leona twisted wonderland

If anyone tries to tease you, it’s definitely Off With Their Head, no one messes with his sweet little rose.

Azul is pulled out of his thoughts and embarrassment takes him over because you realized what he was staring at : Azul excuses himself telling you that he has to take his pills before he returns to his Octopus form and disappears, How dumb he could be not to realize it till now… Beside that - Why the hell didn’t those two tall sticks (, God God God…he keeps swallowing his eyes at the thought…. Are you confused? Is he gone?” -> Riddle “ha? Sebek isn’t used to having girls around but now that he does , he should be really careful . He thought that he had you under his watch pretty well , but he even failed to realize your gender correctly ; Malleus isn’t about to treat you any differently just because you ended up being a girl , all though he has to agree that it was a bit shocking . He’s not you… The King of Beasts wouldn’t forget. He asks Jamil if he knew about this and he certainly didn’t. to the twisted wonderland fandom, i stARTED THIS BACK WHEN THE GAME CAME OUT BUT I WAS LAZY FOR 5 MONTHS anyways tag urself im a piece of lint on crewel’s fur coat, damn Ace stans are really privileged 

Please, help my brother!” -> Crowley “of course, I’m sure when their friend is in trouble, all the gentle students here will help Shroud…”, -> everyone “nope/don’t wanna.” -> (player choice: “what a wonderful harmony” / “you guys only get along with each other in a time like this.”) -> Ortho “why?

There were some cameos here from The Lion King.

The event started with Epel, Ace, Riddle, and Rook’s marriage proposal, In your dorm -> suddenly a lot of ghosts showed up and said this would be the guest room for the princess -> you got kicked out by them -> you went and ask Crowley what is going on -> Crowley explained -> that was the ghost bride, her dream was to find a wonderful prince to marry, but she died before able to fulfill the dream, so now she wonders around twisted wonderland to find her groom, but that would be impossible -> Crowley “since her perfect prince needs to be over 180cm (5ft9) tall, a slim body without any unnecessary fat, clean and beautiful skin, charming smile, shinnying hair, and lips that make you want to kiss them.” -> Crowley “so there’s no way that anyone could fit that description, they just stay in ramshackle for a few days then leave.” -> suddenly Ortho showed up and said his brother is taken away by the ghosts -> Ortho showed you a footage from the security camera, Idia was on his way to buy manga -> the ghost princess showed up and said “I’ve finally found him… my prince!! You’re wearing a tank top?

The last time he got this close to any girls before you was with his, Maybe he would’ve died to tell Deuce what he found out if old memories didn’t haunt him .


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