exide battery codes

This prohibition includes unauthorized use of the Company’s communications equipment, computers, related facilities or other Company assets, including Confidential Information.

Exide expects all directors, officers, and employees to: 1 A “controlled affiliate” is a subsidiary or other entity in which Exide Technologies owns, directly or indirectly, more than 50 percent of the voting rights, or in which the power to control the entity is possessed by or on behalf of Exide Technologies.

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(Battery must be secured to avoid unnecessary vibration). Confidential Information shall remain at all times the property of the Company.

However, the following general rule covers the most common problems: With respect to any person, firm or entity that supplies goods or services to, purchases goods or services from, or is a competitor of, the Company, its subsidiaries or affiliates, no Company employee or agent should, without prior approval: A “gift” is any tangible item of value, any service of value, or any favor not available to all employees on an equal basis.

You must not occupy positions or become involved in situations that place you in a conflict of interest with the Company unless you have received prior approval. Under the Export Administration Regulations, administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the export of commercial goods and services from the United States may require a specific export license from the Commerce Department. Exide is a leading member of an industry that has established one of the most successful product recycling programs in existence today. Similarly, you must not knowingly and willfully conceal or cause to be concealed material facts called for in a governmental report, application or other filing. Agreements with competitors to curtail advertising or to advertise in certain ways could constitute antitrust violations.

United States customs and trade laws require that all imported goods be properly classified and valued and enter the United States with the appropriate quota or export/import licenses, labels, country of origin markings, bills of lading and commercial invoices. To avail this service, contact Exide car battery care toll free number 1800-103-5454. Similarly, the antitrust laws of the United States apply to all foreign entities doing business in the United States. If you become aware that the Company may be violating any environmental, health or safety law, regulation or Company policy or that an employee is providing false information or data, immediately reporting such information to any higher authority in your chain of command, your Human Resources manager, your Environment, Health & Safety Manager or management, the Compliance Committee, or the Legal Department. For example, employees are prohibited from providing false information to any other employee or third party knowing that, or if under the circumstances it is likely that, the information will later be provided to the government.

This policy applies to payments in the form of gifts as well as money, and includes the use of personal as well as Company funds. No Coupon Code Required. Any higher authority in your chain of command (except where the potential violation involves harassment); Any member of the Compliance Committee; or. Regardless of where you work, it is important that you comply with both the laws and procedures of the country where you work, and applicable U.S. laws and procedures. Our exide 12v battery import data solutions meet your actual import requirements in quality, volume, seasonality, and geography. You also must not disclose such inside information to individuals not employed by the Company until a reasonable time after the Company publicly discloses the information. In addition, any payment that you falsely report or intentionally do not report in accounting records is improper. Copyright © 2019 Exide Technologies. Get Latest Coupons & Offers To Your Inbox. By using the site, you acknowledge that we use cookies to enhance your experience. Copyright laws prohibit the unauthorized copying of copyrighted materials except under limited circumstances. You should be aware that gifts or payments to government and regulatory officials might violate applicable laws or international treaties, even if given without intending to influence that government official. As Products Is Already Discounted.

United States and international laws govern the use of material and/or information which may be the subject of a patent, trademark or copyright, or which may be treated as a trade secret.

If there is insufficient evidence of a legal, Code or Company policy violation, the investigation may be closed without notification to the individual. This Code applies to all of Exide's directors, officers, and employees regardless of their position with the Company, including its principal executive officer, principal financial officer, principal accounting officer or controller or others performing similar functions. Non-compliance with environmental, health and safety laws and regulations can have serious effects on the individuals involved, as well as on the Company.

The Company has established policies and programs to ensure compliance with labor and employment laws and these goals, including but not limited to, an equal employment opportunity policy and a policy to prevent harassment and discrimination. If deemed serious, a violation could also result in the Company being “debarred,” or being denied the opportunity to bid on future government contracts. As a practical matter, anti-boycott issues almost always arise in connection with the boycott of goods from Israel by Arab countries.

You can also register your Exide Battery/HUPS through : SMS : Just SMS "REGISTER" to 9223009988; CALL : Call to register at 1800-103-5454; EMAIL : Email us at exidecare@exide.co.in; To a certain extent the Company must rely upon each of you to act with integrity, to use your best judgment, to seek guidance when necessary and to handle situations ethically and responsibly. Employees also must promptly refer any oral or written requests for information, documents or testimony to the Legal Department. If you believe that (a) you or someone else has violated or potentially may have violated the Code, other Company policies, or the law, or (b) if you are unsure whether conduct you or someone else is considering engaging in may violate the Code, other Company policies, or the law, you must report the matter to at least one of the following: The Company will not retaliate against anyone who in good faith reports a violation or suspected violation of the Code, other Company policy or the law, nor will we tolerate any harassment or intimidation of anyone who reports a suspected violation.

These laws generally forbid (i) agreements among competitors that fix prices or terms of competition or otherwise unreasonably restrict competition, and (ii) exclusionary conduct by a firm with monopoly power or a dangerous probability of obtaining market power. In addition, fair and accurate advertising is important to preserve the Company’s goodwill and reputation with its customers and the general public.

All employees, officers and directors must sign a certificate confirming that they have read and understand this Code.

Now Avail Exide Batteries For Bike, Starting At Rs.900 Onwards. Company policy also prohibits employees from giving or receiving excessive or non-customary gifts or services to or from others with whom the Company does business, whether or not such gifts or services constitute unlawful or otherwise improper payments. You must not knowingly make or cause to be made to the government false or fraudulent statements or false claims for payment, whether orally or in writing.

Under no circumstances are you to provide any answers, information or documents before contacting the Legal Department. Any communication with a competitor’s representative, no matter how innocent it may seem at the time, may later be subject to antitrust scrutiny. In order to deliver the best experience please tell us where you are located. Exide may, in accordance with the law, use its resources in order to establish and fundraise on behalf of a political action committee and solicit employee participation. The following are examples of conduct that may result in discipline: The Company will follow whatever procedures and take whatever disciplinary action it deems necessary under the particular circumstances. The Company recognizes its obligation as a corporate citizen to conduct its activities in ways that promote a clean, safe and healthy environment, both for the communities in which we conduct business and for our own employees. You must not misappropriate Company assets, provide any products to any person or entity not in accordance with established Company policy, or retain any personal benefit from a customer, supplier or other person with whom the Company does business.

United States law also prohibits bribery of foreign as well as domestic government officials. Certain key Company personnel, such as senior managers and officers, may be subject to additional trading restrictions and reporting obligations under the federal securities laws.


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