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They did not follow through with the 7 day promise.

They made promises saying that they would have the video completed by the end of the week. They haven’t got the first clue as how to really SEO your website. After 14 years of no bad reviews, it seemed quite obvious that I was trying to be bullied to remove my accurate bad review of them. A, They were rushed and very pressuring in their sales. • Comfortable Environment. The so-called SEO work they did to the website was useless and made the website look tacky and unprofessional. Hansen’s players have won 13 NCAA doubles titles and seven NCAA singles titles. This was my experience with the local MN SimpleSite Company.

You will not find I can't tell you how fortunate I feel to have found Bob Hansen and his staff to help me get a PERFECT website!! Robert is one of New York's premier Psychic Mediums!

Join Psychic Medium Robert E. Hansen as he discusses easy to practice and simple insights into calming your personal experiences. Most of the time when I emailed Thomas, the person responsible for the website corrections, about an edit to the website it was usually about correcting a mistake that the edit team made. They were IMPOSSIBLE to contact.

When I asked them about this, they said they did it so that each page will have at least 1000 words each for SEO purposes. When I gave them information to add to the website, it would contain typos, misaligned text, odd font sizes, random font colors, misspellings, blurry pictures etc. soundly again! They just copied and paste a bunch of random text from my website and made a very long paragraph under the footer on every page of my website.

Finally, I went with another company. They are amateurs using Wix to create pages for you. Since 1974 Hansen land & Auction has been conducting South Dakota farmland, pastureland, and farmstead auctions. Simple Site Company told the bank that they built my website.

Join our camaraderie of Kindred Souls! If you are a physician or really any business owner, I highly recommend them, and I am happy to discuss my experience with you if you message me. more than 30 years of dental service to the community Everyone will be read! They mined my old website and yanked random images from there. I hated what they built--it did not represent me at all. 291 Suite. Then tomorrow would come and the video will still not be completed. Cancel anytime. They do SEO on the website and in many cases, get you to the first page of google. I want to start a class action lawsuit. CPAP! Well, SIX MONTHS LATER and my site is still not finished!

Then at the end of the week the video is still not completed. One week later sent the site for approval just like before completely wrong , called and told him it was all wrong maybe they should have the developer call me so I could explain in Depth what we wanted. When I looked at the work they had done none of what I asked was completed. In March 2019 EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE BY SIMPLE SITE COMPANYIn March 2019, I was sooo lucky to find Bob Hansen, owner of Simple Site Company in Maryland. best treatment to meet your needs. WEBSITES starting at $495. Did they use them? Do not do business with these crooks.

I did actually get to speak to two of web designers, both men seemed to lack any concern for what I wanted.

When I called them about my concerns they did not seem to care, they would usually respond with a very dry "OK." It does not seem like they care about the quality or look of the website.

He showed me a lot of his sites that were ranking well on the search, and now mine is one of them. They have several real life examples of this. No.

Just left me w/ a mess and went out of town for two weeks, saying she wouldn't be reachable while gone!

Did not do anything they said. Group is a boutique leadership coaching firm focused on providing intensive one-on-one personal and business coaching that came to us looking for a new website and customized document management system. The text looked very messy. Join Robert for Psychic Readings online! It also says on our voice mail to NOT leave solicitation voice mails, so this person is obviously NOT detail oriented. practices in the area that offers an alternative treatment to the

If you feel you are a candidate for sleep apnea treatment These crooks took me for a ride just like all the others! I canceled the monthly subscription that I had with a different web developer to team-up with Bob and his team and they literally saved my business. In March 2019 EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE BY Simple Site Company. If you need a dentist please go see Dr. Hanson will perform a sleep apnea But they do put a lot of effort in. I am now fighting to get my money back, as they even charged me for completion after 1 month, without my permission and were charging me $99.00 a month for promotion of the horrible website that they tried to push on me! Kept my $1500. Owner sends me a email telling me no refund and it was a shame that I wouldn’t have one of his sites. So I told them to proceed they said site would be up in 3 weeks , at 2 weeks they sent script for the video, completely wrong nothing in it right called ,and talked to person explained to him the things wrong didn’t seem able to comprehend what I was telling him. evaluation and sleep study, if necessary, to determine the I am so thankful because my website represented my company and me to the world and to potential clients. (816) 373-5606 I'd recommend Bob and his team to all of my friends, family, and business associates. Update: since posting this review I was contacted by them and asked to remove it. I sent them a portfolio of over 100 photos. They stand by their 3-week process. Check out the upcoming events below. Hansen led the team to seven NCAA Championships (1989, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2005, 2007, 2009), appearing in the championship match 13 of 24 years. I might even be there we can visit in the waiting area. He should get 10 Stars +." They also distorted the images of my products on my website. Having difficulty sleeping? Will attempt to sue in court but he is well hidden. Services include website design, website development, … recognizing symptoms of sleep apnea and leads one of the few They promised to complete the video in 3 weeks as well as the website.

The first person didn't seem to care at all. Join Robert as he takes you on a journey that will help you unravel your confusion, release the chains of fear and help you see the true beauty of the heart when it is in full blossom. I'm right, your wrong! You will be stolen from just like the rest of us. Have you been thinking about improving your smile? When I refused to bad reviews starting posting for my company. This will assist you in finding peace in your daily life. It needed to look a lot better, pictures rearranged, fonts consistent and some overall tweaking. They promised me that they could replicate my existing website within 2 - 3 weeks, and tried to provide and have me accept a substandard, totally unacceptable bad replication, after 8 months!!! "Dr. Hanson Dentistry is simply the BEST. Independence, MO 64057, Request an appointment or call (816) 373-5606, • Personal Relationships Let us help you get sleeping They do not rip anybody off and they are definitely not a scam. I went to Simple Site Company to get help with editing my WordPress website, SEO, and company video. It's worth giving them a shot. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! Dishonest...…… Won't waste anymore of my time but wanted to warn anyone who gets a call from them to hang up quickly. We know and realize that selling your land is … They charge under $100 a month. a better dentist anywhere. What a great salesman but nothing else!!!!

A beautiful smile can boost self-esteem and improve total-body wellness.

One of the worst was that she added info that I didnt ask for and when I asked for it to be removed said Wix adds it and she couldnt change it. Their service works well for many companies. them.

Rock Two creates the best affordable custom websites for small businesses. THIS COMPANY STOLE FROM ME AND LIED TO THE BANK!

Called me after 6 months and said he would not complete the website. Join our community on Facebook for daily inspirations, questions, answers, live chats and videos. Internal communication between the so-called various departments is virtually non-existent. Terrible company. Extremely nice websites with amazing video content and a call to action video. What a joke! Independence, MO 64057. Obviously he has done this many times before. I emailed her a list of about 20 things to do - mainly pretty easy things, but every time she fixed something she never checked it to see that she had caused another problem, e.g., moved a picture which I wanted her to do, BUT covered up text with the picture which I didnt want her to do, omitted a line of text, etc. Find real estate agent & Realtor® Bob Hansen in , , on®, your source for top rated real estate professionals I have never left a review that feels this important. You can easily do as well or better with an online DIY website maker. They build you a brand new website. Join Robert E. Hansen as he explores the impact of narcissism, the fears, the frustrations and the anger. Thanks for nothing. Which won't be long because they are fast and good. With any SEO or website company, there is no guarantee that you're going to get a bunch of calls from your website. They even inserted stock photos in places in direct opposition to my written edicts. After 6 months Simple Site Company (not to be confused with the company called Simple Site) never completed my website. Join Robert in person for an intimate circle of 4 people in his private studio in Merrick, NY.


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