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Lewis fixes the Memory Scanner and explains its operation at which time Bowler Hat Guy double-crosses him, revealing that Lewis is, in fact, Cornelius Robinson; Wilbur's dad, and the man who invented Doris. Sixth Street Orphanage (formerly)Anderson Observatory To be mass produced and conquer the world, enslave humanity

Lewis goes to stop her from leaving him, but realizing that he already has a family, the Robinsons, Lewis stops himself and slips on a step, scaring his mother and causing her to run away, forgetting to knock on the orphanage door, so he knocks on the door himself, and watches from the time machine as Mildred finds his infant self. Video Games: Meet the Robinsons (video game) Lewis enjoys dinner with the Robinsons and is asked to fix a PB and J invention that looks like one he had tried to create earlier, but fails and splatters everyone with peanut butter and jelly.

Animators Video games Soundtrack: Meet the Robinsons (soundtrack), Parades: Villains Cursed Caravan feature film Meet the Robinsons. Wilbur pleads with Lewis to fix the time machine and history, but Lewis lacks the confidence to do it, saying they should call his future self, but Wilbur calls Lewis "Dad" and tells him he's the only one that can do it. Meet the RobinsonsDisney Infinity series (logic connections builder) Feature films Home Presenting his machine at the Joyce Williams Elementary School Science Fair, he runs into Wilbur Robinson, who claims to be a time cop from the future and warns him of a man with a bowler hat's plans to sabotage things. American-Dutch (presumably) possibly French/Swiss, Immature, sneaky, scared, wacky, short-tempered, shy, vengeful, dull-witted, harmless, suffered, childish, relatable, Bullies, failure, loneliness, not getting enough sleep, To win the game with his team (as a child; succeeded), Lewis (formerly), Wilbur Robinson (formerly), Doris, Gets his future changed to a brighter one. Voice

Wilbur tells Lewis he needs to fix it, agreeing on the condition set by Lewis to see his mom, but actually lying. Time machines, the Memory Scanner, inventing tools Michael is said to be the resemblance of the farmer's son, "Jesse Lopez Aunario". Wilbur places a Carmen Miranda style fruit hat on Lewis' head to hide his hair, a dead giveaway for him being from the past. Quote Paraphernalia Wilbur and Carl come to Lewis' rescue and take back the Memory Scanner. The change in the timeline then causes Wilbur to be erased from existence. However, Wilbur decides that he can't keep up the act any longer and knocks off Lewis' hat, revealing his hair to the shocked Robinsons. While sitting in the garden crying, the Bowler Hat Guy appears and offers to take him back to see his mom if he fixes the Memory Scanner. Lefty Enemies Bud arrives and calls Lewis a special kid, saying he doesn't look like a Lewis to which Lewis replies he's told a lot that he looks more like a Cornelius. Though they stole the Memory Scanner, the duo lacks the knowledge of how to use it and sought to find Lewis in order to find out how.

Inventive, smart, passionate, intelligent, fearless, kind, funny, caring, fatherly, well-meaning, short-tempered (sometimes) After a failed effort to get the Time Machine started, Lewis becomes very frustrated about his capabilities and the Keep Moving Forward mantra. Resumes inventing after being adopted and becomes incredibly successful in life He then reveals himself as an older Goob, Lewis' old roommate who lost a baseball game due to Lewis keeping him up all night and grew so furious over it that he wanted revenge. However, upon learning that Wilbur lied about their deal to go and see his mother in the past, he runs into Bowler Hat Guy and fixes the stolen scanner for him in exchange for seeing his mother in the past. As a result of shutting himself from the world for three decades, Goob never properly matured as an adult as his anger caused a stunted mental development. She is one of the very few villains to have a card since the event is themed around invoking mostly good characters to fight the major Disney villains.

Video games Lewis was derived from the original A Day With Wilbur Robinson storybook as a friend of Wilbur that served as the narrator as he visited his friend's large and strange home.

Wilbur admits he lied to Lewis about taking him to see his mom in the past.

He then hugs Wilbur who expresses his surprise that Lewis ended up being both his dad and best friend. Upset and betrayed, Lewis yells at Wilbur, shocked that he was dumb enough to believe he and Wilbur were friends and runs off. Affiliations She soon reactivated and escaped, meeting Bowler Hat Guy, who was egging and toilet papering the Robinsons Industries building as an attempt for revenge. He loves to invent and has been doing so since he was young. Michael "Goob" Yagoobian: [Yagoobian sips his juice box, and trades it to Mildred in exchange for her mug of coffee, which he drinks] Ahh, that's good joe.


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