mudae bot cheat
Learn more. Use the command $wishdel to add a character to your wishlist and make the bot autodelete your wish command.

Straubing, Germany, Options: , , ,Position sort: $sortmarry pos $,$marryexchange: Exchange with the mentioned player,$give: Gift the mentioned player (will consume his claim),$marryup: Time left before your next claim,$changeimg $,$note $: Add a message in your harem,For a common note to several characters, separate them with a $,$renameharem : Change the title of your harem,$top: Top 500 characters. download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio, Replace the token of the bot, the target server ID and your account ID in the code, in the 'configs' variable.

Created by: Builderb#0001.

Mazda Dpi, Atlético Madrid 2007,

Hyundai Sonata 2019, List of divorced characters by moderation commands. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. Rename your divorce message. React quickly with a :sparkling_heart:Add the letter g after the command to access the game roulette.Other options: w, h, wh (gender), a (series), r (popularity ranks), d (alias + img).

Isaiah Todd Instagram, KVK registration number: 70654115, The Steal A Little And They Throw You In Jail, Steal A Lot And They Make You King,

Change the secondary alias to whatever text you want ($a2list: server list). My teas shall be your pets, my words may contain all your wishes and my waifus will be yours - Mudae Mudae is a Discord bot specialized in multiplayer games and anime stuff. $quantity: Grants you an additional 1% chance to double your loots. You can use it to ban everyone on the server and gain admin perms on the server that its on. Change your claim message. $randomimg 4: Images are only random for your rolls of characters CLAIMED BY YOURSELF. Using $wishlist when your wishlist is private will send your wishlist to you in a dm.

Be the first to claim them on your server! A more unique feature is the ability to link 2 channels together from any discord that Hackerbot can see. Time left before you can react again to a kakera. (Default value). Thou Shalt Not Steal Kjv, Visit website Report Join Support Server. Hackerbot is primarily an automod bot. Netherlands. You must copy the ID of the channel in which you want to enable MudaeFarm (usually the bot/spam channel of that server), and send that ID in #bot-chan… Fledgling Bird Identification, Be careful though as he may hack you back in time. You can buy multiple levels at once. Choose the badges that appear on your profile. The commands above include two types of characters: game and animanga. A more unique feature is the ability to link 2 channels together from any discord that Hackerbot can see. Got an error when login client: Did you changed the token by the bot's token ? Damon Evangelista, These commands are used to generate waifus or husbandos to claim. Collect waifus and husbandos.

The a2 can be 200 characters long maximum. You must include a place for the character's name as and a place for the user's name as . (Admin) Display or not claim ranks during rolls. (Admin) Remove kakera from some users and add them to the amount of kakera scraps. (Admin) Toggle series containing horror images. $selfresetalias: reset $alias of your characters. Hackerbot is primarily an automod bot. Those are combinable. The Slopper Colorado, You can also buy up to 10 boxes at once. Tony Clay Net Worth, Funny Family Tik Tok Ideas, Thank you to use our application and have trust in us ! Cheap Kia, We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products.

$togglekakerasnipe 0: (default value, no restriction) Any kakera rolled can be sniped by anyone. You signed in with another tab or window. IPL 2019 Winner Final Match,

Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Support Server. See the OPTIONS/FILTERS LIST below to know how to filter your harem and other lists! When Is Turbotax 2019 Available, ♡ Anyone who loves anime is welcome to join! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Super Mario Bros Theme Sheet Musicpiano Simple, Magnesium Powder, Sterling Frankenstein, (Admin) Disable the automatic addition of hearts under the rolls. On initial run, MudaeFarm will create a dedicated server named MudaeFarmfor bot configuration.

(Premium) Force spawn a kakera (1 to 3 per hour). Hackerman# $sm $ ... To start the sort at a specific position: $smpos $ ... Divorce a character and receive their value in kakera. Dad's Army Theme Lyrics, Burgerfi Burger Week, $enable to remove (or $enableall).

Define your favorite choice for the waifu arena.

Utility, Created By: ❤. James Hardy Wife, (Admin) Display or not like ranks during rolls. $randomimg 2: Images are only random for your rolls of UNCLAIMED characters. Short: $al, Swap the main name for an available alias. Koi no Kakera…I don’t know it by heart, but I know it exists from the official Spotify playlist. $randomimg 3: Images are only random for your rolls of CLAIMED characters.

