southern colonies essay

By the 1700’s, New England, the Chesapeake region and the Southern colonies developed into three distinct societies, despite coming from the same mother country, England. The New England colonies had cold winters, rocky... ...Life in the Chesapeake Colonies Virginia was founded in 1607 by the, American Colonies: Contrasting the New England and Southern Colonists

The soil in the North was too rocky and the climate was too unstable to have a promising agricultural industry. Unlike the New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies had a lot of diversity. The Southern colonies were

Such things as trade, lumber and fishing were the primary source of income. The New England colonies were a big religious experiment. The entire south mostly owned plantations and grew major cash crops. Three admirable colonies that may be pointed out from each group are Massachusetts from the New England colonies, Pennsylvania from the Middle and Maryland the Southern colonies. Due to this lack of tolerance people began forming new colonies. They were classified into the New England colonies, the Middle colonies, and the Southern colonies. One of the main reasons given for the revolt was that the enslaved was led to believe that emancipation was being withheld. The indentured servants were I guess you can say happy for having the opportunity for acquiring their own land and freedom for a few years of labor. Retrieved from, Type: Quakers resided here as well, including William Penn, demonstrating the religious tolerance they had.

All rights reserved, Middle and Southern Colonies. Jamestown was a swampy area. (239). The colonies varied drastically in their economies, treatment of the native people, and their stability, mainly because their reasons for settling in the New World were different as well. After a while, we Patriots yearned for more freedom.

Slavery mainly spread over those areas where there were large plantations of high-value cash crops, such as tobacco, indigo, sugar, rice and coffee.

Type: Between 1607-1775 slavery evolved in the British North American colonies due to economic factors-such as the slave trade, the use of cash crops, and the plantation system- Geographic factors-such as climate, diseases, and the Caribbean connection- and social factors-such as racism, bacons rebellion, and the headright system. In England, there were many social problems including lewdness, drunkenness, and various sexual sins. America was a place for dreams and new beginnings, until white people arrived in 1607. The 1700s was a time when everything was new, new country, unseen land, and more resources. The southern colonies along with the middle colonies were often populated by single men who did not marry. Pennsylvania was especially tolerant, and even let citizens vote for representatives.

Most of their motives were similar, but others were very different. Many people in the North lived longer because of the cleaner water and the cooler temperatures which slowed down the spreading of diseases. These connections, Differences In Northern And Southern Colonies Prior To Revolutionary War ... Industries in the New England Colonies: People in New England grew most of their own food.

In these colonies Anglican faith was the most predominate. The people who settled in the New England Colonies were the Separatist Puritans called Pilgrims. The Middle colonies contained New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. However, the first permanent settlement in North America was by the English in 1607. The sudden need for cheap labor led to the reliance on slavery, which would dominate the Southern economy and way of life for many years to come. The American colonies new England ,middle and southern colonies were very similar but different.The New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies grew differently over, During the 19th century, the Northern and Southern colonies established a distinctive identity that would gravely affect the way with which it participated in the American economy.

... At the same time in the Middle Colonies the Quakers had the similar political aspects as the New England Colonies. North vs. South Colonies The Northern Colonies were vastly more successful Socially, and politically then economically superior southern colonies, and middle colonies.


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