who is the puppet guy in blue exorcist
(I think it's one if it actually talks and lives) Why is he asleep?

[82], Renzo is training to become a Knight with his K'rik, which he can recall to his hand.[83]. In the "Ryuji Suguro Formation," Renzo is told to piggyback Shiemi across the bug swamp so that the Peg Lantern could go across independently, chasing the female. Renzo joins Konekomaru who is perched in a tree.

), My Worst Plays as Imposter in Among Us, and Strategies I’d like to Try Out, The Mystery Blogger Award: The Theme Here is that I Like to Sleep. I’ll wait for like 50 more chapters and then binge read, because why not? The boy is not a ventriloquist, it's the puppet who's talking. He is the 5th and youngest son of his family, and tells Konekomaru he's glad of this because it means he has less responsibilities, unlike Konekomaru who's the eldest. Renzo says it's alright and that Lucifer told him not to force anything. After Shura collects Rin, Konekomaru confronts Renzo about his getting close to Rin. Renzo says that he is sick of all the obligations and if Konekomaru will not go with him, he shall go by himself. Yukio then question Mephisto on why he chose to spare Rin's life in the first place and raise him. [30] Once the Kraken arrives and is severely wounded by Wadatsumi and begins to produce numerous copies of itself, Renzo takes up a Flamethrower along with the rest of the Exwires and assists in repelling the copies of the Kraken.[31]. The tight-wound, nervous, and suppressed blue oni to Ryuji's headstrong and emotional red. He is paired up with Konekomaru Miwa during the search for the ghost in Mepphy Land, but neither of the two are seen until after the whole ordeal when they are all in a group, at which point Nemu still just stands silently in the background. She tackles him, but he overpowers her, but just before knocking her unconscious again, Uke and Mike intervene causing him to back down for a moment. He returns to back up Konekmaru and notices that Ucchusma has been summoned, and its flame now occupies his K'rik. [37] At the bathhouse, Rin seems surprised to see Nemu in the bath with his puppet and asks him if it's ok for him to soak it in hot water. What he buys most often in convenience stores are. Nemu's messy, light brown hair and closed eyes give him a perpetually sleepy appearance. Nemu is short, only slightly taller than Konekomaru Miwa, and wears the typical True Cross Academyuniform. Renzo leaves with them aboard the helicopter they arrived in and and promptly passes out from the stress of summoning Yamantaka. When he is unable to sleep at night, he usually watches late night programs. seeing Rin being taken over by his demon side made Shiemi realize how terrified she is of the possibility of losing him forever. Konekomaru calls him a coward and Renzo then has a flash back to his childhood. When the lights went out in the punishment room, Renzo, being rather "happy-go-lucky", he said that it was a test of courage and checked outside the window to see if other houses had a black-out. He tells him they should just run as it would be suicide for them to continue forward with just the two of them. [70], Renzo is assigned to the reinforcement unit tasked with helping to retrieve Shura from Aomori as part of his Knight training. Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrows of Yukio Okumura, Blue Exorcist: The Chronocyclic Labyrinth, https://aonoexorcist.fandom.com/wiki/Nemu_Takara?oldid=53619, His name contains the kanji for "treasure" (. He then tells her the key is hers to keep before taking his leave. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. There's a good chance the name Okumura is connected to Oku-san, the retired exorcist who found Yuri in a junkyard and raised her. Here at The Spooky Red Head I post about anime, movies, TV series, books and a range of other things! Gender: [33] Even when everyone begins to attack Renzo, Nemu calmly sits, seemingly ignoring them still. Played Straight in the first episode of the anime, where Rin causes a series of disasters in an attempt to get his job. “It’s certainly good to be smart, but I think it’s better that there are all kinds of people in the world” – Rin. Upon arrival, many inside recognize Ryuji, which brings great confusion to Rin, Izumo and Shiemi. But, he comes to understand that he must accept the fact that Satan is his father if he wants to truly becomes stronger. He is told to keep pressuring him before speeding away from his contact. Renzo then uses Yamantaka to seemingly destroy Uke and Mike. Rin tries to stop him, and Yukio says the same words and shoots Rin in the same spots. Renzo ridicules it, for which Amaimon immediately attacks him. Suddenly, Mike is then summoned and leaves the puppet.

[3], Nemu just stands silently in the background. ( Log Out /  The full release of his heart made his hair and eyes both the color of his flames in the manga. [3], Mephisto Pheles approached Yaozo about wanting Renzo to become a spy for the order, within the Illuminati. He doesn't take the news well. However, he is not above putting down the cram school as a waste of time for someone of his skill, indicating a high level of self-confidence. Then he observes as the others begin to fight the Chimera Zombies. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Things come to a head in a series of chapters where, in an attempt to learn more about where he and Rin came from, he points a gun at Bon, actually gets results from Lightning but falls into despair from what he finds, blows up at Shiemi, attempts to kill himself (and fails due to Satan), demands answers from Mephisto (who refuses to tell him anything), and points a gun at Mephisto from backstage during a televised press conference. [20] Later, going against Lucifers orders, Michael Gedōin turns on the lights to the containment cells and releases the Chimera Zombies into each cell. [21] As the battle rages on, eventually Rin, Shiemi and Konekomaru manage to break out of their containment cells. Not even.

Yukio turns on Lucifer after Lucifer gives him weapons and knowledge. Once his role as a moderator comes to light, Nemu continues to maintain his quiet, eccentric demeanor. They are all then pulled aside by Shura and given the task to save Rin from his imprisonment. That should be frowned upon :/. He wastes no time in invoking Miketsu into the puppet so that the group may learn more about Izumo's past. [51], After Michael's defeat, Renzo comments about the others being amazing as he collects Michael in his unconscious state. I think there isn't a lot more to say about Takara's mysteries XD too little discussion material. [8] Renzo comments that the last time this happened it was also due to an argument between the two.

[27], Later, Renzo begins to laugh at Rin over Shiemis confession of friendship. In the Anime, rescues a young girl from a tower of falling cans while on the job in the first episode... only to reveal he got fired for it. Mephisto then releases the two. The thing Renzo wishes for the most right now is a cute girlfriend. In season 1, I believe he actually helped save Rin. [57], He says to Renzo that they will continue to confront him because him keeping his distance hurts them and asks if he thinks so too. [80], Renzo possesses powerful Tamer abilities, and has been able to summon a high-level fire familiar, Yamantaka, since childhood. Mephisto? VERY RANDOM SO DON'T COMPLAIN AB Renzo comments that it would be nice to have Ryuji around to help. [17], It does not take long until everyone is eventually surrounded by the zombie horde. Renzo works with the other Exwires on their given task to unravel the seven mysteries of True Cross Academy. [19] It is then revealed that there appears to be a large group of zombies waiting just outside of each room. Shima? According to Shura, Rin inherited his mother's eyes. "Interestingly enough, the doll on Nemu's arm seems to have some level of sentiency and control over the young man's body. Nemu easily overpowers Izumo and is preparing to deal a devastating blow before Renzo Shima intervenes and saves Izumo, revealing himself as a powerful Tamer in the process. Full name: Then, Mephisto Pheles arrives to congratulate them on earning the ability to go on a mission and that their first would be in Kyoto. Mephisto told Yaozo that clearly, being a spy was Renzo's true calling. [37] As Michael Gedōin and the others leave, Renzo warns Izumo that the room has charms against Demons so she will not be able to summon her familiars.


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