7. Example: <$renameclaim username and charname are now married!>. $rollsleft 2: The message ⚠️ 2 ROLLS LEFT ⚠️ doesn't appear anymore. p (character search if you type some text). : $mmwr,$firstmarry: Change your favorite waifu/husbando,$sortmarry name1$name2..: Sort your spouses. Moulin Rouge Broadway Ending, This Bot Powers the Following Communities: A place to trouble shoot problems with Hackerbot. Short: $a. Please note that this is not your typical Udemy "zero to hero" course, so please first inspect it's contents and free lectures, and enroll only if you like my teaching style. $togglekakerasnipe 2: (full restriction) Any kakera rolled can't be sniped for 8 seconds. (Admin) Display or not the kakera value during rolls. Timers merged in one message (mu, ru, du, ku, rtu, dku, bku). Options: w, h, wh, o, o-, r, r-, l, l-, d, t, c, u, s, b, g, g-, g=, g-=, k, k=, k-, a, i, i-, m, y, y=, x, x+, x-, Flag Options and Arguments: w, h, wh, o, c, u, , , #rank, $randomimg 0: Images are not random. (Admin) Change the possibility to claim on other players' rolls. $togglesnipe 3: When someone rolls a WISHED character, this character can't be sniped for 8 seconds EXCEPT for people wishing for this character (AND the roller), $togglesnipe 4: When someone rolls a WISHED character, this character can't be sniped for 8 seconds EXCEPT for people wishing for this character (the roller CAN'T claim the character either, except if they wished for it), $togglesnipe 5: Any character rolled can't be sniped except for people wishing for this character (and the roller), $togglesnipe 6: Any character rolled can't be sniped except for people wishing for this character (the roller can't claim this wish except if they wished for it). Example: $mmwr only displays your waifu (filter w) and how they are ranked (option r) In fact its not the bot directly that’s been distracting me, you see the characters all can have up to 10 pictures people can scroll through which are submitted and voted on by other users. This was probably an absolute waste of time, but I have no regrets in the slightest. (Admin) Change the spawn rarity of already claimed characters (up to 4 for non premium), (Admin) Change the number of seconds during which you can claim a character, (Admin) Decrease (or increase if server premium) the number of rolls for the whole server, (Admin + premium I/II) Change the claim interval (up to one per hour) Can be used by non-premium to increase the interval, (Admin) shift the exact hour of the claim reset, (Admin + premium II) Change the exact minute of the claim/rolls reset. Unwritten Rules of Mudae; Bot Easter Eggs and Community Memes; Custom-suggestions (Mudae World) Features. ​For most of the commands, get more help by typing them. (Admin) Reset $alias of a user's characters. It may take a while for this server to be created. Typing ;automod will show all the automod capabilities of hackerbot, which includes word and name filtering, anti-spamming, forcing rule/TOS agreement for new users, welcoming users and easy to use reaction-based role joining. Night Train Club, Customizable Behavior All you need to do is get the bot onto the server. (Owner/Admin) Archaic version of $restrict. ​. Beldam In A Sentence, Fuyu no Hanashi3. Cheese Day 2020 Uk, See availables aliases for a character. National Hamburger Day July 28,

Options: and full,$release pkm1 pkm2: Release two pokémon for a new try,$yellowtea: Find the largest number of words,$blacktea: Turn-based word game inspired by bombparty,$mixtea: A mix of all the previous teas :),$quiz: A multi quiz with a global ranking (demo),$jankenpon @mention: Rock-paper-scissors by affinity, after the mention to change max HP,$quotimage: Random quote followed by a random image,$catroulette: (soft demo version) Random images of catgirls or catboys,$mudanime: Random phrases inspired by known anime,$rdmperso: Random character from $noun, $adv, $adj, $vrb in your sentences to add a random word.Part of the words database comes from,$kirby // $kirchoco //$tea ,$chocoshark // $bear // $eater .$beam : Blow up what you hate.$customcd ,$cdspe1 ,$cdspe2 .Example: $customcd 10 :deciduous_tree: :chestnut: :chipmunk:$fate : Describes the trend between you and the mentioned,$42ball : Answers to your yes or no questions,$channelhelp: Display this help on the channel,$join: Link to join Mudae on her server and get more infos,$invite: Link to invite Mudae on another server,$prefix: Change the prefix that invokes Mudae,$patreon Help Mudae to improve its features,$date: My only weakness, the time that passes,$star / $lol / $lmfao / $omg / $pervert / $takaché / $takawai / $nanachi / $secret,$avatar / $embedimg / $embedtxt ,C++ | Invite Vote Mudae Commands Prefix: $ 741,580 servers 400 shards.


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