix should be stamped on the engine block. 157 beige grey (beigegrau) 007 cloth medium red (from 21.05.1970) 312 labrador blue Diagnose your problem. 267 leather medium red (from 06.08.1970) 171 stone grey (steingrau) 412 beige 000 upholstery fabric (from 21.05.1996) 272 amazon green (amazonitgrün)* 037 cloth anthracite+red (from 11.10.1970) 355 diamond blue (diamintblau)* 467 sandbeige* 197 obsidian black* 077 cloth medium red News Flash! The interior or "trim color name" can be retrieved through their computer system. 282 jungle green (dschungelgrün)* 226 moss green (moosgrün)

061 fabric black+anthracite

W202 . DO gauges with lettering and brighter orange reflectivity. in.). Once you have the code number you can compare to the following chart: Mercedes Benz Upholstery Codes 105 mb-tex mushroom (from 02.10.1970) 444 sand beige

Leather Repair Kits Leather Restoration and Care Products by Leather Magic! 218 leather grey+orion gray (from 11.10.1970)

Driver / Passenger airbag (Passenger Airbag an option from 1989 onward only). For a comprehensive list of all option codes for the 560SEC's data card, click here. 026 cloth mint (green) (from 03.12.1970)

lbs. 606 maple yellow (ahorngelb) 825 deep green (tiefgrün) Correct identification of these cars is therefore very important, as they are expected to demand a premium in the future. 018 cloth grey (from 11.10.1970) 501 orient red 071 fabric black+anthracite

269 leather helios (from 07.07.1970) 010 fabric "Dune"

For U.S. specification cars, the VIN number is stamped in multiple locations, including the front windshield A pillar / driver's side door post and of course on the secondary firewall.

573 dark bordeau red (dunkelbordeauxrot) 208 leather gray / slate gray / alpaca gray / orion gray (from 02.10.1970)

132 tex-leather pacific blue External Features - Mercedes W126 / C126 560SEC, 2. Leather Repair Kits Leather Restoration and Care Products by Leather Magic! Look closely here for the two three digit numbers on the left side of the plate.

131 leather "Twin" anthracite 234 leather saffron+java (from 31.10.1970) The following external body features should be present on the 560SEC, and are a good starting point in the identification of a genuine car: - As all 560SEC's were produced from 1985 onward, they received the upgarded / revised lower mouldings (previously ribbed mouldings replaced with smoother mouldings as seen in images). 250 leather "nappa" two-color (from 05.02.1998) 269 tourmaline green (turmalingrün)* 108 mb-tex grey (from 02.10.1970)

008 fabric "York" orion gray "Classic" 432 havana brown* (also bisonbraun?) 463 copper (kupfer)* 001 (cloth) fabric black+anthracite+graphite (from 25.07.1970) Some examples of these different colours and materials used in the 560SEC can be seen in the images on the left. 473 champagne (champagnermetallic)*

221 leather anthracite (from 03.12.1970) These samples may have been collected by our field technicians as they performed restoration services on theses cars, or by the actual owners, wishing to perform restorations themselves. 036 cloth anthracite+green (from 11.10.1970) 065 fabric gray 574 spindelrot - Headlight wipers / washers were standard on the 560SEC, but remained only an option on other models. 196 equipment 078 fabric gray or alpaca gray The 560 SEC was the flagship Mercedes coupe, and is widely regarded as one of the best Mercedes Benz cars produced. 513 bordeau red (bordeauxrot) The interior from the sponson down was a very light blue. 122 pearl grey (perlmattgrau)* 254 leather parchment (up to 01.01.1972) 272 leather royal blue 251 leather "nappa" two-color anthracite+anthracite Read more: http://mbworld.org/forums/e-class-w124/486841-mercedes-benz-vehicle-option-paint-trim-codes.html#ixzz2X9EGrKg5, Mercedes Benz Vehicle Paint Codes ( * = metallic)

753 (tektitgrau) 623 light ivory (hellelfinbein)

480 manganese brown* 587 cabernet red (pajettrot)* 135 leather "Twin" gravel+pebble beige 278 tundra green (tundragrün) 154 mb-tex java (from 05.02.1998) 254 leather light brown 195 mb-tex mushroom (other than in series) Please note, this page has been written as a guide only, and should not be relied upon without additional research and professional advice prior to purchasing a vehicle.


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