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In the thorium breeder version of SSR-U, thorium would be in the coolant salt and the U-233 produced is progressively dissolved in bismuth at the bottom of the salt pool.

NuScale has been engaged with the NRC since 2008, having spent some $130 million on licensing to November 2013. Terrapower section on the Intellectual Ventures website [Back], h. The page on the NHR-5 on the website of Tsingua University's Institute of Nuclear Energy Technology (now the Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology, www.inet.tsinghua.edu.cn) describes the NHR-5 as "a vessel type light water reactor with advanced features, including integral arrangement, natural circulation, hydraulic control rod driving and passive safety systems. South Africa's pebble bed modular reactor (PBMR) was being developed by the PBMR (Pty) Ltd consortium led by the utility Eskom, latterly with involvement of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and drew on German expertise, notably the HTR-Modul design. The PBMR Demonstration Power Plant (DPP) was expected to start construction at Koeberg in 2009 and achieve criticality in 2013, but after this was delayed it was decided to focus on the 200 MWt design6. Compared with other MSR designs, the company deliberately avoids using thorium-based fuels or any form of breeding, due to “their additional technical and regulatory complexities.”.

The gas turbine will produce 40% of the power, the steam cycle 60%. The three companies will make equal contributions to the development of the MMR. }, Page last modified: Distribution of energy in electrical form through a ship is much easier and more reliable than traditional energy forms (steam, hydraulic and pneumatic power). If Bechtel succeeded in this, then BWXT and Bechtel would negotiate and execute a new agreement, with Bechtel taking over management of the mPower program from BWXT.

A 2 MWt pilot plant is envisaged, and eventually 600 MWt/250 MWe commercial plants. The high surface area relative to volume, and the low power density in the core, will also be features of the full-scale units (which are nevertheless much smaller than most light water types. There is a range of sizes from 45 MWt (ABV-6M ) down to 18 MWt (ABV-3), giving 4-18 MWe outputs. Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC), an American company with subsidiaries in Canada and elsewhere, has the Micro Modular Reactor (MMR) HTR with the TRISO fuel in prismatic graphite blocks in a sealed transportable core.

The reactor core is a fixed, annular bed with about 80,000 fuel elements each 6 cm diameter and containing approximately 9 grams of heavy metal as TRISO particles, with expected average burn-up of 80 GWd/t. In 2015 Westinghouse had presented a proposal for a “shared design and development model" under which the company would contribute its SMR conceptual design and then partner with UK government and industry to complete, license and deploy it. After a 20- or 30-year operating lifetime without refuelling, the whole reactor unit is then returned for recycling the fuel. Southern Company Services in the USA is developing the Molten Chloride Fast Reactor (MCFR) with TerraPower, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) – which hosts the work – the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and Vanderbilt University. A demonstration NuScale SMR built as part of Project WIN is projected to be operational by 2024, at the DOE’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL), with UAMPS as the owner and ENW the operator. The units are designed to deliver both electricity and potable water. Coming down to Earth, Nuclear Engineering International (October 2002) The reference design is 625 MWt with prismatic block fuel like the GT-MHR. 3. The compact architecture enables modularity of fabrication (in-factory), which can also facilitate implementation of higher quality standards.

In October 2020 grants of $80 million each were made to TerraPower and X-energy to build demonstration plants that can be operational within seven years. Following this, a second phase of work is intended to provide the technical, financial and economic evidence base required to support a policy decision on SMRs. In most designs (not the AHTR, TMSR or Moltex) the fuel is dissolved in the primary coolant. TVA has expanded discussions from B&W to include three other light-water SMR vendors. It uses a combination of U-233 from thorium and low-enriched U-235 (19.7% enriched) from mined uranium.

EnergyFromThorium website GT-MHR page on the General Atomics Energy Group website This contains U-238 to denature it and ensure there is never a proliferation risk. (8) The reactor is in the study phase. The conceptual design, commenced in 2012, formerly known as the Th-100, and inherited from Steenkampskraal Thorium Limited (STL), was completed in 2018.

Fairly rapid load-following from 25% to 100% is a feature of the helium-cooled design. Steady power output over the core lifetime in 30 MWt version is achieved by progressively moving upwards an annular reflector around the slender core (0.68m diameter, 2m high in the small version; 1.2m diameter and 2.5m high in the larger version) at about one millimetre per week. It has several passive safety features and in particular the fuel rod cladding is manufactured from GA's proprietary SiGA silicon-carbide composite, a high-tech ceramic matrix composite that can withstand more than twice the temperatures of the metal components used in most reactors. * It is the first SMR to receive NRC design approval. With negative temperature coefficient of reactivity (the fission reaction slows as temperature increases) and passive decay heat removal, the reactors are inherently safe. script.setAttribute("src", "//www.npttech.com/advertising.js"); It uses low-enriched fuel of UO2 in aluminium alloy matrix. At the same time there have been many hundreds of smaller power reactors built for naval use (up to 190 MW thermal) and as neutron sourcesa, yielding enormous expertise in the engineering of small power units.

15 STAR-H2: Secure Transportable Autonomous Reactor for Hydrogen Production & Desalinization, Wade et al., presented at the Tenth International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE 10) held in Arlington, Virginia USA, (14-18 April 2002) In January 2016 Holtec said that development continued with support from Mitsubishi and PSEG Power and in July 2017 a partner agreement with SNC-Lavalin based in Ontario was formalised, involving engineering support and licensing. This allows the core to operate at 40% higher thermal power for the same duration as SEALER-3, i.e. Generally, modern small reactors for power generation, and especially SMRs, are expected to have greater simplicity of design, economy of series production largely in factories, short construction times, and reduced siting costs. Other attractive features of the MSR fuel cycle include: the high-level waste comprising fission products only, hence shorter-lived radioactivity (actinides are less-readily formed from U-233 than in fuel with atomic mass greater than 235); small inventory of weapons-fissile material (Pu-242 being the dominant Pu isotope); high temperature operation giving greater thermal efficiency; high burn-up of fuel and hence low fuel use (the French self-breeding variant claims 50kg of thorium and 50kg U-238 per billion kWh); and safety due to passive cooling up to any size. The ARDP will concentrate resources on designs that are "affordable" to build and operate. Pre-licensing activities with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) are under way. The site was to be the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (RIAR or NIIAR) at Dimitrovgrad – Russia's largest nuclear research centre – though earlier plans were to put it at IPPE/FEI at Obninsk. In October 2015 Westinghouse presented a proposal for a “shared design and development model" under which the company would contribute its SMR conceptual design and then partner with UK government and industry to complete, license and deploy it. For ships as large as aircraft carriers, electric propulsion does not offer operational, cost or weight advantages over steam. A burnable poison such as Er-167 is needed for this fuel. It is conceived as a 64 MWt, 16.4 MWe pool-type system operating at a relatively low temperature. This simplified MSR integrates the primary reactor components, including primary heat exchangers to secondary clean salt circuit, in a sealed and replaceable core vessel that has a projected life of seven years. 148

NuScale said it would apply in 2022 for the same approval for the 60 MWe version. 18. They have been developed since 1994 at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) as a robust and low technical risk system for space exploration with an emphasis on high reliability and safety, the Kilopower fast reactor being the best-known design. It is readily transported to the site, with rapid assembly and operation for 10-12 years between refuelling, which is carried out offsite at special facilities. It was to contribute most of the capital, and Rosatom is now looking for another investor. Tertiary salt is at 600°C for power generation, process heat, or to back up wind and solar. In December 2013 the US Department of Energy (DOE) announced that it would support accelerated development of the design for early deployment on a 50-50 cost share basis. The DOE is supporting this ESP application financially from its SMR Licensing Technical Support Program, and in February 2016 DOE said it was committed to provide $36.3 million on cost-share basis to TVA. The 69 fuel assemblies are identical to normal PWR ones, but at about 1.7 m long, a bit less than half the length.

MHI had been involved in the project since 2001, having done the basic design and R&D of the helium-driven turbogenerator system and core barrel assembly, the major components of the 400 MWt direct-cycle design. The Galena Project Technical Publications page on the Burns and Roe website A pilot project being undertaken by Innovation Projects Engineering Company (IPEC) is a mobile low-power nuclear unit to be mounted on a large truck, tracked vehicle or a sledged platform.

On the other hand a practical reactor can be distinguished by the following characteristics: (1) It is being built now.


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